Monday, November 14, 2011

What's the Point?

Hi everybody!  I have earned 213 points to date on my Points challenge.  I need around 1,320 in order to get my necklace.  I'm a little behind schedule, but I'm fired up (yet again!)

Let's start with the bad, shall we?  I made several bad food choices this weekend.  Pair that with my lack of exercise and I'm just disappointed in myself.  To give you an idea, I earned 105 points Monday-Thursday and I earned 13 points Friday-Sunday.  That is just silly.  I have gotten REALLY good about making good choices during the week, but I have got to get better on the weekends. 

I think, for me, that is all because of planning.  I plan every meal (almost every bite) for the week (Mon-Thurs) on Sunday evening.  This week, for breakfast every day, I'm having a Low Carb Slim Fast shake (and a piece of cheese if I need it.)  For lunch (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) I'm having Lettuce Wrap Tacos.  They are delcious!!
I mixed up some extra lean ground beef with fat free refried beans and salsa yesterday and split it into individual containers.  For lunch today, I took one container, added some Laughing Cow cheese and nuked it.  I filled the lettuce leaves with the concoction and added a bit of shredded reduced fat cheese.  Becky gave me the idea!  Most of the time, lunch is my biggest meal of the day.  This one is so yummy AND very good for me!

For dinner every night (except tonight because tonight is Group and I will get a Smoothie on the way) I'm having some pasta I made this weekend.  Since I know exactly what I'm eating for each meal, I don't stray and end up doing very well every day!

Fast forward to Friday.  I stop planning.  And this weekend it will be even more important because my mom is coming to visit and it is very easy for it to start feeling like vacation and then eating like I'm on vacation.  Mom will go with the flow.  If I plan healthy for us, she will follow.  If I plan to visit splurge city, she will follow.  So I need to take some time to plan between now and Friday to come up with a week long menu for us.  I don't want boring, but I need this in order to be successful.

I'm going to add another Bonus Plan to my Points System.  (Which I think I just named What's the Point?  Hence the post title!)  If I maintain from Friday, Nov. 18th, to Monday, November 28th, I will receive no points nor lose points.  Originally, I was going to give myself 5 points, but this is too long of a time for me to not plan to lose.  For every tenth of a point I lose, I get 2 points and for every tenth of a point I gain, I lose 3 points.  For every pound I lose, I get a bonus 10 points and for every pound I gain, I lose a bonus 10 points. 

Examples:  Lose 8 tenths - +16.  Gain 7 tenths - -21.  Lose 1.3 pounds - +36 points.  Gain 1.2 pounds - -46 points.  So, as you can see, this Bonus program could be quite punitive.  But I think it is important and if I lose, it could be a windfall! 

I went to CrossFit this morning and it felt good!  We started with a 400m warm up, then did some other warm up activities (inch worms, lunges, handstands).  Then for 10 minutes, we worked on Turkish Getups.  Those things are not as easy as they look.
My weight was smaller, of course.

Then we did Deadlifts and were supposed to do 75% of our max weight.  We did three rounds of 5 reps and then one round of max reps.  I lifted 135# and did 10 reps on my max.  Dessert was a 400m time trial.

You all know how much I hate to run and I hate racing CrossFit people even more because I'm always so far behind everyone.  But you just do it, you know?  I run around an 11 minute mile, so I thought if I could do the 400m in 2:30, that would be really good.  When we took off, I felt really strong, but the first part is downhill.  All my peeps left me in their dust.  As I was coming back up the (very small) hill, I was pushing as hard as I could and Bach was yelling for me.  One of my newest CF friends (Athena) ran out to help me run in the last few meters.  I thought that was incredibly sweet!  I was SHOCKED when Back told me I finished in 2:04.  Go me!

I'm planning to CF tomorrow & Wednesday and Jazzercise on Thursday.  I'm hoping I can get myself to CF on Friday as well.  I'm getting some veins zapped on my leg on Friday afternoon and won't be able to workout for three days.  Have any of you all done that?  I'm hoping it won't hurt too much.  :)

One last note, BFF made kale chips this weekend.  I was so excited because I kept hearing such good things.  I couldn't even get one in my mouth.  Nasty.  Times 100.  Guess I'm a "no" on the kale chips.



FitBy40 said...

OK, I'd be the dumb ass to drop that weight on my face and break off all my teeth! Holy cow that looks tough. You rock!
I've been eating crap all day today, so you're in good company!

Ronnie said...

Easy? That looks hard! I couldn't do that at all. lol I'd be scared.

You always have us to e-mail with when you're out of ideas for nights and want something fast, easy, and calorie-conscious. :)

Also, kale chips are definitely not for everyone... my dad had pretty much the same response as you. LOL

Cece said...

Your lettuce wraps look delish ! I'll have to try that recipe :)

~Lisa~ said...

The lettuce wraps looks sooooo amazing! And planning is a good thing, although I am completely lost on the point thing - ok, I'm mathematically challenged.....

I love your motivation though!!

Justawallflower said...

Wow, awesome on the running! The lettuce wraps do look delish! I hate that I can't eat lettuce!