Wednesday, July 31, 2013

BFF's Birthday!

Today is BFF's birthday!!  This time last year I was at the Olympics.  It was truly one of the best days of my entire life.  SIL made a birthday sign that I took around with me throughout the day.  I would hold it up along with random people from all over the world and at different venues across London.  My absolute favorite was this one:
This is the Mayor of London and he was quite the celebrity over there.  It was such an amazing day because even though I couldn't be with my best friend on her birthday, I felt like could share a little of my big adventure with her.  No exaggeration, it is one of my Top 10 days EVER.

In celebration of her birthday, many of us at the company decided to wear our FancyPants.  I'm not very thrilled with this picture of me, but I do feel sassy and cute today.

I have to say, looking at this picture, I don't feel very sassy and cute anymore.  Oh well.  Thank goodness I'm doing what I'm doing.  I will just keep doing it and I will be back to where I want to be eventually!!

NSV:  the shirt I'm wearing had gotten to tight to lay right.  It fits perfectly today.  YAY!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013 is kind of boring.

I don't really have too much to say today, but I promised myself that I would stay accountable, so here I am!!

B:  coffee & greek yogurt
L:  chicken sausage, hummus, crackers & a laughing cow wedge
S:  boiled egg & babybel
D:  Leftover pork loin
S:  Pudding Cup

I almost didn't go to CrossFit this morning.  I had to modify almost every single thing and it felt like it was going to be a beating.  I realized that was ridiculous and I went.

A.  Warm up - we had a different type of warm up today.  15:00 of this however many rounds you can do up to 10 reps each (scale accordingly.)
  • :20 Samson stretch each leg (well, I could do that)
  • Pistols (basically a single leg squat with the other leg out forward.  I can't do this, so basically I would do one-legged sits and stands on a 19" box)
  • Good Mornings w/ barbell (I could do this.  You put the barbell behind you on your shoulders and bend over at the waist.)
  • Medicine ball sit ups (I could do this.  You just do a sit up but then add a medicine ball in your hands touching the ground sitting up in front of you and then behind your head.)
  • Handstand pushups.  (Whatever.  I knelt on a box, flipped myself over and simulated a push up.)
  • Scapula Pull Ups (Basically you hang from the bar and squeeze your shoulders together.  I could only get 2-3 good ones at a time, but I did them.)
  • 50 Double Unders. (Double whatever.  I did singles.)
B.  Weighted Pull ups 6x3.  I can't do pull ups, so basically I just worked on them using a big gigantic band for assistance.

C.  50 Burpee Pull ups.  It is what it sounds like.  You do a burpee and when you are jumping up to clap, you grab a bar instead and do a pull up.  We have already established that I can't do pull ups.  So I just did 50 burpees.  But I did do full on burpees so that was quite a work out.

So, I'm glad I went.  I was disillusioned with how much I had to modify, but whatever, right?  I did it.  Then I ellipticized for 35 minutes at lunch.

Tomorrow is BFF's birthday so it will be a super fun day!!  I'm planning to workout in the office gym before work and that's it.  Maybe I will do some calisthenics in addition to the elliptical. 


Monday, July 29, 2013

Weigh In and Weekend Wrap Up

Weigh In DayLoss for the Week:  .4 lbs
Total Challenge Loss: 8.4 lbs
Total to Lose: 31.6 lbs
I choose to not get frustrated that I worked out 9 times last week and only lost (less than) a half a pound.  I choose to not get frustrated that I logged my food and made good choices and did not see a great result on the scale.  This is how it works for me.  The only way I win is if I stick with it...eventually my body will catch up and it will pay off. 

Non-scale victories are coming every day.  Clothes are fitting that did not fit before.  My body is getting tighter.  I'm starting to get more energy.  This happens to me every time and most times, I give in.  Most times, I say "forget it" and give up.  Not this time, this time I'm sticking it out and I know in the end it will all work out.

Did you all have a fun weekend?  Friday night I went to dinner and drinks with my Jazzercise friends.  That's always fun!

Saturday was nuts.  I had Jazzercise at 9:30-10:30 and I needed to drop BFF off at her car afterward and then get to my massage appointment by 11:00.  I had enough gas and enough time that shouldn't have been a problem.  As you can probably guess, it was a problem.

