Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Keeping on, keeping on...

Where does the time go??  Geeze.

I had a super nice weekend.  It was mostly relaxing so that was great!  On Saturday, I picked up Debi and we headed to Waco.  Road trip!!  We met Angela, Andrea, Ronnie & Dawnya at Ninfa's and we proceeded to have a blast.  What a fun group of girls!!

After lunch, we headed to the mall for some retail fun.  At Dillard's, we found the most awesome shoe sale ever.  Did I buy 5 pairs of shoes?  I might have.  They were 40% off 65% off...they were practically giving them away!!  My only issue is that they are all very high heeled platform style shoes, so it is hard for me to wear them all day.  I wore one pair yesterday and another pair today, so I think my feet and ankles hate me right now.  The things we do for fashion!

Saturday night and Sunday, I mostly relaxed and did laundry.  It was delightful!!

Work has been very busy still and this week is no exception.  Last night one of my coworkers gave me a suite ticket to the Mavericks game.  Several people from my office went along with some consultants and lawyers.  I had not been in a suite at the AAC and it did not disappoint.  However, at halftime, I checked the CrossFit WOD and it made me realize that I wanted to go.  So I left at halftime like a responsible girl.

This morning I got up with the chickens as my dad says.  We did 2x5 deadlifts and I'm up to 165#.  Woohoo!  Almost as an afterthought we did 150 sit ups.  Who would have thought 150 sit ups would just be a little something extra for me?  Craziness!  We were also supposed to do 150 double unders, but you can imagine how that went for me.  :)  I do have many nice whip marks!!  CrossFit Souveniors!

I want to leave you with my picture from my dinner last week.  Are we adorable?  I have on some of my platforms so again, I look like a giantess. 
Oh, I almost forgot!!  Debi convinced me to get a Fitbit!!  It should be delivered today and I'm very excited.  I'm hoping it is what I need to get back on track.  Also, I may have bought an iPhone.  And some other things...

Okay, I'm taking a page from Cat's book and I'm cutting myself off for March.  This is crazy!  I will allow myself to buy the boots I have earned if I find ones I want and I will buy items from Cole's auction if I win anything.  But that's it!  Probably.  :)



Anonymous said...

Somehow I am not very convinced about your spend ban!
It sounds like you had a great work out. 150 sit-ups as an afterthought it CRAZY.

Ronnie said...

Was I there?! Damn, I can't remember anything. ;)

Stacey said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome time, as usual. I am sooo jealous!

I LOVE my fitbit. It gives me food. Seriously. It is addictive, especially when combined with myfitnesspal. :)

Cat said...

Where is Ronnie in those pics?? I see the rest of you lovelies!

Ha! I took a page from your book on getting my fashion together! : ) My spending ban is nearly over. Thank gawd. :) Not that I can afford to shop right now anyway if I'm being honest. I have a Chicago flight to buy!

FitBy40 said...

The only time I ever wish I lived in Texas is when you ladies have one of these get togethers! Dang it!
And, where the heck was Ronnie in those pics?
Looks like a great time.

Jessica said...

Doesnt look like Ronnie is there... ahahha where is she in the pics!

trisha said...

I am still just in awe of your athletic ability... you rock girl - keep on inspiring us couch potatoes! lol maybe, one day... ;)

speck said...

You just don't know how jealous I am of the meetups! But honestly, I think it's great.

Andrea said...

I always have so much fun with y'all!

Yay for the fitbit and new iphone!!!

Laura Belle said...

40% off 65%!!!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!

I stopped concentrating on reading after that. I may fainted actually.

Damn I wish we had that store!

Way to go on being the 'responsible' one!! So proud of you and your 150 sit ups!