Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rocky doesn't do bad days!

Dinner was lovely last night!  Here we are.  :)

Rie rie, BFF, KK, Cowgirl, & Beth Ann

I cannot tell you how glad I was that I had looked at the menu before going and decided on blackened trout with rice & veggies.  Because when I saw the shrimp & andouille sausage macaroni and cheese, I almost caved.  But I had a few calories left in my range yesterday, so I had a skinny mojito and stuck with the trout.  I will have to say that the fish was DELICIOUS!  I wasn't a big fan of the white rice, but not eating it was not a bad thing.

I had stopped weighing myself everyday, but now that I'm in "super try hard" mode, I find myself doing it again. Oh well.  Anyway, this morning when I stepped on the scale, I was rewarded for my good behavior.  The last time I weighed less than I do this morning, was back in May when I was getting over being sick.  I got down about 2 pounds less then this in the height of my sickness and dehydration, but it wasn't "real".  It is nice to know I'm getting there the right way this time.

We had a cold front come through last night and it was only 44 degrees this morning.  I got up at 5:30 and wanted to crawl right back in bed.  But I didn't.  I drove myself to CrossFit.  We warmed up with an 800m run which I hate.  :)  But I did it.  (Y'all know how much I hate running and it is just worse at CF because I'm SO much slower than everyone.  I was about 200m behind everyone and they closed the big garage door before I finished.  That was a bit discouraging, but you know, sometimes, you just have to fight through some sh*t.)  After we finished warming up, we worked on "bar muscle overs".  Yeah, I can't do those.  Basically you are supposed to pull up on the bar like you are going to do a push up, but you power over and end up holding yourself above the bar.  I still can't even really do pull ups.  I'm really strong, but I still weigh almost 200 pounds.  It is frustrating to watch the other girls do things I just can't do yet.  Obviously I had a very frustrating and discouraging beginning this morning.  But I did it, and next time, I will do everything just a little bit better. 

The WOD was brutal. 
  • 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Power Snatch (this is where you lift the barbell from the floor over your head in one motion) (45#)
  • 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Burpees (in between the Snatch rounds)
It is quite possible that I skipped a round or two.  I'm pretty sure my heart rate was over 200 for the 15 minutes and 42 seconds I worked at this.  I was trying to count and keep track, but mostly I had to focus on continuing to breath.  Holy hell.  I honestly think that is what my hell would be.  Burpees for eternity.  Motivation to be a good person!!  And then just because all that wasn't enough, we had to do 50 abs of choice.  I busted out 50 sit ups and went on my way.  It has been over 2 hours since I finished my workout and my lungs are still hating me.  Plus, it must be a bad allergy day because my nose is running like crazy and I can't stop sneezing.  Crazy Texas weather!!

It would be very easy to be in a bad mood today, but you know what, I'm not.  Like my title says...Rocky doesn't do bad days!! 

I earned 25 points yesterday.  YAY!  Off to go drink water to make sure I max out my water points for the day.  :)



Ronnie said...

You rock, Beth Ann! :) Do you have a heart rate monitor? How do you keep track of such things? I really need to start, but I dunno how it would help. LOL

FitBy40 said...

Your dinner sounded fabulous and I'm proud of you for not caving in!

Lap Band Gal said...

Have I told you lately what an exercise goddess you are? You are A-MAH-ZING!

Cece said...

You look awesome !

Laura Belle said...

You are so amazing. Seriously. I would have quit mid-burpee thingy. I hate burpees. All that frustration and you stuck it out! You are one bad a$$ chica!!!

Andrea said...

Good for you for sticking with it even with being the slowest! I probably wouldn't have the guts to stick with it. Crossfit is hard core!