Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'm Grumpy

I'm Grumpy because...

  1. Politics.  You don't see/hear much good political debate because so many of the people that want to talk about it are people that want to roll you over with their side of the argument.  So many lies spewed as fact, opinion spewed as fact...yes, I'm sure from both sides.  I think we have an amazing country.  Bush didn't destroy it.  Obama is not destroying it.  We need to look within ourselves and remember the ideals we have in common.  This shit makes me grumpy.
  2. Death.  ShareBear's mom is in hospice.  She has fought hard over the last several years and she is an AMAZING woman.  She has struggled against the odds and just can't fight anymore.  Literally as I typed those words, I got an email from ShareBear that she has passed on.  I am a woman of faith and I'm glad that when it was time, that God took her peacefully and quickly. 
  3. Family.  My brother is married with three youngish children.  I am single with no children.  Every year for Christmas, I go wherever they are, whenever they want me.  All I ask is they give me enough notice to get a decent price ticket.  However, my brother gets annoyed with the thought of having to plan for Christmas in September or October.  So every year it is a struggle to pin down things enough to buy a ticket.  This year I have been trying to wait, just hoping that they would tell me when to come.  They haven't and ticket prices have already raised over $100 since I first asked.  I know that it has nothing to do with their love for me, but on days like today, it sure feels like my brother doesn't care if I visit for Christmas or not.  That makes my heart sad which makes me grumpy.
  4. Baseball.  I realize that baseball shouldn't be on the same level as my previous items, but whatever.  The Rangers should be at the top of the AL and last night they lost an important game which means they are playing in the Wild Card game tomorrow night.  If they lose, their postseason is over.  I have ALCS tickets and it appears that the Rangers shouldn't even make it to the ALDS.  After THREE years, I finally get playoff tickets and it looks like it is for naught.  Damn it.  Maybe they will look better tomorrow, but based on last night?  There is nothing to indicate they will be any better.  G-R-U-M-P-Y!!
  5. Diet.  I'm hungry.  Quite honestly, this could be the number one reason I'm cranky, who knows.  I really don't care the circumstances, dieting is hard.  My food is absolutely delicious, but "right-sized" portions have never really been enough for me.  I'm working hard to train myself to make that be enough, but it is hard.  It will always be hard.  That makes me sad and yes, grumpy.
Most every single day, I choose happiness.  In fact, I'm guessing right after I post this, I will choose happiness.  I do not like to wallow, I do not like to feel bad, I do not like to have anger.  So I will choose to let this all go because there is not a damn thing I can do.  I feel happiest when I'm giving and not being selfish.  Every once in a while, I feel that is taken for granted, but honestly, the only one that can make me feel that way is me.

It is a choice.  No one else can control my reactions.  I am in charge of me.  Be gone bitterness, there is no place for you here.



Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

I hope you feel better soon!

speck said...

Hey Beth!

I am so tired of the politics myself. And I guess my Facebook friends don't think I'm capable of deciding on my own! lol

I am sorry about ShareBear.

#4....Go Braves! lol JK

And sometimes we just need to vent and then carry on....just like you are doing.


Jen said...

I'm in the grumps as well...

My Brother and SIL are the EXACT same way!!! Even now that I have Mac, we still do the majority of the traveling to get to where they are.. it's annoying. They have 2 kids and they never go to where I'm living..

Bummed our Brewers are done with their season.. now I have to find a new team to cheer for the playoffs, perhaps the Rangers?? Tim came in the house today and said, "well, the good news is, only 144 days until Spring Training Starts!"

I'm sorry about ShareBear's sad.

Hope your venting made you feel better, that's what these blogs are here for!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes just getting it all down is a good way to let it go and choose happiness.

Laura Belle said...

I know you're grumpy, but this was really refreshing. Like the part about choosing happiness. I love that. I have been trying to do the same every day. Getting up and thinking positive thoughts and telling myself that today is a good day. So far it's working.

Oh, about your brother thing. That shit happens in my family all the time. I finally got fed up with it years ago and said if they want me to be there, they need to tell my by *** whatever date *** and if they don't, then I'm not coming. It sounds selfish, but I just can't deal with things like that. FYI, we now have a 'scheduled' holiday every year.

jennxaz said...

I so find blogging my release to letting those bad emotions go..sometimes it works..sometimes I am stubborn and hold onto it! Good luck Beth!

Cheri said...

It's interesting to read your holiday thoughts (and some of the replies) because I'm the one with the 3 kids, my sisters have no kids. I end up having to host everyone, every holiday. They don't have to fly, just drive. Still, I sometimes wish someone else would host!! I have been trying to think how I can get out of it for a year!! I love my family, but I sometimes feel taken for granted. Reading your blog makes me realize I bet everyone feels that for various reasons!

FitBy40 said...

Ugh, my sister is so last minute it drives me nuts! She has, on numerous occasions, had to pay sky high prices to go someplace because she has waited until the last minute to book something we knew about months in advance.
It has only affected me and my pocket once, but that's more than enough for me!
Feel better soon my dear.

Sarah said...

Politics makes everyone grumpy. Is it true that there is a president candidates wives cooking debate? Seriously how will that help the future of the USA that the first lady can bake? xx

Sam said...

They are all reasonable reasons to feel grumpy, I do hope you feel better soon and embrace your normal happiness once again. I know writing it down helps me a little bit to get over my grumpiness, especially with all the support I get from you and others that post comments :o)

A.J. said...

I am watching the Baltimore v Houston game. I was feeling bad for you bc the Texans are getting Hammered. Then I reread the post and realized you are a Rangers fan and now I don't feel so bad.

A.J. said...

Okaysies, this is what happens in October when there is football and baseball at the same time. Mix in a glass of wine Nd I don't know the Rangers from the Texans. I am back to feeling bad bc your team didn't go through. Sorry, feel free to point and laugh at my sports stupid. :-)