Monday, February 3, 2014

Back to it!

I had a nice (and gluttonous) weekend off, but it is time to refocus.  I'm not even going to confess the amount of bloat that appeared on my scale this morning.  But no fretting about that.  I enjoyed the heck out of my Girl Scout cookies and pizza this weekend!

Completely off topic, but I was really sad about Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  He was one of my favorite actors and I just can't believe that he is gone.  Drugs suck.

Enough of that.  Reminding myself of my February plan:
  • Adding back dairy, but limit to 1 serving per day other than small amount for coffee.
  • Cook paleo but will allow 80/20% compliance for restaurant and what others cook for me.
  • One cheat meal per week.  Saving this for the weekend.
  • I'm adding another.  Limit artificially sweetened drinks to no more than 5 per week and limiting paleo compliant (but higher calorie) drinks to 3 servings per week.  This is going to be tough for me, but we will see how it goes.
I do seem to have stuck with not sweetening my coffee which is a big change for me.  I did use cream though, but I used the non flavored half and half.  Feeling really good about that.  I don't love it, but I am getting used to it.

Today's food plan:
Breakfast:  Coffee with cream.  Egg beaters with mixed veggies and bacon.
Lunch:  Pot roast and sweet potato stew.  I made this over the weekend and haven't tried it yet.  I don't have a back up, so I hope that it doesn't suck.  :-)  I will let you know tomorrow!
Snack:  Grapes
Dinner:  Leftover chicken meatballs and veggies (maybe a sweet potato, if I'm really hungry.)

I didn't get up for CrossFit this morning for several reasons, so I have to work out hard at lunch.  My plan is to do uphill walking, tabata sprints and calisthenics.  I know I will feel better once it is done.

I'm really looking forward to the Olympics starting this week.  I know myself well, so it is possible that I won't get a lot of CrossFit in over the next couple of weeks because I will be staying up late watching coverage.  I will have to MAKE myself work out at lunch or Jazzercise regularly.  Hold me accountable, people!



FitBy40 said...

Hey, I had NO cookies and no pizza, and I was still UP 4 pounds this morning. I was so pissed but know that it must be water weight because my rings are so tight they won't budge and I never got up to pee once last night (very odd for me).
Yesterday was my 'cheat' day and I allowed myself some carbs. I felt like crap this morning! Back to the low carb this morning.

Laura Belle said...

Yup, I'm right there with you. Time to get back into it. Only my 'break' was about 18 months long.

But I like your goals! They are totally 'do-able'! I love that!

Get it girl!

Sandy said...

I gave up diet pop 4 years ago with the band. Best thing I ever did. I used to drink 2-3 cans every day--addicted, I can now say. Every once in a while I crave a taste and end up drinking maybe 2 ounces. Don't miss it t all. Yeah for the Olympics!

Polly & Matt McDonald said...

I was super sad about PSH as well. What a talent, what a waste! Ugh! It made me so mad. When is the acting community going to stand up and say "no more"? They totally support this kind of thing with their silence. So frustrating! On another note, I too ate some Girl Scout Cookies. Doggone those things...