Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Eh...today is kind of boring.

I don't really have too much to say today, but I promised myself that I would stay accountable, so here I am!!

B:  coffee & greek yogurt
L:  chicken sausage, hummus, crackers & a laughing cow wedge
S:  boiled egg & babybel
D:  Leftover pork loin
S:  Pudding Cup

I almost didn't go to CrossFit this morning.  I had to modify almost every single thing and it felt like it was going to be a beating.  I realized that was ridiculous and I went.

A.  Warm up - we had a different type of warm up today.  15:00 of this however many rounds you can do up to 10 reps each (scale accordingly.)
  • :20 Samson stretch each leg (well, I could do that)
  • Pistols (basically a single leg squat with the other leg out forward.  I can't do this, so basically I would do one-legged sits and stands on a 19" box)
  • Good Mornings w/ barbell (I could do this.  You put the barbell behind you on your shoulders and bend over at the waist.)
  • Medicine ball sit ups (I could do this.  You just do a sit up but then add a medicine ball in your hands touching the ground sitting up in front of you and then behind your head.)
  • Handstand pushups.  (Whatever.  I knelt on a box, flipped myself over and simulated a push up.)
  • Scapula Pull Ups (Basically you hang from the bar and squeeze your shoulders together.  I could only get 2-3 good ones at a time, but I did them.)
  • 50 Double Unders. (Double whatever.  I did singles.)
B.  Weighted Pull ups 6x3.  I can't do pull ups, so basically I just worked on them using a big gigantic band for assistance.

C.  50 Burpee Pull ups.  It is what it sounds like.  You do a burpee and when you are jumping up to clap, you grab a bar instead and do a pull up.  We have already established that I can't do pull ups.  So I just did 50 burpees.  But I did do full on burpees so that was quite a work out.

So, I'm glad I went.  I was disillusioned with how much I had to modify, but whatever, right?  I did it.  Then I ellipticized for 35 minutes at lunch.

Tomorrow is BFF's birthday so it will be a super fun day!!  I'm planning to workout in the office gym before work and that's it.  Maybe I will do some calisthenics in addition to the elliptical. 



Cat said...

Holy cow you are my Hero!! 50 Burpees? Are you kidding me? /die

MandaPanda said...

Your modifications are great and eventually you'll be doing all of it unmodified and you'll be a bad mammajamma!

Lisa said...

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