Thursday, February 27, 2014

The little things.

Good morning!!  The human body is so amazing.  Just a few short days ago, I was so tired and worn out that I could barely make it through the day.  That was Tuesday!  And here it is just Thursday, and I have all sorts of energy.  I like that things are back in control. 

Do you all know my BBF (best banded friend) Debi?
Debi and I first met at a support group meeting at the clinic where we got our bands.  We clicked right away and since we both had BFFs, we branded each other our BBF.  Debi has become one of my most favorite people on the planet. 

Anyway, a while back, I told Debi to help me be accountable because I would really like to lose 12 pounds by my birthday in June.  It would be totally doable, but I seem to get stuck in this pattern of doing great during the week and then sabotaging myself on the weekends.  Or letting myself have too many treats.  I HAVE to change my behavior if I expect to lose weight.  So Debi has been subtly helping me stay accountable.

Yesterday was a great, spot on sort of day.  I was scheduled to be 80 calories under my target for the day and all looked well.  Then, they served ice cream cake at work and I succumbed.  I did log it and chose to forgo my scheduled snack of mixed nuts.  I still had a calorie deficit for the day, but the cake put me 120 calories over my target.  Debi encouraged me to take a walk after work and I agreed.  When I got home, I took off my boots and put on sneakers and took off walking.  It was cold outside and I was wearing my winter coat and gloves.  I just needed one lap around my 1.75 mile block and I actually did it.  These are the kinds of changes I need to make in order to have some success.  That was all due to my accountability partner, Debi!!!

This morning was another small success.  Our auditors brought chicken minis from Chick-fil-a.  Those things are amazing.  Even though I was a little bit bitter about it, I ate my hard boiled egg and Babybel instead of devouring the minis.  There is no way I would have only eaten one if I would have tried to allow myself.  I did snag a fruit cup though and an extra cup of coffee.  Today I'm going to lunch at my new favorite restaurant, so I shouldn't feel deprived.  Then after lunch, one of our banks is taking a group of us on an outing to a driving range.  Poor me, huh?

I made it to CrossFit this morning!!  It was cool because I felt like I had been working out hard enough that it wasn't too bad, especially cardio-wise.  We had a light warm-up and then worked on ring dips.  I'm still bad at them.  Our workout consisted of Curtis P's.  You can see what that is here:

We did a ladder, so 1 Curtis P the first minute, 2 Curtis P's the second minute and so on until you can't finish within your minute.  I finished round five about 3 or 4 seconds over, so I didn't make it to round six.  My glutes are already feeling it from the lunges!

Today's food plan:
Breakfast:  Coffee with cream (2), boiled egg, Babybel, fruit cup
Lunch: duck confit, sweet potatoes and broccoli
Snack:  TBD - I don't know what will be available at the outing, but hopefully something reasonable.  If not, I will do my best to wait to eat anything until I'm home. 
Dinner:  Leftover chicken fricassee

Oh, oh, oh!!!!  I almost forgot the best part.  At CrossFit this morning, it was my first day back since January and one of the trainers looked at me and told me that I looked SO good.  I told her that I hadn't been slacking while I was away and that I was trying.  She told me that she could tell.  Now, these people are super nice, but they don't flip out compliments like that when they don't mean it.  It made my day.  It also helped me make the choice to skip the bad for me breakfast.  :-)


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Inadvertent Success

Yesterday was one of those days that just shouldn't count.  It wasn't a horrible day, but I was so tired and blah that I kind of wish it just hadn't have happened. 

The weekend was absolutely wonderful.  I flew my younger nephew to Dallas for the weekend.  I had brought his older brother down here from Kentucky when he turned 14, so it was MD's turn.  Here are some pictures:
Minor League Hockey Game
MD at the Perot Museum
We made our own species of bird...nothing beats a Whooping Swooper!
We had such a fantastic time.  I'm so fortunate to have so many great kids in my life.  This particular kid is so loving and quick with a hug.  He is creative and walks his own path.  He doesn't mind being on his own, but he was great to talk with.  This is the most one-on-one time we have had together and I loved every minute of it. 
After I took him to the airport, I had my first eyelash fill appointment.  All went well, but I remembered that I couldn't get them wet for 24-48 hours which meant no CrossFit yesterday.  I also failed to log my food.  I would say it was all a big fat failure, especially since I didn't get to workout at all yesterday.  BUT, it wasn't.  I had a wonderful time.  I ate in moderation.  We stayed active and didn't mindlessly snack.  And I was 2.2 pounds down for the week.  That is actually quite a success!
Last night BFF & I went to see Godspell.  It was really good!  We commuted together last night and this morning though, so still no CrossFit.  I'm determined to go tomorrow! 
I did work out at lunch today thought.  10:00 elliptical warm up.  Then 15:00 on the minute, 3 burpees and 3 dumbbell thrusters (squat with overhead press) which was WAY harder than I thought.  It is basically :18 of work with :42 rest and I was wheezing my lungs out.  I had to take an extra 1:00 break after 5 rounds, but then I finished all 15 rounds!  I completed the workout with 50 sit ups. 
I feel wonderful!  So much better than yesterday, it just isn't even comparable. 
Today's food plan:
Breakfast:  Latte.  Hard boiled egg.  Babybel.
Lunch:  BFF's chicken fricassee.  (It is both healthy and delicious!!)
Snack:  mixed nuts
Dinner:  Tortilla soup with a serving of tortilla chips

Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Friday!

First, I shall entertain you...

Last night I had a dream that the roads were waterways and we were all fish.  In the dream, BFF and I were swimming down the road in our little fishy bodies, chatting away as fishies do.  That was pretty much the dream and it was actually not very spectacular.

I woke up from this dream in the middle of the night and wondered if maybe I was a fish in my past life or perhaps will be in a future life.  Then I literally thought, "I will have to tell BFF that there is no one I would rather be rein"carp"nated with than her."  No joke.  I burst into uncontrollable giggles in my bedroom in the middle of the night. 


Tomorrow is when MD comes for a visit.  We are going to have so much fun! 

Did I tell you that we have decided to go to New Orleans for my birthday?  It is the big 4-0 and I think it will be a blast.  Unfortunately, ShareBear & Lizard both have plans, but BFF & Debi are coming!  I still have over three months, but we have the hotel and flights booked!

Weekend fitness plan:  Jazzercise on Saturday.  That is it until Tuesday, so I have no choice but to make myself get up tomorrow and go.  The bigger challenge will be getting up for CrossFit on Tuesday.  I really hope when I check in on Tuesday that I will have good news for you!  It is so easy to talk myself out of it when it is the first time back in a while.

Weekend food plan:  my plan is to log absolutely everything on MFP.  I'm not going to get hung up on what I'm eating as much as forcing myself to own it.  This will give me no option to ignore what I'm doing.  A lot of times I will forget about the treat I allowed myself in the morning (i.e. latte, donut) when I get to the afternoon and I'm facing the option of another (i.e. dessert, snack, etc.)  Logging will at the very least make me face up to all of it.  We will see how that goes. 

The last thing I want is to negate all my hard work this week and start Tuesday morning at the same weight or higher.  I need to get myself to move forward.

I will leave you with this:


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Keep doing what I'm doing!

I feel good!  It is truly amazing how good you feel when things are "under control."  I have to continually remind myself of this feeling.  When I get frustrated that things are not good enough, I try to keep this in mind:
Because today I look like this:

And in 2008, I looked like this:
Yesterday, I followed my fitness and food plans to a T and today should be another red letter day. 

Today's fitness plan:  15:00 on the treadmill and include 2 sets of sprints.  Then 30-20-10 (reps) of dumbbell thrusters and sit ups. 

Today's food plan:
Breakfast: coffee with cream. Leftover fritatta.
Lunch:  homemade vegetable soup
Snack:  hard boiled egg and turkey
Dinner:  I was going to have to figure out a dinner, but BFF offered me another serving of her zucchini lasagna!  I ate it on Monday & last night and it is SO delicious!
Snack:  1T of almond butter (if needed)

Now the key will be to not go off the rails over the weekend.  My 13 year old nephew MD is coming for a visit!  I'm planning to Jazzercise on Saturday morning, then get ready and pick him up just after noon.  He, BFF and I will grab some lunch then head for the Sixth Floor Museum.  After that, we are going to drop by Sprinkles then go home for a breather.  We will pick up BFF's godson to join us for a Tex-Mex dinner and then some minor league hockey.

Sunday, after church and breakfast, MD and I are going to visit the Perot Museum of Science.  I have heard it was fun so I'm excited about that.  The one thing MD asked if we could do while he was here was to go out for sushi.  He has had california rolls and he likes them but he wants to try more.  BFF & I LOVE sushi so that is what we are doing for Sunday dinner.

Monday, we will hang out and watch TV/movies until it is time for him to leave in the early afternoon.  After I leave him securely at the airport, I have an appointment for my first eyelash fill.  That should be interesting.

