Thursday, September 4, 2014

Slight setback, but moving forward.

Last night at Jazzericse I was SO proud of myself. I have been using 10 pound weights over the 8 pound ones I have used in the past. But I cannot do tricep dips with the 10 pounds weights. I have to put one down or do tricep kickbacks instead. Last night, I did every single one of the tricep dips with both 10 pounds weights. Woohoo!!

However, I woke up this morning and my back has chimed in that it was a very bad idea. I think I knew on the last set I was pushing too hard, but we were almost done! The good news is that I have strengthened my core enough that this kind of injury is more of a little tweak than a "omg I have to spend the day in bed because I can't move" injuries of the past. It isn't bad enough to skip cardio. :-) Tonight I will go to Jazzercise, but I will use my 5 pound weights. If they bother me at all, I will put them down and I should be a-okay.

Tomorrow, if it is better, I will run as planned. If it is not, I will improvise. It's all good. Saturday I'm volunteering most of the day and I don't typically work out on Sundays. Plus, I have a massage scheduled Sunday afternoon which will be awesome! By Monday, I should be good as new.

Food plan is going well. I got a little carried away yesterday and ate too fast. I didn't get stuck, but it did irritate my band. Today I'm taking it very easy. I had a small spoonful of peanut butter for breakfast. For lunch I'm having the inside of a loaded baked potato. I did order everything on the side, so I was able to control the butter/sour cream, etc. Snacktime I will either have some nuts or if I need smooth stuff still, I will have a SlimFast. Dinner is homemade chicken salad. I have found that I like making it with Light sour cream and mustard instead of mayo. Delish!

Slow & steady!

8 days to close and 15 to move!!

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FitBy40 said...

The tradition in our family/friend group is that on the day you get your key, you must spend the night in your new place! Doesn't matter if it's in a sleeping bag on the floor, do it. It's fun, especially if you have a friend or two who can join you.