Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quiet Day

Very rarely am I at a loss for words.  But here I sit with nothing to say.  I actually think it is a good thing.  :)  I'm content and have nothing to gripe about.  There is nothing super exciting in the close future to talk about.  I just Am.  It is kind of nice.

CrossFit was great, as usual.  We did Good Mornings, this morning.  5 sets of 5 at 75#.
I can tell I'm getting stronger because these were rough on my back to start and now, even with 75#, they weren't an issue.  Then we did 10:00 (on the minute) 5 Toes to Bar (which I can't do, so I basically hung from the bar and lifted my knees as high as I could) and 3 Dead hang pull ups (with a giant green rubber band). 
This is what I mean by a banded pull up.  See how the band gives her some spring?  She is doing a kipping pull up (using momentum) where we did dead hangs today, but you get the idea.

That's all for now, folks!


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Cat said...

Amazing Hero! The band assist thing is exactly what I pictured!! How does the band help with the dead hang though? I can see it helping if you have momentum like the girl in the video, but how does it help if you are just hanging there and attempting to pull up? Does it have a lot of elasticity and actually wants to contract to help you up?