Monday, January 27, 2014

Body Fat Test

I got up Saturday morning and headed to a CrossFit box in a neighboring town.  I immediately saw the Body Fat Test van (it was smaller than I expected) in the parking lot, so I just parked and stood outside.  After a minute or two, a guy came from the building and stood with me.  He had just finished a workout and his was the appointment right before mine.  Shortly thereafter another guy came out and his was the appointment right after mine.

We all spoke briefly.  They were re-testing and both looked like "normal" CrossFitters with healthy body weights.  They were both very nice and seemed to have a similar attitude as the men I work out with at my box.  Before I knew it, I was up.

The guy doing the test introduced himself and asked me a few basic questions.  I was wearing my bathing suit under my sweats, so I just took of the sweats and was ready to go.  The only things in the van was a large metal tub, a metal counter with a computer and a curtained off area at the back to change, if needed. 

I was nervous, but I got into the tub which was warm enough, not a bath.  He instructed me to blow out all of my breath as I submerge myself and once all the bubbles are gone, he will take the measurement.  Then I can come up.  He said that air=fat on the test, so it is very important to get all of that air out.  So, I took a practice breath and then I went down.

Here is something I have learned about myself.  I'm not good at this.  I tend to reserve breath and not blow it all out.  So I ended up getting a nose full of water and had to come up before he got a measurement.  He said that he should have told me to hold my nose.  I tried again and that helped, but at that point, I think I just couldn't squelch my panic.  So, he ended up having me do it by keeping only my nose and mouth outside the water.  Even then I had a hard time blowing out all of my breath.  So bizarre and something I need to practice for next time. 

Anyway, he finally got a measurement that he felt was adequate.  I had a number in my head of where I hoped to measure.  I was .5% over that number.  I was disappointed, but in the end, it is what it is.  Now I know exactly where I am and what I need to do.  I think my biggest disappointment was that I am still off the chats.  For once in my life, I would like to be measurable. 

So, I think that is a very good goal.  In 60-90 days, I would like to be on the chart.  Honestly, I wasn't that far off, so with hard work I COULD be there in 30 days.  60-90 days to do this is beyond a reasonable goal. 

Two things I want to focus on:

1.  I'm still 80 pounds below where I started.  Assuming the same muscle mass (which I believe to be a generous assumption), my fat % used to be double what it is now.  So, that is a pretty amazing thing I have decrease my fat % by HALF and keep it off for years.

2.  This is not a race.  Whether it takes me 6 months or 6 years to reach my goal, the important part is to keep fighting for it.  Keeping that balance of living my life with moving toward that goal is what defines success for me. 

I have less than a week in my 30 day paleo challenge.  I had a few lapses this weekend.  I had some roasted nuts that had sugar in them.  I also had a tamale along with my carne asada last night.  But as of today, it has been 26 days since I have had any kind of cake, cookie or sugary dessert, artificial sweetener or dairy.  That is pretty damn amazing for me.

Today's meal plan:
Breakfast:  Black coffee, chicken apple sausage (I heard this was AMAZING, but I thought it was only okay) and a boiled egg.
Lunch:  Hibachi chicken, Filet Mignon & scallops with veggies.  Probably got a little more oil and butter here than I should, but it was my best choice.  I did skip the soup, salad and rice.
Snack:  apple with nut butter, if needed
Dinner:  chicken burger with veggies
Snack:  homemade roasted nuts, if needed  (If I already ate the nut butter for a snack and I'm still hungry, I will have an egg.)



Sheila said...

Wow, that is pretty cool that you can get yourself measured in a little mobile tester. Thanks for the description and I used to be a swimmer but honestly I don't know how I would do with that kind of testing. Sounds like you weren't very far off from your estimate. I also have to remind myself this isn't a race, it's for life! Your doing SO great with your food plan!! WTG!

Marion Shaw said...

Hi Beth Ann, I think you were brave to take the test--at all!

You've come so far! Don't let any test tell you differently. I've never really taken a fat percentile test because I've geared my progress with my ability to do bench press and other things at the gym, as well as the scale. Fat percentage is definitely not everything!

I'm a new follower and hope you will follow me back. :D

~Miss Lorie~ said...

You are a brave badass! I love the people in crossfit. It is like these amazing people who are so in shape and so stinking nice (at least my experience.) I still know it would have taken courage to go there and have the test done!

FitBy40 said...

I remember when I finally decided I'd like to know my body fat number, which was a hard thing for me to come to grips with, I made an appointment at my gym, got all worked up about it, and then when I got there, they told me the machine was broken!
I never went back, and now we're in a new area where my gym doesn't do that.
Maybe I'm better off not knowing!