Friday, April 20, 2012

Good morning! 

First, I'm cracking up at myself because I cannot stop talking about my upcoming surgery.  I told two girls at Jazzercise last night and even as I was telling them, I was like "what is WRONG with me?"  Ha!  Oh well, just excited, I guess. 

CrossFit was extra fun this morning.  After an 800m warm up, we worked on our Romanian Deadlifts.  5 rounds of 5 reps at 125#.  I felt strong!

Then we had Gymnastics Day!  There were 4 "stations":
  • 3x1:00 Handstand Hold
  • 3x10 Dumbbell overhead inverted cross
  • 10 Pistol Rolls
  • 10 Mat Rolls
I started with the mat rolls which were basically somersaults.  I had to think on it a while, but once I did one, I was good to go.  After flinging myself through 10 of them, I moved to the handstand.  I forgot to tell my mind that I was changing movements and I threw myself into the wall.  Oopsie!  I was fine so everyone got a good giggle, including me.  I really threw myself into it!  After finishing all the rounds, we finished with a final 800m.  Great WOD!

Are any of you baseball fans?  I was a bandwagon fan for the Rangers during their two World Series runs, but I would have never said I was a FAN.  There are just too many games and I don't have enough time.  Sigh.  I'm now a fan.  I have all this TV piling up in my DVR and yet every night, the Rangers are what I watch.  Plus, they are doing so well, I can't stop now!  Darn Rangers.  You are just to lovable.  :-)

Have a super awesome weekend!!


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Barbara said...

Hi Beth Ann
I am just catching up. I am so super excited for you. I have not had the arm surgery but have had a few with my TT scheduled for May 25th. I will be anxious to follow your journey. You will do very well!