Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Making it happen

I think I cleared my head a bit and I'm in a better mood today.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still frustrated.  The jeans that I had in the "donate" pile because they were entirely too big were a challenge to put on this morning.  I work at nutrition and fitness harder than most people I know (not all, of course), but many...and yet, here I am.  I don't think that is something you ever just shrug off.  But in the grand scheme of things, I'm back on board.

Getting ready at home after CrossFit is a definite improvement.  It makes things less stressful the night before and as I walk out the door in the morning.  I don't have to worry about anything, but getting dressed and getting myself to the box.  When I get home, I worry about everything else.  I got to work at exactly 8:30 again today, so I feel good that this is the go forward plan.

I have to get up at 5:30 (which is REALLY early for me), so I get in bed at 9:30, lights out by 10:00.  As I walked into my bedroom last night, I wondered how my upstairs neighbors had installed a washing machine in their bedroom!  After a little while, I realized that it was a treadmill.  It was still before 10pm, so I didn't feel like they were being rude or anything, but once it hit 10:00 and lights out, I was annoyed.  At 10:35, they slowed to their cool down and quit around 10:40.  By then, I couldn't sleep and it was 11:30 the last time I looked at the clock.  Bleh!

But they are flaky, so surely they won't keep to this committment for longer than a few days, right?  I mean, seriously.  Who runs for an HOUR on a treadmill consistently?  Please say "no one".

But I did get up for CrossFit and had a successful day.  We did one rep maxes for Front Squats and Push Presses.  These are examples to show you what I mean.  I can't figure out how to move a video from Facebook to here, so you don't get to see me.  This is a front squat and this guy is lifting a bajillion pounds.  I lifted 145#.

The one in the middle is a Push Press and I lifted 105#.  I was really pleased with that!  Kinda felt a little of the Badass Unicorn for a minute.  Man, I want more of that feeling. 

Tonight I'm meeting my sorority daughter for dinner.  She is just the sweetest and I love getting to spend time with her!  We always meet at Mexican place between our respective cities.  My plan is to be satisfied with a healthy salad...not the taco one with sour cream and cheese...yum!  If I say it here, I must do it.  A fajita salad with salsa for dressing it is. 



Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

Thatagirl! You sound better already!

Catherine55 said...

You are awesome!! Way to go on the exercise front (and sorry about that neighbor..).

I love that trick on deciding what to order before you get to the restaurant! It's the best way to make sure you make a good choice! Sending mad props your way. :)

MandaPanda said...

Great job on the exercise! Sharing walls is the only thing I really can't stand about townhouse living.

Lap Band Gal said...

Awesome job on that exercise!

I was recently told by a very wise person that weight loss and maintaining it is like "the snow that never ends". We must keep going and continuing to fight the good fight.

You can do it! :)

FitBy40 said...

You're a better woman than I am because I'd be getting the taco salad with sour cream and quac! Good for you.
Believe me the treadmill will be used as a clothes rack very soon!

Dawnya said...

Seriously, Beth it's been almost 3 months since your last post. What's up with that?!? Get your butt back in gear and tell us what's going on with you.

Kiwigirl said...

Beth Ann, haven't heard from you in a while. I miss hearing from you! Don't know what's happening, but it's time to come back and share!

Anonymous said...

Hey Beth Ann,
How ar eyou doing? I have missed you in BlogLand.

Darlin1 said...

Beth Ann..........where are you? I miss you !