Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I snuck a peek at the scale this morning and I was 3 pounds down from yesterday.  That is a little more reasonable! 

Yesterday I stayed on track with the Fresh Diet.  I added in my coffees, but that's it.  Good!

I blew off CrossFit again this morning.  Bad!

I'm going to try taking some B12 to see if it can help me out of this energy slump.  I feel fine, just really, really tired.  I worked out after work for many years, but now that I have gotten used to filling my evenings with other things, I don't want to go back to that.  HOWEVER, if I don't, I have to get better about getting up for CrossFit and/or working out at lunch.

Today, I didn't get up for CF and I have lunch plans.  I did bring my workout clothes so I need to do something after work today.  I texted a CF friend to see if she was going this evening.  I don't know why I have so much anxiety about going in the evening.  Actually, that's a lie...of course I know why.  I'm scared.  I'm used to 6am and people there know me and know I work hard, even if I'm consistently the slowest person there.  I don't want to feel judged.  :-)  Sigh.  I need to conquer that.

I also think I might try something different next week.  Usually, I pack all my stuff the night before and get ready at work after CF.  I think that I might try going home after working out instead.  I think it will only add about 30 minutes and would be less stressful.  It is just a thought. 

I don't want to be a person that makes excuses not to work out.  So, I have to figure out how to make it all work without sacrificing having a life.  I know I can do it.  I just have to be patient and not give up on finding the right balance. 



adorkbl said...

You will figure it out and get back in the groove. Try doing CF and then getting ready for work at home. It may add 30 minutes on to your routine, but if it is less steressful, it will be worth it!

jennxaz said...

Oh I hear you on the after work thing, but for me I just prefer mornings..I have more energy in the mornings in the evenings I just want to go home and relax but my schedule does not allow for it so IF I want to work out I have to make time in the evenings...hard to change that up! Good luck I am sure you will figure it out!

speck said...

I do have to say Beth that everytime I read your blog, you mention exercise! :)

Also, I'm not sure if you take a multi-vitamin but when I started taking my calcium again, it really helped me in all areas.


JRD said...

You can do it!! FWIW, I much prefer getting ready at home - if you can do it at all, I would try that and see if it reduces the stress. Your own shower, your own stuff, you don't have to pack anything, it's really worth it. The couple of times I've had to shower at yoga because it was the only option to actually get it in, I really dislike. I'd rather come home all sweaty and strip off in my own house!! Something to think about - I totally feel you on not doing it at night, once I'm home, I'm home. I know you can find the balance lady!!

FitBy40 said...

It must be the day for having the blahs because I skipped yoga this morning in favor of cleaning and organizing the house. Haven't gotten much of that done either because I'm so darn tired. I took a nap at 11am.! I think I need to go back on B-12 as well. I ran out and never replenished. Bad!
Hope you're feeling the burn again tomorrow!

MandaPanda said...

It is tough to find the time. I, personally, just can't get my butt out of bed in the morning to work out. I much prefer doing it after work but I see the appeal. You can get it out of the way first thing and still have your whole day to do what you want to do. I know you'll make it work. :)