My goal is to start back to CrossFit on Tuesday.  That is going to be a HUGE challenge, but I have been working out hard while I've been away, so the issue will just be getting out of bed so early!  But I need to keep reminding myself that I have to do these things if I ever want to look like this again:


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Need more blogs...

If you blog and you haven't seen a comment from me, please leave your blog address so I can visit.  Also, let me know some of your favorite blogs.

Right now, many of  my favorites don't seem to be active and I need some inspiration.  :-)


Did I do it?

When I left you last, my assignment was to eat healthy at dinner.  Let's see how I did, shall we?
  • While at work, I looked over the menu and selected a healthy choice that would allow me to share a dessert. - SUCCESS
  • I asked my BBF Debi to help me stay accountable since she would be there as well. - SUCCESS
  • Once we got to the selected restaurant, we found that it was closed for a private event and they suggested another restaurant down the road. - Unforeseen circumstance.
  • The new restaurant was more of a bar and the food selections reflected that. - UH OH
  • I ordered a drink because there were no desserts to share. - UH OH
  • We shared some chips and guacamole to start. - HMMM...NOT GREAT, BUT NOT BAD
  • I ended up with a bowl of venison chili, but if it wouldn't have been for my hero Debi, I know I would have talked myself into a burger. - SUCCESS
  • I ordered a second drink. - FAIL
  • The drink never came and when the waitress asked me about it, I told her to cancel it. I was having plenty of fun without it. - SUCCESS
  • I plugged everything into MFP and with my badass workout (even with eating too many chips), I was still even for the day. - SUPER MEGA SUCCESS
  • The biggest success was making good choices, however the scale also didn't show any increases either and that made me feel well also.
I truly love this group.  It pairs two of my favorite & friends!  We always have such fun when we go.  This month there were only 4 of the 7 of us, but it was still a lot of fun.  Here we are!
Debi, Me, ShareBear & BFF
Speaking of my workout yesterday...sheesh!  When I wrote it out on my blog yesterday, it didn't seem very overwhelming.  But holy moly, halfway in and I was really feeling it.  I ended up doing 11 full rounds, so that adds up to 33 dumbbell snatches (on each side), 66 squat jumps and 99 push ups. My shoulders and back is really talking to me today!  But not in a bad way.  :-)  Today's fitness plan is to go to Jazzercise tonight.

Today's food plan:
Breakfast: Starbucks latte & leftover fritatta
Lunch:  Homemade vegetable soup
Snack: Hard boiled egg and turkey
Dinner:  Leftover zucchini lasagna

The latte is pushing my calorie limit, but with the Jazzercise, I'm still well within my target calorie deficit.  My biggest challenge will be to overcome the urge for nighttime snacking.  But since I'm going to Jazzercise, dinner will be later so I'm hoping that it will be easier to avoid.

I feel good when I feel in control!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

One day at a time.

Yesterday was just all around a very good day.  I ate well, I worked out hard and I was productive.  I even went to a volunteer meeting after work.  I ended up staying up too late watching Olympics and the Tonight Show.  I do love Jimmy Fallon! 

This morning, I changed the battery in my key fob with only a couple casualties.
I really don't understand why there isn't a better option than having to pry the darn thing open.  Can't they use a little screw or something?  At least it is done.

Today should be another great day!  I have lots on my plate at work, my workout is set and I have a nutrition plan.

Work out:  I modified today's CF workout so I can do it at lunch.  It is 5 rounds:
  • 3:00 Minute AMRAP
    • 3 dumbbell snatches on each side
    • 6 box jumps (I'm modifying to squat jumps)
    • 9 push ups
  • 1:00 Rest
The plan is 10:00 warming up on the treadmill then do that.  I know I will feel so good when it is done!

Today's Food Plan:
Breakfast:  Coffee with cream.  Leftover frittata.
Lunch:  Homemade vegetable soup
Snack:  Boiled egg and turkey
Dinner:  Here is the tricky part.  Tonight is my monthly girls dinner.  I looked at the menu where we are going and it is absolutely possible for me to eat well.  I'm tasking myself with checking in with you tomorrow morning and being proud of my choices.  Help me keep accountable!

As long as I stick to my plan...

One day at a time. 


Monday, February 17, 2014

Shake it off and move forward.

I have this ridiculous mental issue...when I'm not working out (for injury or otherwise), I cannot seem to stay on track with eating well.  You would think it would be the other way around, that I would use working out as an excuse to eat more.  And I suppose that happens on occasion, but really the off the rails behaviors seem to happen when I'm not being active.

