Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What a difference a day makes...

Yesterday, I was sad but determined.  Disappointed, but thoughtful.  Then I read this.  I think most of you know Amy over at Once Upon a Time in the Land of Cheese and Sunkist.  She is someone I have identified with throughout my weight loss journey.  We have similar views on fitness and food and many times I would read her posts thinking the words could have come directly from my brain.

If you read her post, she talks about how she recommitted her focus in March and since has lost 35 pounds.  First of all, that is awesome.  But second, when you read how she has done it, you can't help but be impressed!  I had an A-HA moment.

I have been viewing my workout schedule as above and beyond.  That somehow these two-a-days were "extra".  But I realized last night that they are not.  If I am going to lose this weight, this is what I will have to do.  Right now, I need to see fitness as my duty.  I have to workout 3-5 times per week in order to maintain.  So, to lose, I'm going to need to work out more than that.  Once I came to that conclusion, I felt confident that is a good answer for me.  Now I just have to determine how to make it happen.  I will keep you updated.

Last year I went through my city's Citizen's Fire Academy where I learned more about our fire department and EMS.  I am a part of the alumni association but I never go to anything.  Last night they had an ice cream social, so I decided to go.  I got to see my instructors which was good.  I find it fun to hang out at the fire station.  Maybe I was a firefighter in my previous life.  They had fresh strawberries, so I had an itty bitty bit of ice cream with lots of strawberries.  We hung out, ate ice cream and watched the home run derby.  There were two station's worth of firefighters there and not one alarm was to be had.

This was the second morning in a row where we have not run AT ALL at CrossFit.  Not even a warm up quarter mile.  Weird.  WOD:

A.  15:00 of mobility stretching.  We stretched our arms, shoulders and hips using bands.  It felt so good after yesterday!
B.  Clean Shrugs - 5 sets of 5.  85#
C.  Dumbbell rows - 3 sets of max reps.  20#, 20 reps.  25#, 15 reps 2x
D.  500m Row TT (time trial) - 2:10.6  I'm most proud of this because it is 3 seconds faster than my fastest time ever.  Improvement!!

What do I need to give up to work out more?  I'm thinking TV.  It may mean getting to watch less Rangers games, but I'm sure my Baseball Boyfriend will understand.



Cat said...

Hero, I, much like you read Amy's post and was inspired. I absolutely know in my heart that I have to get my nutrition under control and have been making an effort. The past month I have not let a single bite of ice cream (Cat's Crack) touch my lips. I also have up'ed my game, mostly thanks to you fitness wise. I think cardio is important but I think toning and weights are more important. Perhaps I need to think more about this and do cardio every day and weights 3 times a week plus my Zumba and yoga. Hmmmm interesting. I will think on this. Thanks for always being inspiring and getting me to think about things in a different way.

FitBy40 said...

My gym membership is on hold for a month because of the surgery but I have to say, I'M READY TO GO BACK! Just reading your posts make me want to work out more.
I'm really trying to get my head in the game so that I can be up and at the gym for a 5:25am. spin class twice a week. I don't know why it's so hard. Before we moved, that was my norm! In fact, back then I started at 5:05!
Maybe I need you to come kick my ass into gear!

MandaPanda said...

OK. So maybe this seems like a dumb idea but have you thought of working out DURING your Rangers game? Maybe do sit ups, pushups and jumping jacks during commercials, stretching during their batting, and hand weights when they're on the field? Might be fun!