Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Starting my new Points System TODAY!

It was back to CrossFit for me this morning.  It had been THREE weeks!  Yikes!  My lungs felt like they were going to explode during the 400m WARM UP!  Oh Lordy.  The WOD was 15:00 AMRAP (as many rounds as possible):
  • 3 Hand Stand Push Ups (I can't do these, so I did them off a box.  I can get up into the handstand against the wall super easy now though.  I remember when just getting up there was a victory!
  • 6 Deadlifts (135# which was probably a bit aggressive for my first day back, but I did it!)
  • 10 Pull ups (I used the strongest band to assist me and I still struggled.  I need to lose weight!)
  • 24 Double Unders (We all know I can't do double unders, so I did lateral jumps over the barbel.  These really took my breath away.  Lots of cardio!)
I made it through 4 rounds and 3 push ups.  I think I should have been able to at least 5 rounds if my lungs were functioning at 100%.  Today's workout was good but it was a bunch of stuff that I had to modify which is never fun.  But I think of how different I am today than I was even a year ago.  Then I get over my little annoyances.  :)

My Points System starts today.  I don't really have a name for it.  To remind you, I'm giving myself points for good behavior and taking away points for bad behavior (in three categories - water, nutrition, & fitness.)  Each point is basically worth a quarter and the hope is in a couple of months, I will have enough points to earn myself a necklace from Tiffany that I have my eye on.

Today, I have already drank over 50 ounces of water, so my goal of 100 ounces will happen no sweat.  I got a fill yesterday and I'm on liquids and mushies, so I should be able to keep my calories well in my goal range.  And I went to CrossFit today, so points already earned there.  Of course it is the first day, so I'm doing everything right.  The interesting part will be a week, a month, two months from now.  Christmastime should be just spectacular.  Ha!

My shoulder is really bothering me today.  The area is really quite swollen.  The tattoo area doesn't look bad or anything, I just have very sensitive skin, so I suspect it will take a while to heal.  I'm following all my aftercare directions!

Finally, I wanted to give an update on my SIL's mom, MaDoo.  She had to be intubated this morning which is never a good sign.  But I continue to keep in mind that she is a strong woman and the rock of her family.  I'm scared, but I know that if anyone can fight hard, it is MaDoo.



Dawnya said...

Points....you are going to earn more than enough.

MaDoo...keeping her in my prayers. Send my love to your SIL.

Tattoo....don't worry...the pain will go away by the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Love your points system- very creative.
I will say a prayer for MaDoo.

Cat said...

Oooh, just noticed your October pic hero. Very sassy with that bright green scarf.

Thinking good thoughts for MaDoo.

I know you can encourage healthful habits with these goals and your points system. So proud of you for your WOD, even if your progress wasn't where you thought it should be, for 3 weeks out you did FANTASTIC!

*Hearts with bright green streamers in honor of your scarf in your October pic*

trisha said...

my mom had to be intubated at her last hospital stay a couple weeks ago. alot of times they intubate just to take some stress off the lungs to help other things (Puls/Ox) regulate quicker - hopefully that is the issue with MaDoo and nothing worse! Prayers prayers prayers

speck said...

Beth I just know you are going to get that necklace!

And I am picking up my water from my desk as I type this. Thanks for reminder. I'm terrible at drinking water. I could go all day without drinking anything. That was one good thing about lap band. I knew I would never have the problem with no drinking when eating. lol

I hope the shoulder pain goes away quickly.


Ronnie said...

We both got a fill yesterday, that's crazy. :)

Hope your shoulder is feeling a little better... do you have anything you can take to get whatever inflammation you might have going on to go down?

Kristin50 said...

I am sorry to hear about your Mother I will put her in my prayers. Congrats on the fill!

FitBy40 said...

Love the new pic!
Your points system is cool. You'll totally get that necklace.

Andrea said...

Hope your shoulder heals up soon! And lots of prayers for MaDoo!

Ms. M said...

I used to use a point system. Not sure why I got away from it - it worked so well. Hmmm... maybe I will be inspired to revive it. You will earn that necklace in no time. :)