Friday, January 3, 2014

Appreciate Yesterday, Focus on Today

I did it!  I did one full day of Paleo without "cheating".  It's a big deal, folks.  I told you yesterday that my breakfast scramble was good.  Lunch was tasty as well, however, I think I got stuck on the meatballs or the skin of the veggies.  Paleo is tricky with a lap band, but I'm going to keep at it. 

I really wanted some coffee at lunch, but I knew I wouldn't drink it black so I had some hot peach ginger tea.  It was okay.  Dinner was awesome!  I actually used the George Foreman grill I have had for eons (mostly used to grill cheese sandwiches and hot dogs) to grill a chicken thigh.  I just sprinkled it with some salt and pepper and that sucker was done in 5 minutes.  Sweet!  Do you have one of these grills?  What do you make on it?  That was fast and I need some new ideas.  I also had some leftover braised cabbage from New Year's.  I could seriously eat the whole pan of that stuff.

So, one day in the books.  No stretching the rules, no cheating, just doing it.  I can do it.  Here is today's plan:

Breakfast:  drinking some hot peppermint tea now.  It isn't coffee, but it does help for me to drink something warm in the morning, especially if I haven't worked out.  When I get hungry, I will have my leftover black-eyed peas from New Year's that I didn't need yesterday.  It is a Paleo cheat, but they are good for me and I'm not going to fret about it.

Lunch:  same as yesterday.  Meatballs with cucumbers & green peppers with Paleo creamy Italian dressing. 

Snack:  I didn't need a snack yesterday but that was mostly because I felt a little stuck.  I have an apple with raw almond butter if I need it.

Dinner:  same as yesterday.  Grilled chicken thigh and braised cabbage.

I didn't get up for CrossFit today for many reasons, but I will ellipticize at lunch.  Plus, I plan to Jazzercise tomorrow morning.

Oh...good news!  I got on the scale this morning and 2 pounds of the bloat were gone.  My goal for the weekend is to keep it off.  I have a terrible tendency to eat badly on the weekends and bloat on Monday morning.  My only goal is to not gain anything Friday-Sunday.  It is reasonable, now I just have to do it.

Saturday is a busy day, so I should stay on track.  I do have a party Saturday night and I will eat whatever the hostess provides, just no alcohol or desserts.  Sunday, I plan to cook for next week.

Hope you all are having a nice start to the new year!!



FitBy40 said...

Great job!
Now I'm thinking about an apple with almond butter and I'm so happy that I can probably eat apples now that my band is gone! I could NEVEr eat raw fruits or veggies with the band, not even in the beginning.
So many healthy choices we have!
Keep up the great work.

Sarah Kopf said...

Paleo-eo-eo. It's fun to say, no?

I actually love the Paleo lifestyle. I haven't completely conformed, however 95% of my eating sticks to their rules. I've got rid of the gluten (for the most part). Where I cheat is potatoes and the tablespoon of milk in my coffee every day. The grains are pretty much totally gone now- unless I can't avoid it. I feel SO much better without wheat! (Which isn't to say I don't have a tortilla now and then, but it's sure as heck better than sitting down with a whole hamburger bun!)

Anywhoozle- way to go, girly! So very proud of you!