Monday, July 1, 2013

Weigh In and Monday Morning Mishaps

Good Monday to you!

Let's start with my newest update picture, shall we?

I lost 2.4 pounds this week which brings me to a total of 5.8 pounds.  I have 34.2 pounds to go in my 40 By 40 Challenge. 

I have been doing a great job of getting in all my fitness.  In June, I worked out 23 times for a total of 19 hours (average of 38 minutes per day).  I think that is fantastic!

As far as the nutrition side of things...  I'm doing okay.  I log and follow M-F afternoon and then I don't on the weekends.  I know that I tend to splurge too much when I do that and eventually it will bite me.  I'm going on vacation this Th-M so we will see how that goes.  I need to balance having fun with staying on the rails. 

My July is kind of open so there is NO reason I can't really hit it hard this month. 

This morning was not great.  At CF, I totally messed up my weights.  We were supposed to do 28 unbroken back squats.  We did 20 in a WOD last week and I knew I had trouble getting through them.  So, I wanted to lower the amount a bit.  I looked it up, saw 75# and lowered it by 10#.  It seemed so easy.  Weeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllll....turns out that the 75# was for something else and I had back squatted 130# that day.  So I should have gone to 120#, not 65#.  Good gravy.  It wouldn't be so bad except my partner went along with me and it totally undercut her weight too.  She is going to disown me soon!  It is seriously bothering me way more than it should. 

Then we went to run a mile.  Again.  That is 3 weeks in a row.  I really shouldn't complain because at least it makes me do it since I don't run on my own much anymore.  It actually felt kind of good.  At the end I was pushing and hoping for a personal best.  It wasn't.  It was the same as two weeks ago and slower than last week.  Booooo! 

Then I realized that I forgot my phone at home.  You know how much that sucks.  First, I couldn't call my parents on the way to work like I usually do.  Then I didn't have music to get ready.  And then I couldn't take my picture for my update (at least one of my coworkers did and sent it to me.) 

Also, I may have almost run over someone in the parking lot.  Weirdly, the CF mishap and the phone bothered me way more than that.  That's probably not healthy.  Whatevs.

Hope you all had a nice weekend!



Cat said...

Try really hard to let go of the CF thing Hero. I know it's difficult, but it's obviously affecting your whole day. Just do better next time. Today's has already happened.

LOVE LOVE the new update picture and it's soooo awesome to "see" you again! /heart u

Cat said...

Oh...forgot to add. OMG your ARMS look phenominal. /j

Laura Belle said...

Cute dress!!!

ya, don't beat yourself up about the weights. You'll get it right the next time. No biggie!

Great job on all your work outs!!! So proud of you!

FitBy40 said...

Crop that bad boy and bring it closer...we need to see our Beth up close!
You're looking great. Awesome!

Dinnerland said...

Looking great! I would personally die if I left my phone at home-- I would have to turn back and get it... no way a whole day without my phone.
That is so sad... but true!

Cheri said...

You look so pretty!