Thursday, October 13, 2011

Waco Roadtrip - are you in?

Sunday, November 13th - the plan is to drive down to Waco in time for a long lunch.  We would leave about 10am, then return to DFW in the early afternoon. 

Once I know who all is in, we can pin down where to meet to carpool and where to meet for lunch.



Ronnie said...

So... who's picking me up? LOL

Debi said...

Sunday huh? Does that day work better for everyone than Saturday? I'm just wondering.

Do we know where in Waco is a good place to meet?

Ronnie said...

I'm with Debi, why Sunday? Saturday would be alot more convenient. lol

Fluffy said...

I can't commit yet as I am having challenges figuring out WTH is going on that weekend (my usual), but assuming I'm in - Saturday would be my preference as well. Deferring to all you guys though since I'm a loser with my schedule.

Andrea said...

I'm in for either day, but I have to be back by 4:00 on Saturday and Sunday (unless I decide to cancel by other plans).