Thursday, February 20, 2014

Keep doing what I'm doing!

I feel good!  It is truly amazing how good you feel when things are "under control."  I have to continually remind myself of this feeling.  When I get frustrated that things are not good enough, I try to keep this in mind:
Because today I look like this:

And in 2008, I looked like this:
Yesterday, I followed my fitness and food plans to a T and today should be another red letter day. 

Today's fitness plan:  15:00 on the treadmill and include 2 sets of sprints.  Then 30-20-10 (reps) of dumbbell thrusters and sit ups. 

Today's food plan:
Breakfast: coffee with cream. Leftover fritatta.
Lunch:  homemade vegetable soup
Snack:  hard boiled egg and turkey
Dinner:  I was going to have to figure out a dinner, but BFF offered me another serving of her zucchini lasagna!  I ate it on Monday & last night and it is SO delicious!
Snack:  1T of almond butter (if needed)

Now the key will be to not go off the rails over the weekend.  My 13 year old nephew MD is coming for a visit!  I'm planning to Jazzercise on Saturday morning, then get ready and pick him up just after noon.  He, BFF and I will grab some lunch then head for the Sixth Floor Museum.  After that, we are going to drop by Sprinkles then go home for a breather.  We will pick up BFF's godson to join us for a Tex-Mex dinner and then some minor league hockey.

Sunday, after church and breakfast, MD and I are going to visit the Perot Museum of Science.  I have heard it was fun so I'm excited about that.  The one thing MD asked if we could do while he was here was to go out for sushi.  He has had california rolls and he likes them but he wants to try more.  BFF & I LOVE sushi so that is what we are doing for Sunday dinner.

Monday, we will hang out and watch TV/movies until it is time for him to leave in the early afternoon.  After I leave him securely at the airport, I have an appointment for my first eyelash fill.  That should be interesting.

My goal is to start back to CrossFit on Tuesday.  That is going to be a HUGE challenge, but I have been working out hard while I've been away, so the issue will just be getting out of bed so early!  But I need to keep reminding myself that I have to do these things if I ever want to look like this again:



Kathy said...

Congrats to you on your great success! That's great motivation as I finish my healthy breakfast before headed out for a 3-mile walk.

~Miss Lorie~ said...

when we was the last picture taken?
Good work following the plan!
Why have you been away from crossfit? I'm sure I missed that post somewhere...

Cheri said...

Yes! a) appreciating how far we have come!! and b) that feeling when you are back on track - even if you aren't at "the finish line" which I suppose is a myth anyway, since it's more a matter of "do this and repeat forever" in order to maintain!! So more the reason for us to celebrate the process/"under control" feeling you talk about, rather than some magic number or size. Even though those numbers and sizes sure are rewarding to hit! And "sexier" to brag on than, "I felt in control today", lol! But I CHEER YOU FOR BEING IN CONTROL! woo hoo!!