Right when we got to Jazzercise, BFF realized that she forgot her mike.  Since she is the instructor, that is a big problem.  So I got back in the car, drove to her house, go the mike and went back.  I got back about midway through the 3rd song.  I didn't miss much as far as exercising goes, which was good, but I did eat up a fair amount of gas.

After class, I drove BFF to her car (we had carpooled the night before) and I headed back toward home and my massage appointment.  I had just enough time and gas to make it.  Until everything on the highway just stopped.  Not slowed.  Stopped.  Sigh.

I exited and tried to take an alternate route.  I'm sure I saved some time and I would have no doubt run out of gas sitting on the highway, but my alternate route did not have any gas stations. Not to mention, I was out of time.  When I could finally exit, my car read "0 miles to empty" but I just made it into the gas station.  It wasn't sputtering, but it sure did feel like I wasn't going to make it.  I felt like I wanted to just cry.

My massage therapist texted just then checking on me.  I was beyond flustered, but she was so kind.  She scheduled me for the next day and was super sweet about it.  Craziness!!  Crisis averted though.

BFF & I ended up going to a nice restaurant after church that had the BEST drinks!  The food was okay and overpriced, but I think I would go back for the bar.

Sunday was a good day to get things done.  I made an excellent pork loin in the crock pot and I look forward to my leftovers!!

The only thing on the schedule this week is BFF's birthday on Wednesday.  That will be a big day filled with fun stuff.  Stay tuned!


Friday, July 26, 2013

Did someone say Friday??

I feel like a new person today!!  Yesterday's break must have been just what I needed.  At lunch I ran over to My Fit F00ds with a coworker which broke up my day a little bit.  I bought a meal for today too so I have a healthy lunch handy. 

After work, I met a friend for dinner and it was delightful!  She is a boot camp instructor in training, so she is also watching what she eats.  We shared some guacamole and then each had a bowl of tortilla soup.  It is possibly the best I have been at a Mexican restaurant in ages!  Darn chips.

Since there was no baseball on TV last night (Rangers played in the afternoon), I watched some mindless TV while playing My Vegas slots on the computer.  Thanks Steph!  Hopefully I can earn something fun before BFF & I go to Vegas in October.

I woke up this morning feeling the best I have in days.  That time off really helped, I think.  As I was getting ready (at 5:30am!), I spur of the moment decided to throw together some clothes so I can work out at lunch.  I'm staying in anyway.  I might as well get some extra cardio.  I will be glad I did when I go to happy hour tonight and want a drink!

Tonight I'm meeting my friends from Jazzercise for dinner and drinks.  These are some fun ladies, so I'm looking forward to it.  I love that we are all different ages, different backgrounds and all shapes and sizes.

I don't have a lot on the schedule this weekend (yet again!) so we will see what it ends up looking like.  One of the goals I have is to start reading again.  I love is not a chore.  But I haven't been making time for it.  I have 3 books that I really want to read and I have recently started one that I don't think I really want to read.  So, first things first, I'm starting a new book.  :-)  I will let you know how it goes.

Happy Friday, my peeps!


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Beth Ann's Day Off

Tuesday & Wednesday were both so very busy and draining at work. I still got in my two-fer each day, but at the end of yesterday, I just hit a wall. My body was done.

I had a sudden realization that I had worked out 16 times in 10 days. But yet the thought of not working out today made me feel like a failure. That is ridiculous. I had to assure myself that it was okay to take the day off. So this morning, I slept in...meaning I got up in time to get ready and go to work. I stopped by Starbucks and got myself a skinny latte.  I didn't bring any clothes to work out at lunch and I'm meeting a friend for dinner.  I feel so rejuvenated and so much better.

I look forward to going to CrossFit tomorrow and then Jazzercise on Saturday.  With me, so often, it is all or nothing.  I have to remember that pacing myself and taking care of my body is part of being successful in the long run.  It is within my power to make this happen.
I'm headed to My Fit F00ds at lunch to pick up something for today and tomorrow lunches.  I usually go out to lunch on Fridays but since I didn't work out today, I want to be good.  I think over the weekend, I'm going to make some crock pot pork loin for Sunday dinner (and leftovers next week) which should be relatively lo-cal yet delicious.  What are your favorite healthy dinners that make good leftovers?

