Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Getting there!

I have on my sassy skirt and teal tights...I'm feeling a comeback.  :)  I wouldn't say I'm at a 100% but I do feel a little more "me". 

Part of it was the killer CrossFit WOD this morning.  We had five different stations.  There were 2 people at each station at any given time.  After 1:00, you would rotate to the next station for 1:00.  After all five stations and 5:00, you would rest 1:00.  We did that 3 rounds, with these stations:
  • Pull-ups (I'm still using the big green band to help me, but I'm getting better!)
  • Push Presses (55#)
  • Hang Power Cleans (65#)
  • Burpees
  • Ground to Shoulder with the Atlas Stones (73#, 47#, 73#)
It was super tough, but I kept moving.  I was so wired when I got to work this morning that I don't think I stopped talking for 45 minutes.  Poor guy outside my office got a whole lot of yapping!!

I bought a couple of new dresses and they arrived yesterday.  I bought size 12s, so I was really nervous whether they would fit.  They both zipped up, but I think that they could look better with a little more room.  My goal is to wear the looser of the two in two weeks when I go see the musical version of Bring It On!  Once they fit, I will post pics!

My nephew is coming to town to visit me this weekend.  He is 14 and it was my birthday present to him.  It is going to be a super fun sports themed weekend.  Can't wait!



Lap Band Gal said...

I want to see you in those sassy skirt and teal tights! :)

Stacey said...

Agreed, we need to see the sassy skirt and teal tights. Pic of the month?

FitBy40 said...

My niece comes for a week every summer and we have a blast!
Have a great time. Can't wait to see the new clothes!

Andrea said...

Glad you're getting your mojo back!

Ronnie said...

Ooh, what are the sports themed events happening? :D