Monday, September 22, 2014

Steady, but not slow!

First things first...I lost another 3.8 pounds this week. Woohoo! This is the first time in over 2 years that I have lost at least one pound three weeks in a row. Slow (or not so slow!) and steady is working! Honestly, I'm a little surprised because I had plenty of treats over the last few days and I haven't been logging. But my post fill restriction is working. I am satisfied with a little bit at a time.

The weekend was lovely. Friday I took off work and hung out with Mama. We had a leisurely morning, then picked up BFF for lunch. She had worked that morning. We went to a new place called Rustic for lunch and it was great! After we went over to see our new apartments. Did I mention that I'm moving downtown? Anyway, it is official now. We are moving into apartments in a low rise complex in Dallas near the West End and Victory Park. There should be all sorts of fun things we can do!

I was a little horrified to find out that there was no Starbucks in my general area, but I did find out today that there is a nice coffee shop within a couple of blocks. Whew!

Anyway, while visiting the apartment I discovered that I was allowed an accent wall. I've never had anything other than white walls so I'm super excited. I narrowed it down to two colors.
I know I would love the red, but blue is my favorite color. They both go with my painting and my rug. I decided that this would be the best time to test out the blue. I will post pictures when it is done!

Saturday, BFF , Mom and I went to the casino in Oklahoma which was fun. Mom lost the least, but we all enjoyed it. We got some good Tex Mex and hit DQ on the way home, as you do. That night we just hung out and watched TV and enjoyed each other's company.  We have been watching the Ken Burns Roosevelt special and it has been perfect to watch together.

Sunday, we met BFF and her uncle and his wife for breakfast. Then we ran a bunch of errands before sitting down to watch seven hours of NFL Red Zone. We love football!

Today I got up and went to work in the morning but took the afternoon off to spend with mom since she is leaving tomorrow. We grabbed some lunch and took a little trip down to the new apartments but my mom got sick. It was a little scary because she felt faint. It came on quickly and would come in waves. We headed home instead of doing other errands and after a few hours she feels better. I'm so glad because traveling tomorrow would have been tricky if she were feeling that was at all still.

Tomorrow I take her to the airport at lunchtime and then she will be headed home. I have to say that even though she has been here a week and we both need to get back to our routines, I will miss her. I'm so fortunate to have such an awesome mom and she made this week so much better.

Next weekend, the new Downtown Adventure will begin. I hope to have some fun stories for you!



Kathy said...

Congrats on your new place and definitely on your continuing weight loss! Slow and steady wins the race (not that it's a race, but you know what I mean). When I bought my house, it was the first time I could paint the walls other than something white. Although I hated the part of "cutting" in on the ceiling, all the extra work was worth it. Love to see what the blue will look like.

MandaPanda said...

Love the red paint! Glad you had a nice visit with your mom. And great losses!