Quite a while ago, I went into Ross with BFF & my parents and I grabbed two dresses off the rack that I didn't try on.  I have been wearing one a lot since then but the other one was too snug.  I loved it though so I hung onto it even though it kept getting more snug...  Today is a successful day because not only am I wearing the dress, I feel pretty darn cute.  :-)
Hope you all are enjoying your day as much as I'm enjoying mine!! 


Monday, July 22, 2013

Weigh in, Weekend & Weightlifting

Weigh In Day
Loss for the Week:  3 lbs
Total Challenge Loss:  8 lbs
Total to Lose:  32 lbs

My hard work paid off and I lost 3 pounds last week.  Woohoo!  I try not to dwell on the fact that it took me working out 10 times last week and logging all my food (not even using my weekly allotment of points), but there you go. 

Instead, I will choose to look at it this way.  I worked out 10 times last week!  I'm a badass!  Good things are happening because I am working HARD to make them happen.

It was another nice relaxing weekend.  It is not often that I don't plan the heck out of July, but really there isn't much on the schedule.  Friday night it was so awesome to go home and watch baseball.  I had an opportunity to go out with some friends, but I took a raincheck and just chilled.  It was awesome.  My baseball boyfriend is back from DL, so that's awesome.  Bad news is that the Rangers are on a losing streak.  No bueno!

Saturday I got up to go to Jazzercise even though they warned us that they a/c was broken at the rec center.  My reward for actually going was that the a/c was working!  It was a great workout.  After, I went and met one of my besties, Debi, for lunch and to catch up.  It had been a while since we got some good girl time together.  <3 her!

After I dropped Debi home after lunch, I ran some errands and went home and started some crockpot potato soup.  I did some other chores and then BFF & I went to dinner.  After... more baseball.

Sunday, I went to church and then did some chores around the house.  I have a little project I'm working on, but I can't show you yet.  Next week!  Sunday night, BFF came over for some Potato Soup and we caught up on some of our shows like the Newsroom (love it!!) and Veep (too funny!).

CrossFit (Weightlifting sounded good in the title, but we actually ran today, ha!)
This morning was yet another 1 mile TT (time trial.)  In my 3 year history of CrossFit, we have done 8 one mile runs for time, HALF of which have been since 6/20/2013.  Craziness.  Usually we have about 15-20 people at class.  This morning, there were 7.  CrossFitters are not necessarily big fans of running.  Heh.

I'm very happy and proud to say that I ran my mile in 12:03 which is 27 seconds faster than my fastest time post-surgery.  I did have a couple times faster pre-surgery, but I was also 20+ lighter.  I look forward to losing that weight and seeing if it shaves off more time.  One of the guys came back after he was done running to run me in.  He has done that before and I've had a few other people do that as well.  It is super nice and I do think it helps me kick that last 200m.  By far, my favorite thing about CrossFit is the people and the supportive atmosphere.  I simply couldn't be the last one in every single time if it wasn't for the awesome attitudes I meet when I get there.

After a bit of a rest, we worked on chinups.  Chinups are like Pullups, only you face your palms toward you.  I need a lot of assistance and usually have to use 2 green bands together to get myself up there.  This time, we did 6 sets of 2.  I started with two green bands twice, then a green band and a purple band twice, then a green band and a red band, and then just a green band!!  That is some major progress.

Wrap Up
I don't have a ton going on this week either so I can focus again on my food & fitness.  My plan is to work out 10 times this week.  Two times each M-Th, then once each on Friday and Saturday.

B-coffee, boiled egg, cheese
L-chicken meatballs, hummus, crackers
S-yogurt (and granola bar if I need it)
D-potato soup
S-pudding cup


Friday, July 19, 2013


I'm so happy it is Friday, I don't even have the words!  It has been more of a rough week at work, but I plowed through and it will be over soon.  Plus, I'm only working out once today and that is over. Rangers are back!  I haven't watched a baseball game since Sunday and it has been too weird.  Hopefully my baseball boyfriend will be back too which makes it even better!!

