Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

I earned 25 points yesterday in my What's The Point? Challenge.  If I wouldn't have had a pudding cup when I got home last night, I would have earned another 5 points, but my tummy was growling and I didn't think I would be able to fall asleep.  It's all good.

Support Group was great last night as usual.  I got to see fellow bloggers, Debi and Andrea which is always awesome.  There were new folks and veterans and it amazes me how I get something from it every single time. 

I was especially happy when the scale took back all my bloat from yesterday.  I guess it was just a warning shot, thank goodness!  But I heard my body loud and clear and I'm planning to do better this weekend.  Speaking of that...all you people out there that cook for your families, what are your favorite go-to meals that are easy, delicious and healthy?  I need a plan and if things are too complicated, I know I won't do it. 

CrossFit was good this morning, as always.  We started with an 800m warm up run.  Y'all know I loved that.  Bach wasn't there today and TD was our trainer.  He likes the warm up so we did a lot of back and forths: butt kicks, high knees, inch worms, bear crawls, lunging trunk twists...I swear I was drenched before we even started the "workout"! 

Today we worked on Muscle Ups again.  I told you about those last week where you pull yourself up and over the bar.  I used to be able to do that in kindergarten, but not these days.  I have to use a big giant rubber band to even do a pull up, but at least those are starting to look passable! 

The WOD:  1000m row, 50 overhead squats with bar, 30 pull ups.  Four of us started on the row and only the guy beat me.  1000m is longer than you might think!  :)  I like to set the tension heavier so it is harder to pull, but you get more distance with each pull.  But then I got to the overhead squats and tried to use a normal girl's bar (35#) and just couldn't keep it up there.  I switched to a 16# bar and I was able to keep my form for the rest of the squats.  I did ALL 30 pull ups!  I used the big green rubber band and I did them in rounds of 5, but I did them all!  That is improvement for sure.  It was nice because I was trying to get my foot into the rubber band and I couldn't reach, so a guy stopped his pull ups and came over to help me.  That is a perfect example of why I love CrossFit!

Anyway, not sure if I will be able to use my arms this afternoon, but I'm feeling good!!



Dawnya said...

25 points. That is awesome!!! Keep it up BethAnn.

Laura Belle said...

WTG on the 25! Woop!

My go to meal is tacos/burritos/enchiladas type stuff. I ground beef and then usually have a whole wheat tortilla or just a taco salad. and there's always left overs so I can eat for the whole week off that.

Cat said...

Yay 25 pts Hero!!

Your CF workouts sound a-freaking-maze-balls! I am definately going to check out CF when I get closer to my goal. I know you encourage me to start now, but I cannot run yet without walking so I need to work harder on getting that down. I'm definately going to look into it though next spring.

Cat said...

Oh and *puffy hearts with weights attached*

FitBy40 said...

Hey, I just posted that crock pot taco soup recipe on facebook...it's sort of like a chili but SOOOOO good. Just put everything in the crock pot and leave it for 4 hours. THen you can put it in single serve containers for the week.

Ronnie said...

Great job on the 25 points - you know I'm proud of ya!

You know what might be a good idea for when it gets a little colder around here? A nice beef or chicken stew. You could make a weeks' worth of it at once, freeze, and eat it whenever you want. Seven days a week might be a little much, but once a week couldn't hurt. :)

Andrea said...

Good job! Glad I got to see you yesterday!

trisha said...

am i the only one who things you're talking a foreign language when you talk about your CF exercizes?! LOL I am soooo confused! but great job, that sounds strenuous!!