Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend recap

It was a wonderful weekend!  Let's start with Friday afternoon...  I headed to the doctor for my varicose vein zapping.  I'm not going to lie.  It hurt like a son of a biscuit maker.  I thought it would be more like getting a tattoo, but no, in my opinion it was much worse!  However, it is done and the vein that has been bright on my leg since fourth grade is faded to almost nothing.  And the best part of it is, my doctor chose not to charge me.  This is a self-pay procedure, so it was particularly awesome!  I do love my doc.

I picked up my mom from the airport and we went to Chili's for dinner.  Not very exciting, but we could eat decently and tastily.  Saturday, we got up and got some breakfast.  This wasn't very healthy, but I knew we probably wouldn't eat much the rest of the day so I wasn't too worried.  After getting my hair done, we did some grocery shopping.  Can I tell you that I don't think my refrigerator has ever been so full?!  Typically when my mom comes to visit we mostly eat out and snack at home.  But this time, I wanted us to do better.  And that takes groceries!!

After that, we went shoe shopping.  I bought FIVE new pairs of shoes.  I have such issues.  But I LOVE DSW!  Then we moseyed over to the Rack and I bought a sweater and two new dresses.  Fun!  After that we went home to chill.  For dinner, BFF came over and I fixed Chicken Sausage, Potatoes & Peppers (from SkinnyTaste)  So delicious!!  Mom asked for the recipe and BFF had seconds.  Good signs!

Oh, I forgot to mention that in a moment of impulse, I bought a Keurig.  Unfortunately, I drank a cup of coffee around 9pm Saturday night and I don't think I got to sleep until after 2:30.  Oops!  Need some decaf cups.  :)

Sunday morning, mom & I got ready then picked up BFF for some lunch at Rise.  It is so delicious and souffles are surprisingly calorie conscious as far as awesome restaurant food goes.  Then we went to see To Kill A Mockingbird at the Wyly Theater.  It was fantastic!  I love the story and the performance was just excellent.

After the show, we went home and I cooked again.  This time I made apple smoked pork loin with cheesy potatoes and stir fry vegetables. The cheesy potatoes were a little decadent, but certainly delicious! 

I woke up this morning and I'm thrilled to say that I lost 4.3 pounds this week and even if you consider my gain from last week, I'm down 2 pounds over the course of two weeks.  I'm 7.8 pounds down since I started my challenge which is the best I have done in a LONG time.  (Shout out to my Leapsters for helping me keep track and Laura Belle for guilting my ass out of bed!!)  Now, I just have to keep focused!

For my What's the Point Challenge, I'm trying to lose weight over the holiday.  The more I lose, the more points I get!  :)  I'm currently at 345 and I need 1300 for my necklace. 

Hope you all have a lovely week!



Cat said...

Sounds like a great weekend with your mom Hero!

Congrats on the loss! So many of us had really good weeks last week.

Laura Belle said...

Wow, great weekend! Ahhhh, I miss thee.

Great job on the loss too!

I didn't get up this morning, but am planning on it tomorrow. And Wednesday!

Keep up the good work girl!

FitBy40 said...

To Kill a Mockingbird is still my absolute favorite book...I've never seen it on stage.
Sounds like a great weekend!

SUchipmunk said...

Ahhh Keurigs are the best!!! I loooove mine!

Kelli said...

would love the Chicken sausage recipe, sounds delish....

Andrea said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!!! Congrats on the loss and all the fun new stuff!!

Ronnie said...

Awesome sauce, I'm proud of you for making great choices this week and having such a good loss. :)