Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Love my girls.

Last night was so fun!  I have dinner once a month with the girls and we call it Interesting Dinner.  Each month someone chooses where we should go and it is always somewhere different.  This group has been going (different individuals throughout the years) since October 2004! 

Last night we went to a place for Spanish tapas.  We started with a cheese plate and then each of us ordered two plates to share.  The waiter would bring out a plate or two at a time and there was enough on each plate for a bite or two for each of us.  It was perfect for me!  A bite or two here, then wait five minutes, then a bite or two there, then wait five minutes.  It was expensive, but it was a fun experience and the food was unique and delicious.  ShareBear even ordered the octopus and as the most conservative eater in the bunch, we were shocked!  But it was good and she even had a few extra bites.  The scallops and lamb dishes were my favorites!

This morning, I was another couple of tenths down on the scale which is great after a feast like that!  I have lunch AND dinner out tonight, with no working out, it is going to be a challenge.  But I feel motivated, so hopefully I can stick to my plan.  We are having Mexican for lunch so my plan is to have tortilla soup which should be fine.  The trick will be staying out of the chips & salsa/queso.  I think if I weren't going out to dinner, I would limit myself to one serving, but I'm going to try and abstain today.  Surely I can do that once, right?

Tonight, we are going to a steakhouse, so my plan is to order the fish and just take small bites, chew and leave time in between bites.  I will have drinks, so I have to be extra conscious of the eating side of things.  I will get back to normalcy tomorrow.

I got my feelings hurt this morning.  Someone that I care about was not nice to me.  I don't think that it was truly directed at me but it was very hard to tell and it upset me that I was treated that way.  I decided to let it go.  I did nothing wrong and the other person reacted badly in the situation.  I can't control how other people react, I can only control myself.  So head down, get to work and don't worry about other people.

Rangers won last night, so YAY!! 



Vanessa said...

I love that you have an interesting food group! If we had interesting food around here, I would totally do something like that with my friends.

FitBy40 said...

My sister is part of a women's movie group and she loves it! I wish I had some girlfriends who would do that. Maybe I just need to be the one to set it up and hope it gets rolling!
I'm so sorry someone hurt your feelings but happy you are able to walk away and get past it.