So, CrossFit this morning was workout #9 for the week:

A.  Back Squats - 20 reps.  20 is a lot of back squats to do unbroken, but I got through it at 110#.

B.  Press - 5x5.  75#.  This is a tough move because it is all arms and upper body.  Unlike with a Push Press, you don't get any momentum from your legs.  I did all but the very last rep on the last set.  So I feel pretty good about it!!

C. 50 Double Unders (DU) - 5 Burpees (B) - 40 DU - 10 B - 30 DU - 15 B - 20 DU - 20 B - 10 DU - 25 B.  If you can't do double unders, the scale was to be 3 single jumps for each DU.  So instead of 150 total double unders, you would substitute 450 single jump ropes.  I knew right away I was going to have to scale the hell out of this thing.  I decided to just do single singles and squat thrusts instead of burpees.  I accidently did 20 extra singles because I can't keep track, but in the end I did 150 single jumps and 75 squat thrusts in 10:36.  I hate when I have to scale, but I know I was at maximum heart rate the whole time, so today it was the best I can do.  That makes me feel good.

It shouldn't be a busy weekend which is nice.  My BFF's birthday is coming up at the end of the month and I need to work on her present.  I will post a picture when the time comes.  I don't think she reads the blog, but I'm not taking any chances!! 

Have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Just another Thursday

Three days, six workouts.  YES!

Not to mention that I have been logging my food like a champ!  I hate that.  Ha!  But I'm doing it.  Currently I'm using Weight W@tchers and I really like it.  It is easy, has a great mobile app and its database is quite inclusive.  The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't link up with my Fitbit.  My activity is logged in one place and nutrition in another.

I'm considering moving my food tracking back to My Fitness Pal because it does link up with the Fitbit.  I considered getting the WW activity tracking device, but it requires a $5 per month membership and that seems dumb when I have one that does the same thing for free.  Additionally, I have to pay to track on WW, but it is free on Fitbit and MFP.  So it seems obvious, right?

The problem is this.  Right now, I'm doing so well.  Why mess with what is working?  I don't want to stop when I'm on a roll.  Bleh.

Today's plan:
B:  Egg Beaters with mushrooms and salsa.  Coffee.
L:  Open Nature Chicken Meatballs (7)  Crackers (10) & Hummus (2T)
S:  Boiled egg and Babybel
D: Chicken Chili w/ dollop of sour cream
S:  Crackers (4) & Babybel
Workouts:  CrossFit & Elliptical

CrossFit this morning was tough.

A.  10:00 minutes, 5 KB snatches every :30 alternating arms each set. (26# KB)
B.  Helen:  3 rounds: 400m run, 21 KB swings, 12 pull ups

I checked and the last time I did this was last year (5/2012).  My results then were: 15:31, 26# KB, used green band for assisted pull ups.  This time:  15:07, 35# KB, substituted ring rows.  After all those KB maneuvers in the humidity (sweaty hands!) I just couldn't do pull ups.  One of my friends totally tore up her hands this morning.  She was a beast, but I can't say that I wish I would have pushed it.  My hands hurt enough as is and I still got myself a hell of a workout!

On a different note, yesterday BFF & I got tickets to Vegas for October!  That will continue my steak of a trip a month.  May-Canada, June-Tulsa, July-Louisiana, August-Florida, September-Louisville, October-Vegas.  I do love to travel!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Another day at it!

My day started wonderfully!  I reached a mini-goal this morning.  I'm the lowest I have been all year.  My next mini-goal will be my lowest post-Olympics.  Baby steps!!

Then I came to work and all hell broke loose.  I absolutely love my job, but like most people, some days are challenges.

Fitness:  I'm happy to say that I got my two-a-day in yesterday.  I went to CrossFit then ended the day on the elliptical.  Today I plan to ellipticize at lunch and go to Jazzercise after work. 


B - Cheese Egg Beaters with Salsa & Mushrooms w/ coffee
L - Leftover pork chop with some hummus and crackers
S - Boiled egg & Babybel
D - Chicken Chili w/ a dollop of sour cream
Dessert - Pudding cup

Chipping away!!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What a difference a day makes...

