Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm not going to cry! Well, not much.

Weigh in Day:
Loss for the week:  1.8 lb GAIN
Total Challenge Loss:  5 lbs
Total to Lose:  35 lbs

Sigh. I kicked ass last week.  I worked out like a champ.  I logged all my food.  I drank a ton of water.  I was the model weight watcher.  I know it is not real. It can't possibly be.  But for a moment this morning when I saw it, I just started to cry.  What the ever loving f*ck does it take for me to lose weight?

But then I remembered that it is always like this.  Every single time I have tried to lose weight I have gone through this.  And so many times, I would give up and say this is just too hard and stop.  But those times that I did not give up, those times that I just kept pushing through it doing what I needed to do, those times... I was successful.  And this will be one of those times.  I just have to be patient.  So I stopped crying and I went to CrossFit.  Because that is what I do.

Let's back up to the weekend, shall we?  Friday night BFF & I went to see The Heat.  It was pretty funny.  I love both of those ladies so I really enjoyed the movie.

Saturday morning, I got up and ran my errands, did my laundry and cooked my food for the upcoming week.  Then I went to the movies (again!) and saw White House Down.  It WAS SOOOOO good!  My friend Burrito at work told me that I was biased because of my Channing Tatum love.  It's possible, but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole movie.  It was fun!
But yeah, he is hot.

Sunday, after church, I ran the rest of my errands.  BFF & I planned to see the Frisco Rough Riders play that evening.  I had found out that my Baseball Boyfriend was going to play his rehab games there before going back to the Rangers, so I thought it was the perfect time for us to go.  But the rain came and I was SOOO sad.  We went to dinner and it was still pouring.  But then it stopped!  So we got to see 7 innings of the game before we left.  Worth it!
I'm beginning to see a trend develop in the blog post.  Hmmm...

Anyway, as I said before, I got myself together to get back to CrossFit this week.  Here was the WOD:

A.  Front Squats 2 sets of 5, then one set of max reps.  I used 115# and did 7 on my max reps.
B.  Romanian Deadlifts 5 sets of 5.  120#
C.  25 ring dips (I used a box instead), then 3 rounds of 5 Power Cleans & 15 push ups, then 20 thrusters.  I used 65#. 

20 is a big number.  I had to rest my arms while washing my hair this morning after that.  Yikes!  The plan is 3 CrossFits this week (might try to squeeze in a 4th) and 3 lunch workouts.  I also might squeeze in a Jazzercise if I can.  So 6 workouts for sure, maybe stretch to 8...we'll see.  One day at a time!



speck said...

Good for you for keeping that attitude Beth. So many times that I was where you are, I would get pissed and just say the hell with it.

Self sabatoging will not prevail. Keep it up.

FitBy40 said...

Don't give up! Think of Channing. He wants you to succeed!

Cat said...

I love you for your attitude. I love that you have remembered that though this has happened before and it's frustrating beyond belief, it's going to get better... /heart you

700 pounds is as bad as it sounds said...

Great post! I am still laughing at what FitBy40 said... Channing wants you to succeed, so awesome!

MandaPanda said...

Your kicking butt and taking names! The scale will catch up. Thanks for the eye candy in this post! :)

Biz said...

I always love finding another BETH out there! Although my nickname is Biz. Everyone in my family called me Beth, but a crazy grandma called me Liz, which morphed into Biz!

I lost 70 pounds back in 1999. I didn't give up, even when the scaled moved up a notch, or the weeks of staying exactly the same - you have to remember its the big picture - don't get discouraged!