Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Thoughts

Good Monday morning to you! I'm proud to report a 2 pounds loss for the week. Woohoo! Not spectacular, but solid and perhaps easier to stay on track? We shall see, only time will tell.
I have a couple of things to share. I remember reading this once long ago and then saw it on Faceb00k this morning:
I think that it is SO true. As I have been packing to move, I have come across a lot of pictures and other things that have reminded me of those who have passed through my life. I'm so fortunate to have some really close friends that have become my extended family. But I'm also fortunate for so much more. Just because a friend doesn't stay in your life forever, doesn't mean that the friendship wasn't worthwhile. Even with a couple of friends that I have "divorced", I realize that I learned something from the friendship, maybe even to be a better friend.
I think we all get caught up in our own head sometimes, but it is important to take stock every once in a while. Are we being as good of a friend (spouse, parent, sibling, child, etc.) as we can be? Don't expect something from someone else that you aren't willing to give of yourself.
Friendship shouldn't be a burden, but it is important that you give in addition to receiving...or conversely that you receive and not just give. If a friendship is completely lopsided, maybe it is time to give it some thought. I know sometimes I try to hang on too long. At least with Faceb00k, now you can pull back a bit without losing touch. Although that does make it a little more awkward if you have to dettach altogether.
Then I saw this:

Isn't this the truth? No one else can make us do anything. It has to come from within.



Kathy said...

Congrats on the loss. Every amount adds to the total. I appreciate what you said about learning from friendships. We all bring something to the plate and I'm convinced that these experiences have made me an even better person today.

FitBy40 said...

Such important things to remember!
Hope you had a great weekend.