With last week's back injury, I had to take a break from Wed-Sun.  It is amazing how much bad eating can happen in that time.  What's done is done.  Back to it!

My workout plan for today is to 20:00 on the treadmill (or elliptical if there are no available treadmills) with 3 sets of sprints.  Then I will do 2 tabata drills, planks and jumping jacks.  Then I will end with 100 sit-ups.  That should get my weeks started off right without putting a ton of pressure on my back.

Today's food plan:
Breakfast:  coffee with cream.  Fritatta with sausage, mushroom and feta.
Lunch:  Homemade vegetable soup. 
Snack:  Boiled egg and turkey
Dinner:  BFF Homemade veggie lasagna.

I'm ready for another week's worth of Olympics!  Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for a great week.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sunny outside, Cloudy in my brain

Yesterday was a bit of a blur.  Somehow I hurt my back (I guess working out on Tuesday) and I woke up yesterday in a lot of pain.  I don't know why I didn't stay home from work, but I didn't.  I took Advil and walked around like Quasimoto.  It was pathetic and it ended up being a No Good, Very Bad Day. 

But the sun came up and out today and it is beautiful in the metroplex.  I still hurt, but it is manageable.  I'm getting a massage after work and that will help as well.

I'm bummed that I have to take some time off fitness-wise, but it happens.  I hate feeling cloudy and back pain (and headaches) makes me feel that way.  I know it will pass and in a few days I will be able to continue normally.  Patience and all that. 

I saw this and it made me think of our discussions over the blogs these last several days.  Some days are better than others, but I never quit.

Random:  I'm so annoyed with the airlines.  Everywhere I want to go is expensive.  No matter how much I plan, I can't find any good deals.  Hoping for last minute deals, but we will see.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I lost a day somewhere

Yesterday was so crazy busy, I didn't have a chance to check in! I found myself a little, I don't want to say depressed, but down (maybe?) over the weekend.  I think it is lack of sun.  I can deal with the cold but it gets to be too much, I think, when the sun doesn't come out for days/weeks.  It is unusual for Texas. 

When I get down, I start thinking of all the things that are wrong with me.  But last night, a friend posted this and it made me smile.
Remembering that I have no harsher critic than myself, I was able to relax a little and focus on all the awesomeness in my life.  I texted back and forth with a good friend for a large portion of the evening and it was just delightful to talk with her.  This morning, I'm mostly back to my happy self.  I think my workout at lunch will push me over the edge.  Plus, the sun is supposed to come back in a few days!!
Remember a couple of weeks ago when I said I was planning a surprise for myself for my successful month of Paleo?  Here is is:


Apologies for the super close up, no makeup pics.  I had just worked out.
Yesterday was check in day for my 40 By 40 Challenge.  I lost 0 pounds this month which started to depress me until I remembered to measure.  I had measured at my last check in just a month ago.  I lost FIVE inches!!  Even though I lost no weight whatsoever on the scale, I had gone down in size.  Most notably, I lost an inch and a half in my waist and belly and a half inch in each upper arm.  Day-um!  No changes to the ample booty and thunder thighs, but you can't have everything.  Ha!
It just reminded me that the scale is not the only measure of success.  While watching the months tick by without the scale moving is frustrating, the real point is to shrink my size.  So, that made me feel much better.  And I'm sure the scale will catch up eventually.  Most of all, it showed me that I am indeed on the right path.  I have never eaten so healthy and my workouts are consistent.  Bottom line, this is a great lifestyle to lead.
I had to work out at home last night because I forgot my workout clothes yesterday.  It was brutal and an ugly workout, but I got something in.  Today I plan to do 10 minutes on the elliptical or treadmill (depending on what is available), then some calisthenics, but I haven't planned it out yet. 
Today's meal plan:
Breakfast:  Coffee with cream.  Ham, mushroom, onion and kale fritatta.  These with different fillings are becoming my go to breakfast.  I make them on Sunday and have a good and easy breakfast all week long.
Lunch:  Baked chicken and braised cabbage.  The cabbage was absolutely delicious, but the chicken was only okay.  It tasted good, but the drumsticks came out very rubbery.  I'm not sure what I did wrong. 
Snack:  mixed nuts.  We have these on hand here at work and to be honest I forgot to bring anything else.
Dinner:  Sausage and veggie stir fry.  This is another "go to".  I simply heat up some meat which could be anything I have on hand and throw it in with some veggies (fresh or frozen) and make a stir fry.  I use different meats and veggie combos to keep it interesting.
Monday through Friday, I do a fantastic job eating Paleo.  On occassion, I slip, but I'm probably at least 90% compliant and my slips are minor (like rice, corn or the occassional diet tea).  Saturday and Sunday continue to me my achilles heel.  All I can do is continue to fight at it and not let them beat me!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ten Things Thursday

