Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Friday!

First, I shall entertain you...

Last night I had a dream that the roads were waterways and we were all fish.  In the dream, BFF and I were swimming down the road in our little fishy bodies, chatting away as fishies do.  That was pretty much the dream and it was actually not very spectacular.

I woke up from this dream in the middle of the night and wondered if maybe I was a fish in my past life or perhaps will be in a future life.  Then I literally thought, "I will have to tell BFF that there is no one I would rather be rein"carp"nated with than her."  No joke.  I burst into uncontrollable giggles in my bedroom in the middle of the night. 


Tomorrow is when MD comes for a visit.  We are going to have so much fun! 

Did I tell you that we have decided to go to New Orleans for my birthday?  It is the big 4-0 and I think it will be a blast.  Unfortunately, ShareBear & Lizard both have plans, but BFF & Debi are coming!  I still have over three months, but we have the hotel and flights booked!

Weekend fitness plan:  Jazzercise on Saturday.  That is it until Tuesday, so I have no choice but to make myself get up tomorrow and go.  The bigger challenge will be getting up for CrossFit on Tuesday.  I really hope when I check in on Tuesday that I will have good news for you!  It is so easy to talk myself out of it when it is the first time back in a while.

Weekend food plan:  my plan is to log absolutely everything on MFP.  I'm not going to get hung up on what I'm eating as much as forcing myself to own it.  This will give me no option to ignore what I'm doing.  A lot of times I will forget about the treat I allowed myself in the morning (i.e. latte, donut) when I get to the afternoon and I'm facing the option of another (i.e. dessert, snack, etc.)  Logging will at the very least make me face up to all of it.  We will see how that goes. 

The last thing I want is to negate all my hard work this week and start Tuesday morning at the same weight or higher.  I need to get myself to move forward.

I will leave you with this:



~Miss Lorie~ said...

Love the weekend and dread it all at the same time... why is it so much more difficult to make honest decisions... oy! Good luck!
I am heading back to crossfit Monday (after a little over a week off.) The first day back is always hard *Mentally* for me.

Cheri said...

I want to be rein-CARP-inated too!! LOL And the plans for the big 4-0 sound fabulous! :-D I want sooooo badly to do a girls trip soon, I think I may crash yours. ;P

I'm glad you have months to look forward to it, I know for me anticipation is half the fun for things like that. And it sometimes motivates me with other goals - I actually DO have a girls trip planned with my sisters in August, and I'm already trying to use THAT to motivate me to get in better shape! Hope your weekend plans for exercise and the visit went great!

KajunDee said...

I'm pleased to see your visiting my hometown. I'm not sure of the date of your visit but let me know if I can be of help ;)

Connie O said...

That is hilarious! I have occasionally waked up laughing from a dream, but usually I don't remember it in the a.m.

New Orleans sounds like a great place to celebrate a PIZM (psychologically important zero mark) birthday!