Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New 'do

I'm going to visit my parents this weekend.  They live in Florida and they have a pool.  It occurred to me on the way to work yesterday that I don't have a swimsuit.  Oops!  Off to Target I went last night after work to see what kind of sadness was left in the swimsuit section.

I wasn't sure what size I would wear.  I grabbed the 3 XL suits they had and then an assortment of the smaller plus sized suits.  The good news was that the XLs were a perfect fit.  The bad news is that brought my options down to the three.  I settled on a simple blue one piece.  You know, if my thighs weren't so freaking huge, I would be pretty okay with my body.  I mean I would still strive to make it better, but my thighs...they are just beyond.  Working on it...anyway.  The one piece looks fine.  I have a pair of shorts I can wear over it and I bought a simple black cover up.  It will do.

I got my hair done on Saturday.  I've been getting frustrated with my long hair and decided to get it cut.  You can see how it looked before in July picture on the right of my blog.  Here is what it looked like after:
It was okay, but it didn't really excite me much.  Plus it was a nightmare when I tried to work out yesterday at lunch.  It is too short for a ponytail and I didn't have the time to wash and redo it.  So I went back today and got it chopped.

It really is more "me" and it will be so much easier to deal with for working out.

I'm going out for sushi tonight with BFF.  It has been a while so I'm excited!  I don't seem to be very tight band-wise, so I shouldn't have a problem eating it and it will be oh so yummy.  Plus it is relatively healthy as far as going out to dinner goes. 



Laura Belle said...

Pretty lady!!!!

Use one of those skirt wrap things too, around your bottom half. That's what I do in public. Cause I hate my ass.

Sheila said...

Cute new do! And I love your color also! Have fun with your friend. :)

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

So cute!

Cat said...

OOoooh Hero! Love the new do!

FitBy40 said...

OMG, before I realized there were 2 recent pics, I was looking at the first one and was sort of 'meh, not sure I love it'...then I scrolled a little more and saw the REAL new do and I LOVE IT! I think I like you with bangs. That's what was missing in the first one. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
have a blast with your parents. How long are you staying?
We're going in February, in hopes of escaping some of the horrible midwest winter.