Monday, July 29, 2013

Weigh In and Weekend Wrap Up

Weigh In DayLoss for the Week:  .4 lbs
Total Challenge Loss: 8.4 lbs
Total to Lose: 31.6 lbs
I choose to not get frustrated that I worked out 9 times last week and only lost (less than) a half a pound.  I choose to not get frustrated that I logged my food and made good choices and did not see a great result on the scale.  This is how it works for me.  The only way I win is if I stick with it...eventually my body will catch up and it will pay off. 

Non-scale victories are coming every day.  Clothes are fitting that did not fit before.  My body is getting tighter.  I'm starting to get more energy.  This happens to me every time and most times, I give in.  Most times, I say "forget it" and give up.  Not this time, this time I'm sticking it out and I know in the end it will all work out.

Did you all have a fun weekend?  Friday night I went to dinner and drinks with my Jazzercise friends.  That's always fun!

Saturday was nuts.  I had Jazzercise at 9:30-10:30 and I needed to drop BFF off at her car afterward and then get to my massage appointment by 11:00.  I had enough gas and enough time that shouldn't have been a problem.  As you can probably guess, it was a problem.

Right when we got to Jazzercise, BFF realized that she forgot her mike.  Since she is the instructor, that is a big problem.  So I got back in the car, drove to her house, go the mike and went back.  I got back about midway through the 3rd song.  I didn't miss much as far as exercising goes, which was good, but I did eat up a fair amount of gas.

After class, I drove BFF to her car (we had carpooled the night before) and I headed back toward home and my massage appointment.  I had just enough time and gas to make it.  Until everything on the highway just stopped.  Not slowed.  Stopped.  Sigh.

I exited and tried to take an alternate route.  I'm sure I saved some time and I would have no doubt run out of gas sitting on the highway, but my alternate route did not have any gas stations. Not to mention, I was out of time.  When I could finally exit, my car read "0 miles to empty" but I just made it into the gas station.  It wasn't sputtering, but it sure did feel like I wasn't going to make it.  I felt like I wanted to just cry.

My massage therapist texted just then checking on me.  I was beyond flustered, but she was so kind.  She scheduled me for the next day and was super sweet about it.  Craziness!!  Crisis averted though.

BFF & I ended up going to a nice restaurant after church that had the BEST drinks!  The food was okay and overpriced, but I think I would go back for the bar.

Sunday was a good day to get things done.  I made an excellent pork loin in the crock pot and I look forward to my leftovers!!

The only thing on the schedule this week is BFF's birthday on Wednesday.  That will be a big day filled with fun stuff.  Stay tuned!



Cat said...

I hear ya on the slow loss front my dear Hero. I had a .4 gain last week. This week I was down 2.6. Who knows...the only thing we can do really is stick with it. You got this Babe. : )

MandaPanda said...

You know you're doing the right things...the scale will catch up.

I was waiting for "so there I was...stranded on the freeway." Glad it worked out. :)

FitBy40 said...

If it helps any, I'm up about 4 pounds this week! I'm finally able to eat real food again and I need to reel it in.
you're doing great!