Friday, February 24, 2012

Hey guess what? It's Friday!

So, today I feel the best I have all week.  I'm not sure yet if that is because whatever I was getting is gone or if it is because it is Friday.  :)  The pollen count is still ridiculous, so I know it isn't that.  I probably should go get a shot, but here I sit, not doing it. 

It was a CrossFit morning:
  • 2x5 + 1 max rep, back squats
  • 2x5 + 1 max rep, press
  • Double Unders & Sit ups
I was happy with my back squats.  I went up 10# to 105# which is a personal record.  But in all fairness, I haven't done a lot of back squats.  I maxed out at 12 which I thought was good.
In the press, I tried to lift 75#, but I just couldn't get it done so I stuck with 65#.  I maxed out at 8.  I think these are so hard because you can't use your legs to get any momentum.
This video is a GREAT illustration of the difference between a press, a push press and a push jerk.  The press is the hardest because it all has to come from upper body strength.

At the end, we were supposed to do 25-20-15-10-5 Double Unders & Sit ups.  But since my body acted like it never saw a jump rope this morning, I did 10 DUs, 25 Situps, 10 DUs, & 20 Situps.  The cut off was 5:00, so that's all I got in.  Stupid double unders.  Good day though!

The CrossFit games start this week.  The first workout is 7:00 of burpees.  Heh.  Crazy people.  There are even form rules where you have to jump up and touch something 6" beyond your standing reach for it to count.  I'm not even sure I could do one.  :)  I know a few people participating, so it will be cool to see how they do.  Right now everyone does the WODs locally and submits information and video.  Then the best will participate in regional competitions.  I need to find out when and where because I would love to go to one. 

I will leave you with a pic.  I got another new dress from Mod Cloth yesterday and I just HAD to wear it today.  I have to wear it with the jacket to work, but I almost wish I had a date or something after work.  :)



A.J. said...

Doggone you for turning me on to Mod Cloth!!!!! :D I have spent waaaaay too much time looking at dresses. It makes me wish I had a job and/or social life to justify buying all the ones that I want!!!

Laura Belle said...

Sooooo cute! Love the outfit.

7:00 of burbees. I die. I die.

Glad you're feeling better! I think it's something to do with Friday too, because I'm in a ass slappin' great mood today!!

Cat said...

That dress is SOOO cute.
Also, I love your video links to the different CF moves. Really helps me visualize your workouts.

Kelli said...

Super cute dress!

Lap Band Gal said...

what a cutie pie you are!

Ronnie said...

Remember when you did your first DU and were excited about doing TWO? :) You've multiplied that by 10. Just sayin!

FitBy40 said...

Holy sexy mama!
Great new outfit.