Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Storms, Unfills, and Being Committed

I am so happy to say that with all of the devastating mess from the storm, I (and all my loved ones) am safe and came through unscathed.  I honestly can't believe that there was no loss of life.  It truly seems like a miracle. 

I saw a sign on the way to work that said that you must have credentials to go into the Arlington Disaster Area.  Arlington is just south of where I live and is where my friend Lizard lives.  We were worried for her house and doggies, but everything was fine there.  The destruction is more south.  I hate it that there will be so much clean up necessary and that so many people lost their things...but I'm so grateful that no one lost their lives.

Yesterday I just decided that enough was enough and I scheduled an unfill.  Then I canceled it.  Then I made another one.  I finally went this morning and I'm glad I did.  I do think that when the swelling from the current irritation goes away, I will be hungrier than I could be, but it is the right thing for me.  It costs for me to have unfills and fills, so I don't plan to go back until I get my Olympic unfill.  I will take no chances of complications while I'm overseas.  I won't have them take all of it out, just a couple cc's to make sure there is no chance of stickage.  :)  Then I will come right back and put it in.

I have had a problem with my "diet" lately because there is so much I can't eat.  So I would make a plan and then when I couldn't get something down, I would eat crap.  I recognize that isn't good.  I'm hoping by making this change today, I can eat all of the healthy things I need to eat to be successful.

I am committed to losing these 5.2 (maybe a little more once I'm rehydrated) pounds and I will do it.  My parents are coming for the weekend and they are committed to eating healthy while they are here, so that will help things tremendously.

I will leave you with a picture of me hanging in a squat during my workout yesterday...


Cat said...

Look at what a bad a$$ you are!! Seriously, so proud of you.

Sarah said...

Check you out!!!

Hope the unfill works out well.

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Are you sure you're not trying to go poopy? LOL I crack myself up.

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

I hope it works out well with the unfill!! I know it stinks having to pay but you have to do what you feel is right for you and gives you peace of mind!

Ronnie said...

I know you're feeling better since the unfill!

Hope you're having fun with the family... and great picture. :)