Yesterday, I was sad but determined.  Disappointed, but thoughtful.  Then I read this.  I think most of you know Amy over at Once Upon a Time in the Land of Cheese and Sunkist.  She is someone I have identified with throughout my weight loss journey.  We have similar views on fitness and food and many times I would read her posts thinking the words could have come directly from my brain.

If you read her post, she talks about how she recommitted her focus in March and since has lost 35 pounds.  First of all, that is awesome.  But second, when you read how she has done it, you can't help but be impressed!  I had an A-HA moment.

I have been viewing my workout schedule as above and beyond.  That somehow these two-a-days were "extra".  But I realized last night that they are not.  If I am going to lose this weight, this is what I will have to do.  Right now, I need to see fitness as my duty.  I have to workout 3-5 times per week in order to maintain.  So, to lose, I'm going to need to work out more than that.  Once I came to that conclusion, I felt confident that is a good answer for me.  Now I just have to determine how to make it happen.  I will keep you updated.

Last year I went through my city's Citizen's Fire Academy where I learned more about our fire department and EMS.  I am a part of the alumni association but I never go to anything.  Last night they had an ice cream social, so I decided to go.  I got to see my instructors which was good.  I find it fun to hang out at the fire station.  Maybe I was a firefighter in my previous life.  They had fresh strawberries, so I had an itty bitty bit of ice cream with lots of strawberries.  We hung out, ate ice cream and watched the home run derby.  There were two station's worth of firefighters there and not one alarm was to be had.

This was the second morning in a row where we have not run AT ALL at CrossFit.  Not even a warm up quarter mile.  Weird.  WOD:

A.  15:00 of mobility stretching.  We stretched our arms, shoulders and hips using bands.  It felt so good after yesterday!
B.  Clean Shrugs - 5 sets of 5.  85#
C.  Dumbbell rows - 3 sets of max reps.  20#, 20 reps.  25#, 15 reps 2x
D.  500m Row TT (time trial) - 2:10.6  I'm most proud of this because it is 3 seconds faster than my fastest time ever.  Improvement!!

What do I need to give up to work out more?  I'm thinking TV.  It may mean getting to watch less Rangers games, but I'm sure my Baseball Boyfriend will understand.


Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm not going to cry! Well, not much.

Weigh in Day:
Loss for the week:  1.8 lb GAIN
Total Challenge Loss:  5 lbs
Total to Lose:  35 lbs

Sigh. I kicked ass last week.  I worked out like a champ.  I logged all my food.  I drank a ton of water.  I was the model weight watcher.  I know it is not real. It can't possibly be.  But for a moment this morning when I saw it, I just started to cry.  What the ever loving f*ck does it take for me to lose weight?

But then I remembered that it is always like this.  Every single time I have tried to lose weight I have gone through this.  And so many times, I would give up and say this is just too hard and stop.  But those times that I did not give up, those times that I just kept pushing through it doing what I needed to do, those times... I was successful.  And this will be one of those times.  I just have to be patient.  So I stopped crying and I went to CrossFit.  Because that is what I do.

Let's back up to the weekend, shall we?  Friday night BFF & I went to see The Heat.  It was pretty funny.  I love both of those ladies so I really enjoyed the movie.

Saturday morning, I got up and ran my errands, did my laundry and cooked my food for the upcoming week.  Then I went to the movies (again!) and saw White House Down.  It WAS SOOOOO good!  My friend Burrito at work told me that I was biased because of my Channing Tatum love.  It's possible, but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole movie.  It was fun!
But yeah, he is hot.

Sunday, after church, I ran the rest of my errands.  BFF & I planned to see the Frisco Rough Riders play that evening.  I had found out that my Baseball Boyfriend was going to play his rehab games there before going back to the Rangers, so I thought it was the perfect time for us to go.  But the rain came and I was SOOO sad.  We went to dinner and it was still pouring.  But then it stopped!  So we got to see 7 innings of the game before we left.  Worth it!
I'm beginning to see a trend develop in the blog post.  Hmmm...

