Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another Day

For some reason last night I felt really anxious and self-critical.  I don't really have any reason for that, but nevertheless, the feeling would not go away.  I had a hard time falling asleep and even woke up through the night with these feelings.  I hope it is some hormonal thing that will fade, because it sure isn't enjoyble. 

Yesterday was a great paleo day.  The Shepherd's Pie was even better heated up.  I didn't even need the avocado on it.  YUM!

I made it to CrossFit this morning even though I was tired from not being able to sleep.  I think the exercise helps with the anxiousness, so that's good.  After warming up:

A. 6 rounds: 1 snatch deadlift with two shrugs.  115#  My shoulders will be feeling this later!  It is basically these two moves combined.
B.  6x6 Snatch High pulls  85#  6 is a big number sometimes.  :-)

C. We ended with 6 rounds of 3 strict pulls ups.  I have to use elastic bands to assist, but I am seeing progress.

Today's meal plan:

Breakfast:  Black coffee.  Still not a fan, but it is getting a bit more tolerable.  Leftover frittata with salsa.
Lunch:  Leftover paleo shepherd's pie.  If you are interested, follow the link above to get the recipe.  This is one of my favorite things so far.
Snack:  Boiled egg & turkey. 
Dinner:  We are going out for Mexican.  So either fajitas with no cheese, sour cream, or tortillas.  Or maybe carne asada with veggies. 

I doubt I will need a snack after that.  Looking for another good day!



~Miss Lorie~ said...

I will be looking into this shepards pie! Thanks for sharing the ups and downs of the journey. I isn't always roses, is it?

Sheila said...

Our trainer had us carrying weights all over the gym yesterday and I definitely feel it in my shoulders. I coul never do pull-ups, even when I was just a little scrawny 3rd grader LOL! That's awesome!

tz said...

thanks for sharing the recipe - my husband was just asking for that the other day :D And that insecure feeling -- I get that right before my TOM and then my TOM happens and I'm like 'oh I'm not stupid and horrible and people don't hate me, I'm just hormonal" Hang in there!