Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Everyone has a burden, their own cross to bear, their specific demon, their Achilles heel.  However you say it, every person is dealing with something. 
Unfortunately, obesity is a totally visible fight.  You don't have to talk about it publicly or even acknowledge it, but there is no denying or hiding it. 
It is frustrating.  Someone can be a complete and utter asshole, or ridiculously lazy or even dumb and they do not get the public scorn that an obese person gets.  For example, an obese person's PERCEIVED laziness is often judged more harshly than a thin person's ACTUAL laziness.  "Why don't they just work out?"  "Why don't they just eat less?" 
Why don't you just not be a jackass?
Of all the burdens that come to mind: health issues, health issues of a loved one, poverty, drug or alcohol issues/obesity, while hard to live with is preferable over all those things in my mind.  Additionally, I would rather struggle with food than have to struggle to be kind. 

The older I get, the more I realize that other people's opinions of me are less important than how I feel about myself.  If I am kind and my loved ones can rely on me, I can go to bed each night knowing that all is good in the world.  When I lash out and say something mean or I gossip or I hurt someone's feelings in anger, that's when I start getting anxious and insecure.  When I'm living right, the anxiety and insecurity melt away.

It took a while, but I believe that this burden has helped teach me humility and charity.  I may have some pretty ginormo thighs, but I would like to think that my pretty ginormo heart is what leaves the strongest impression.



A.J. said...

I have often said if other people had to wear the struggles they hide tattooed across their forehead the way we have to wear our fat for all to see then people might treat obesity much differently.

Chris P said...

The secret struggle. If only those that judge really knew.... Great post!

Vanessa said...

Great post! I would much rather struggle with obesity than being a dousche.

Cat said...

I'll just ditto what Warrior said. :)

Obesity will always be our struggle, but seriously I would much rather be fat than a jerk.

Barbara said...

Shallow people have shallow minds. I think you got it right!
Invest in the good in life and know that what you hold in your heart is what counts the most!!