Anyway, as I said before, I got myself together to get back to CrossFit this week.  Here was the WOD:

A.  Front Squats 2 sets of 5, then one set of max reps.  I used 115# and did 7 on my max reps.
B.  Romanian Deadlifts 5 sets of 5.  120#
C.  25 ring dips (I used a box instead), then 3 rounds of 5 Power Cleans & 15 push ups, then 20 thrusters.  I used 65#. 

20 is a big number.  I had to rest my arms while washing my hair this morning after that.  Yikes!  The plan is 3 CrossFits this week (might try to squeeze in a 4th) and 3 lunch workouts.  I also might squeeze in a Jazzercise if I can.  So 6 workouts for sure, maybe stretch to 8...we'll see.  One day at a time!


Friday, July 12, 2013

Weekend Plan

Happy Friday! 

The pants were loose today!  I mean, they are my fatty fat pants (which to keep things in perspective are roughly 5 sizes below my biggest, so I can calm down a bit) but they were getting snug.  All of the vacation and PMS bloat is gone and I'm moving onward.  I'm less than a pound away from my next mini-goal.  I don't usually lose weight on the weekends, but I'm making a plan and seeing if I could make it happen. 

I heard from my US soldier yesterday.  As I expected, he doesn't have a lot of email access so I won't hear from him often.  I do hope my letters and packages will bring him a smile or two.

I have to go make myself work out at lunch today.  Well, I guess I don't HAVE to but it is part of the weekend plan.  I know myself well enough to know that I will have a drink with dinner and popcorn at the movie.  I know well enough that it is already logged in my WW point counter.  In order to stay on track, I have to work out.  So, there you go.

I found a recipe for crock pot chicken chili that I'm going to try this weekend.  It seems healthy enough and I love crock pot recipes. 

Sunday we are going to a minor league baseball game.  I heard that one of my favorite baseball players (Baseball Boyfriend, if you will) will be playing a rehab game there that night.  We have been wanting to go anyway, so I decided that would be a good time.  Of course, BFF is a trooper and agreed to go with me even though she has a busy weekend. 

The key for me will be to have everything ready to go for CrossFit Monday morning before I leave for the game on Sunday.  I think I will be home before 10pm, but that is usually my curfew cutoff when I have to get up early.  I have an open week next week, so I could always go to CF a different day, but I know that going on Monday morning always starts my week off right. 

Planning is the key for me, obviously.  I think I have a good plan, I just have to stick to it!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

  1. My crazy PMS bloating finally went away and I feel like a normal human being.  That was nuts.
  2. That crazy moment when you hear your brother's voice answer the telephone, but you realize it is your nephew.  Sigh.  I love that kid...he was my baby.  Now he is almost a man.  Yowza.
  3. I adopted a US soldier.  He is in a remote part of Afghanistan, so I'm not sure how much I will hear back from him.  I have sent him an email and two letters, but I doubt he has even received the first letter yet.  My plan is to send out at least a letter a week and then a care package every month or two. 
  4. Yesterday was a fitness two-a-day and today should be as well.  It is going to kind of suck, but I know I can do it.  I'm going to add an extra lunch workout tomorrow and then rest over the weekend.  I will start back to CrossFit Monday morning.  I thought I would be slacking not going to CrossFit this week, but if I finish my plan, I will have worked out 7 times this week.
  5. I fit into a shirt today that has been too snug for a couple of months.  That felt good!  I have a lot of beautiful clothes in my closet that I'm ready to wear again!
  6. Do you know the song Blurred Lines?  It is so dirty that you can't even really censor it well.  But I LOVE it.  It can get me up and moving better than anything.  I wish it came around more on my shuffle when I'm working out. 
  7. My Rangers lost last night.  Four of our five pitchers are on the DL.  Sheesh. 
  8. I have practically nothing to do this weekend!  BFF & I are going to see The Heat this weekend.  Debi & I might do something Saturday, but if not, I'm thinking about seeing White House Down.  I'm not sure how good it will be but I want to Channing all over his Tatum.                                                                                                                                                            
  9. I bought new Toms today.  I hope they fit!!
  10. This time last year I was getting ready for the Olympics!  Wow.  It is hard to believe that it has been a year.  I keep trying to research Rio but it is too early.  Next year I will be able to start preliminary things, but most of the planning will be summer 2015.  Copacabana will be a little different from Hyde Park!  But I'm looking forward to visiting South America for the first time.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

One month down!

