Thursday, July 18, 2013

Just another Thursday

Three days, six workouts.  YES!

Not to mention that I have been logging my food like a champ!  I hate that.  Ha!  But I'm doing it.  Currently I'm using Weight W@tchers and I really like it.  It is easy, has a great mobile app and its database is quite inclusive.  The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't link up with my Fitbit.  My activity is logged in one place and nutrition in another.

I'm considering moving my food tracking back to My Fitness Pal because it does link up with the Fitbit.  I considered getting the WW activity tracking device, but it requires a $5 per month membership and that seems dumb when I have one that does the same thing for free.  Additionally, I have to pay to track on WW, but it is free on Fitbit and MFP.  So it seems obvious, right?

The problem is this.  Right now, I'm doing so well.  Why mess with what is working?  I don't want to stop when I'm on a roll.  Bleh.

Today's plan:
B:  Egg Beaters with mushrooms and salsa.  Coffee.
L:  Open Nature Chicken Meatballs (7)  Crackers (10) & Hummus (2T)
S:  Boiled egg and Babybel
D: Chicken Chili w/ dollop of sour cream
S:  Crackers (4) & Babybel
Workouts:  CrossFit & Elliptical

CrossFit this morning was tough.

A.  10:00 minutes, 5 KB snatches every :30 alternating arms each set. (26# KB)
B.  Helen:  3 rounds: 400m run, 21 KB swings, 12 pull ups

I checked and the last time I did this was last year (5/2012).  My results then were: 15:31, 26# KB, used green band for assisted pull ups.  This time:  15:07, 35# KB, substituted ring rows.  After all those KB maneuvers in the humidity (sweaty hands!) I just couldn't do pull ups.  One of my friends totally tore up her hands this morning.  She was a beast, but I can't say that I wish I would have pushed it.  My hands hurt enough as is and I still got myself a hell of a workout!

On a different note, yesterday BFF & I got tickets to Vegas for October!  That will continue my steak of a trip a month.  May-Canada, June-Tulsa, July-Louisiana, August-Florida, September-Louisville, October-Vegas.  I do love to travel!



MandaPanda said...

How fun traveling so many different places! You're rockin' the food and workouts! And agree, you're doing so well...maybe changing isn't in the cards right now.

Cat said...

It certainly does suck tracking in two places. Though I don't think MFP is going to tell you the points of things. I imagine the WW site does. Just a thought.

♥ Drazil ♥ said...

I loved tracking online at WW - it's a fun/good site.

Momee3021 said...

May Canada? Where in Canada? Come to Toronto!