Monday, November 7, 2011

Sometimes the little things are actually the big things!

I did it!  I weighed exactly the same this morning as I did Thursday morning.  (Side note:  right before I stepped on the scale, I had a panic moment that I didn't give myself any leeway.  I thought I should have at least given myself a tenth or two on both sides.  But I didn't and I just took a deep breath and stepped on the thing.  I was SO relieved!!!)  That is such a big deal for me because I don't think I have EVER maintained my weight race weekend.  When I spend the weekend at TMS, I tend to eat nachos everyday, have a funnel cake here and there, and in general, just not make good eating choices.

This time was different.  I packed my little cooler on Friday and had lunchmeat rollups and hummus for dinner.  On Saturday, I allowed myself my one order of nachos.  On Sunday, it was back to the cooler where I had packed several healthy options!  I didn't even eat them all!!

It feels so good to be starting back to my weekly routine without an obstacle to get through before I start losing again.  So many times (even NOT on special occasions), I will do so well during the week, but then sabotage myself on the weekends.  So then I have to spend the next 2-3 days getting rid of the weekend gain before I start moving again.  This week, I don't have to do that. 

When I started this challenge, my goal was to lose 1.6 pounds every week through February 2012.  I'm 6 tenths behind that goal.  So, I'm hoping to make a run this week and catch up!!  That means I need to lose 2.2 pounds this week.  Think I can do it?  I'm going to try!!

After 7 days of my points challenge, I have earned 95 points!  That is quite a few points less than my goal, so I need to get on it.  At this rate, it will take me almost twice as long to earn my necklace as I had hoped.  Let's see if I can get it up to at least 125 points this week!

My favorite snacks meals of the week:
  • lunchmeat rollups - 2 slices turkey/ham wrapped around 1/2 slice of colby cheese and avocado
  • hummus with wheat thin sticks
  • artichoke & jalapeno dip with cucumbers
  • boiled egg with a Babybel
  • tortilla chips dipped in cottage cheese & refried beans with hot sauce
This week, I want to try some new things so I don't get tired of what I'm eating.  Any suggestions on quick and easy (& delicious!) ideas I can try? 

I'm fired up this Monday morning.  Are you??



Andrea said...

Yay Beth! Good for you! I know you'll get that necklace in no time!

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

Good job!
I am fired up this Monday morning, I felt a bit of slacking on my end the last two weeks so it's time to get back to what I need to do!

Jessica said...

Awesome Job....

PS I love hummus esp the spinach and artichoke one!

tagyourit said...

Great job!!!!

FitBy40 said...

Have you tried edamame? My hubby makes a whole bag ahead of time and then puts it in little containers to spread out over a couple of days. It's good cold or hot.
Great job on race weekend!

Ronnie said...

I know I'm fired up! You're doing so well on the challenge, can't wait to see how we all end up. :D

Laura Belle said...

I'm totally going to try those roll-ups! Yum!

Way to go on the maintain!!! It's sooo hard on the weekends, especially when you're doing something extra fun. But way to stick it out!!!

Cece said...

Great news on maintaining ! Do you make the artichoke and jalapeno dip or do you buy it? Thanks for the list of foods - I love getting food ideas from superstar bandsters !

Kelli said...

Thats awesome!!

Sam said...

Congrats on maintaining over your big weekend :o) That necklace will be yours before you know it, I love the sound of your point system!!

Justawallflower said...

I don't think I ever told you how proud of you I am for how you made it through the weekend! Did that sound motherly? lol, sorry about that! But I am! And such good snack ideas, I need to start packing stuff like that for my lunch!

Becky said...

You blow my mind Beth, I'm so so so very impressed at your awesome handling of this weekend!!

Stephanie said...

beth, I am trying like the dickens to catch up on blogs, but I just wanted to tell you what an amazing inspiration you are to me...truly beth. I want to be like you!!!