This is the first monthly weigh in for my 40 By 40 Challenge.  You might remember that I am challenging myself to lose 40 pounds by my 40th birthday which is in June 2014.

Loss Goal:  40
June Loss:  4.8
Left to Lose:  35.2

I lost a little ground with my gluttonous vacation, but I was still able to get a solid loss.  Now that the first month is over, I want to see myself continue to be excited about it and to continue to work hard to meet my goal.  Many times I get bored with things and lose focus.  I'm determined not to let that happen. 

Last night was one of my Girls' Interesting Dinners.
I really need to start carrying my actual camera because my cell phone photos kind of stink.  But you get the idea.  I'm front and center this month! 

We went to a Middle Eastern restaurant called Afghan Grill.  I tried a glass of white wine from Turkey.  It was very sweet, but good.  I like red wine a lot more than white wine, but the red gives me a headache where the white does not.  We shared some hummus as an appetizer.  It was very good but didn't have a ton of spice or bold flavor to it that you might get at some places.

I ordered a chicken and rice dish.  It was tasty, especially the rice.  I'm not sure if is was basmati rice, but it had that type of texture and I'm a fan.  Lizard got some middle eastern type raviolis and I have to say that if I go back, it is what I would get.  I think I ate 1/3 of her meal! 

Most of all, it is just nice to sit and hang out with some of my best friends and actually have conversation and laugh together. 

I felt bad for BFF because we were commuting together and I have a wicked case of PMS.  I was supposed to start Sunday and it is now Wednesday.  I am not pregnant.  What is the freaking hold up?  Anyway, I pretty much hate the world which is NOT how I like to be.  This is when it is super great to be single because I just went home, curled up, watched my Rangers and fantasized about my favorite player being the perfect boyfriend.  Now that is what I call a great night.  :-)

The next couple of days call for two-a-day workouts.  I can do this.  I can do this.  It is worth it.  It is worth it.  I will succeed.  I will succeed.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Back to it!

My little vacation to Louisiana was delightful! 

Thursday we drove down to a super tiny town near Lafayette, LA to visit BFF's family.  We made a stop for some yummy home style cooking in Shreveport on the way.  Growing up, we never popped fireworks on our own much, so as an adult it is something I really like to do.  My brother does too, so I guess we are living that part of our childhood now!  BFF and I stocked up at a roadside stand and headed to her house.

Her brother and his family came over and we had an AMAZING smothered pork dinner.  Her dad is a fantastic Cajun cook!  After dark, we popped fireworks and some of those things were like the real deal.  They popped way into the sky and burst into the most beautiful colors.  We all squealed like little kids!  The 37 mosquito bites I got were totally worth it.  BFF's brother and SIL went back home, but her two nieces stayed with us for a slumber party. 

Friday we met up with the aunts to have lunch and then we toured a local brewery.  It was pretty neat and the beer was good.  Later in the afternoon, BFF & I drove the girls back to their house and then had another Cajun dinner out.  It was some sort of crab meat covered catfish and it was yummy!

Saturday we drove to a small town called Washington and went antique shopping.  None of us bought anything but it was fun and I'm telling you, the cafe had fantastic food!  Some of the best rice dressing I have ever had.  Saturday night after church, dad cooked again and he made kind of a catfish coubion and it was soooo good.  He jars his own tomato sauce and yes, I did bring some home!!

Sunday we went out to lunch and had boiled crabs.  I can honestly say that is one of my favorite meals.  You have to work for it, but it is so delicious!
My skin is so darn sensitive so in addition to the 50 mosquito bites I got over the weekend, my hands were torn up and stinging from the crabs!  Totally.  Worth.  It.

Sunday afternoon we headed to the casino.  BFF & I were neither doing well so we decided to stop and have a drink.  Big mistake!  I think the casino is really more for the blue hairs, because the bar was terrible.  I ordered a whiskey drink and I'm pretty sure she served me gin.  Heh.  Sunday night, dad fixed salt meat.  Do I even have to tell you how awesome? 

We drove back yesterday.  I am proud to say that I went to Jazzercise last night!  I needed it. 

