Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Blah, blah, blah...dead horse.

Weekly Weigh In
Loss for the week:  1.8 gain
Total Challenge Loss:  8.8
Total Left to Lose:  31.2

I think I skipped posting yesterday because I didn't want to post that.  Last week, I only worked out 4 times.  In addition, I was not feeling well and so I didn't eat well.  I know that in order to lose weight I have to diligently watch what I eat (at LEAST M-F) and work out 6+ times per week.  So, it is no big shock that I had a gain, but it sure is frustrating.

I was talking to a friend at CF and we were sharing out frustration with how difficult it is for us to lose weight.  There we are, consistently at CF and maintaining a super focus on what we eat, and yet we just tread water when it comes to weight.  Blah, blah, blah...dead horse.  It's frustrating, but I have to deal with it or be fat. 

I have been having trouble with my stomach for about a week.  I got really sick after dinner last Tuesday and it seemed to do something with my band.  I spoke with my doctor's office and they told me to go on acid reflux medication and use strict band rules when eating and see what happens.  The hope being that it fixes itself and I wouldn't need an unfill.  So yesterday, I was the perfect little bandster and no acid reflux.

I only had some cheese and coffee for breakfast.  Small bites, chew, chew, chew.  Lunch, I had 1/2 of a large cup of tortilla soup.  Small bite, chew, chew, chew, swallow, spoon down, wait 30 seconds (ish), repeat.  I only got through 1/2 the cup but I was satisfied and my band wasn't yelling at me.  I did the same thing with the rest of the cup in the afternoon.  I had some soup and some mac and cheese (that I was annoyed with myself for eating, but whatever) and the day ended with me in a perfect calorie zone. 

It's obvious that I had 100% forgot how to eat like a person with a functioning lap band.  My hope is that I will continue this and be able to drop the medication (once the swelling subsides) and use this to aid my weightloss.  I will still have to work out like a crazy person because that's how things go.  But if I can actually get this done, I know it would make me very happy.  I have 3 weeks left in this month of my Challenge and while I'm currently up one pound, there is no reason why I can't turn that around for a successful loss.

I went to CrossFit yesterday for the first time in almost 2 weeks.  It went REALLY well, but I was so sore this morning.  I made myself go again today even though I had an eye doctor appointment and could have slept in.  YAY me!  It was another really good day.  I'm proving to myself that I am a highly muscled person under all this pesky fat.  :-)



Sheila said...

Hahaha, love the title of the post. And totally hear ya. I just posted a few weeks back about going to a "Back to Basics" post-op class offered by my surgeon. There was nothing NEW that I learned but it was a good eye opener to the fact that I had gotten lazy about my eating. Hard but real truth. Hang in there, we just have to be willing to never give up!

Barbara said...

I have a total problem with wanting way more food than I know I could possibly eat. And then in all of the excitement and anticipation of eating I shovevthevfood in and FORGET to chew chew Chew I am convinced that is the single most important rule. You are doing great. Hope you come off b reflux meds soon.

KajunDee said...

It's so not fair that we have to be diligent about our food ALL the time, it is hard to keep the Mojo going!