Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beast day!

I deadlifted 225# today!  YAY!!  It wasn't a personal record because it was the same as I did pre-surgery.  BUT...I'm proud that I haven't lost any ground after taking the summer off.  Next time I'm going for more for sure!!

Nothing too exciting to report today.  I stayed on track with my Fresh Diet yesterday.  Food was good.  I'm getting used to the smaller portions and not getting as hungry in between.  I really thought working out would would make it worse, but it seems to be making it better.  Very curious.  We will see if it lasts.

The food was good yesterday, of course.  My favorite thing of the day was my morning snack of Asian Style Brocco-Slaw with Shredded Turkey.  I'm interested in my lunch today because it is a breaded catfish.  I think I'm going to try and cook it in the convection oven instead of the microwave.

I went to Group last night.  It was a small crew but I got to see my BBF Debi, so that was awesome! 

Mom & I talked this morning about Thanksgiving and whether we want to do an actual Thanksgiving dinner.  I told her that it is entirely up to her and Dad, but I was fine with just some Turkey & Noodles.  We did that last year and it gave us the gist without the ton of leftovers.  Plus, I'm considering doing the Turkey Trot this year which means that we would be away from home for the morning, so cooking a turkey doesn't seem like the best idea.  But if that is what we decide on, we will work it out.  We shall see.

I've also been keeping an eye out for fun things to do so we don't sit around at home the whole time.  I know we are going to make a trip to IKEA.  Did I mention that my dad isn't able to make the cabinet for me like he had hoped?  The transport just won't work.  No biggie.  He can help me pick out something at IKEA and put it together.  I'm still very excited!

There is a Toulouse Latrec exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art that I thought they would like too.  I haven't found a theater option yet, but I know I will.  We have already done the Nutcracker numerous times and we did the Rockettes a few years ago.  So, I'm on the lookout for something else fun.

Currently I'm reading a book called Drop Dead Healthy.  It is a good read and interesting at the same time.  You might want to check it out!


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jennxaz said...

I think everything tastes better heated up in the convection oven versus the microwave!