Official weigh in for last week:
Week loss:  1 pound
Total loss:  6.8 pounds
Total to go:  33.2 pounds

Unofficially, the vacation and all that AMAZING food, plus drinks, minus working out made for an ugly scale.  No joke, I was up 3 pounds this morning.  But I'm hoping that I can get rid of at least most of it before the next official weigh in.  Although, my first month is up tomorrow.  Whatever the loss is for that first month, I will take it.  I'm going in the right direction and it feels good!

Today, I'm back on the wagon.  I worked out at lunch.  Since I'm not CrossFitting this week, I wanted something more than the elliptical, so I did:
  • 30 Jumping Jacks
  • 5 Push ups
  • 25 High Knees
  • 7 Burpees
  • 10 Sit ups
  • 7 Squats
  • 5 Push Ups
  • 10 Sit ups
  • 60 seconds of Plank (I did 60 seconds worth broken up, but my goal would be to do it unbroken)
  • 7 Squats
  • 30 Jumping Jacks
  • 60 seconds of Wall Sit
  • 25 High Knees
  • 5 Push Ups
After a quarter mile warm up jog, I did a full round once and the second round I dropped the burpees and the wall sit.  Then did 15 minutes on the elliptical.  I don't like wall sits and burpees are from hell.  I think in the future I will drop the wall sit altogether and split the burpees into 4 (in place of the 7) and 3 (in place of the wall sit).  My goal would be to do the full round 3 times with a quarter mile jog warm up and 5 minute elliptical cool down.

When I'm not able to CrossFit, that should be a good substitute... until I get tired of it.  Ha!

My nutrition has been good today too.  I had oatmeal and coffee for breakfast.  The My Fit Foods Gimme More Chicken Salad for lunch.  I forgot how much I love the My Fit Foods stuff.  I have a couple more meals for this week!  When I get hungry, I will have a boiled egg and piece of cheese for lunch, but it is almost 3pm and I'm barely hungry!?!

Tonight is girls dinner night so that should be fun.  Toodles!


Monday, July 1, 2013

Weigh In and Monday Morning Mishaps

Good Monday to you!

Let's start with my newest update picture, shall we?

I lost 2.4 pounds this week which brings me to a total of 5.8 pounds.  I have 34.2 pounds to go in my 40 By 40 Challenge. 

I have been doing a great job of getting in all my fitness.  In June, I worked out 23 times for a total of 19 hours (average of 38 minutes per day).  I think that is fantastic!

As far as the nutrition side of things...  I'm doing okay.  I log and follow M-F afternoon and then I don't on the weekends.  I know that I tend to splurge too much when I do that and eventually it will bite me.  I'm going on vacation this Th-M so we will see how that goes.  I need to balance having fun with staying on the rails. 

My July is kind of open so there is NO reason I can't really hit it hard this month. 

This morning was not great.  At CF, I totally messed up my weights.  We were supposed to do 28 unbroken back squats.  We did 20 in a WOD last week and I knew I had trouble getting through them.  So, I wanted to lower the amount a bit.  I looked it up, saw 75# and lowered it by 10#.  It seemed so easy.  Weeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllll....turns out that the 75# was for something else and I had back squatted 130# that day.  So I should have gone to 120#, not 65#.  Good gravy.  It wouldn't be so bad except my partner went along with me and it totally undercut her weight too.  She is going to disown me soon!  It is seriously bothering me way more than it should. 

Then we went to run a mile.  Again.  That is 3 weeks in a row.  I really shouldn't complain because at least it makes me do it since I don't run on my own much anymore.  It actually felt kind of good.  At the end I was pushing and hoping for a personal best.  It wasn't.  It was the same as two weeks ago and slower than last week.  Booooo! 

Then I realized that I forgot my phone at home.  You know how much that sucks.  First, I couldn't call my parents on the way to work like I usually do.  Then I didn't have music to get ready.  And then I couldn't take my picture for my update (at least one of my coworkers did and sent it to me.) 

Also, I may have almost run over someone in the parking lot.  Weirdly, the CF mishap and the phone bothered me way more than that.  That's probably not healthy.  Whatevs.

Hope you all had a nice weekend!