1.  It's snowing.  In Dallas.  Sigh.

2.  I made it to Jazzercise last night, so going strong with my Olympic workout plan.

3.  Will workout at lunch today.  Tabata drills, I think.  Planks, Push ups and Squats, maybe? 

4.  Did I mention that it is snowing?  It went from a little dusting to giant flakes.  The commute home will be terrible tonight.  We aren't built for this.

5.  I think that my change diet is affecting my taste.  I had BFF's stuffed peppers last night and they have cheese on top.  Because I'm trying to limit dairy, I used about 1/2 of what I would normally use and it was awesome!  I hope I can continue the moderation.  I will confess that I had two Girl Scout cookies last night.  But only one serving of two cookies.  I actually took out all of the cookies and put them in individual serving freezer bags.  Hopefully that will help!

6.  I tried to take a picture of the big giant snowflakes out my window, but it doesn't come out right.  Did I mention that I'm in the Dallas area?  Where it is consistently over 100 degrees in the summer?  Yeesh.

7.  I can't believe it took all the way to #7, but you know what today is, right????  Happy Sochi Day!  I LOVE the Olympics and tonight I will bundle up in front of the TV and watch every bit of coverage. 

8.  At least the snow is getting me in the mood for the Olympics, right?  It is taking me forever to write this because I keep getting distracted and hypnotized by the snow falling.

9.  Today's food plan:
  • Breakfast - Coffee with cream.  Egg beaters with veggies and bacon.
  • Lunch - Homemade vegetable soup from Lizard.
  • Snack - grapes and nuts
  • Dinner - Sweet Potato and Beef Stew
  • Snack - boiled egg
10.  One of my new coworkers just came to us from the USOC and she brought me some swag.  I love that I have a Sochi pin!!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014


You know what, I wrote this big long rant about my electric bill, but I decided that it just wasn't interesting.  My bill is excessively larger than last year with no discernible reason why.  I compared to neighbors and the difference isn't remotely comparable.  Electricity company was not helpful in the slightest.  They told me to turn down the thermostat.  Seriously?  At least my apartment complex was nice and said that would see if they could help with weather stripping, etc. 

It is so frustrating.  I am very fortunate that I have a great job and I can pay a $440 electric bill.  But I'm guessing that would be a problem for a lot of people.  I keep my heat significantly lower than my friends.  SO FRUSTRATING. 

Okay, well that was still a rant.  Sorry about that.  Moving on...

I woke up sore this morning.  YAY!  Ha!  Sometimes I get sore from Jazzercise, and often I get sore from CrossFit, but very rarely do I get sore from working out on my own.  I'm proud of the way I pushed myself.  Just to be clear, it is a good sore...not pain.

I'm going to Jazzercise tonight, so that will be fun. 

The Olympics start tomorrow!!!  I'm incredibly excited about that.

Yesterday when I got home, I didn't feel like eating what I had planned.  So instead, I heated up some leftover sausage with some mushrooms and threw in a couple of eggs.  It was a delicious scramble and I paired it with some cucumber slices and pate.  It was nice to change things up at the last minute and still be healthy!

Today's food plan:
Breakfast:  Coffee with cream.  Egg beaters with veggies and bacon.
Lunch:  Sweet Potato and beef stew
Snack:  Grapes and nuts
Dinner:  Stuffed peppers and vegetable soup.
Snack:  Apple with nut butter


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Olympic Workout Plan

As many of you know I'm obsessed with the Olympics.  I am a big Team USA supporter and every two years, I hunker down to enjoy watching some of the best athletes in the world.  I used to take time off during the games, but now with the ease of DVRs, I just record and watch.

There are a couple of issues though.  The first is trying to be unspoiled.  I literally stopped being friends with someone several years ago because he thought it was hilarious to continue to find ways to spoil me.  I told him over and over that it wasn't funny and he continued to do it and no joke, we stopped being friends.  These days, everyone around me knows about and supports my Olympic happiness.  I steer clear of most social media during the day and usually things work out fine.

The other issue is that there just isn't enough hours in the day to watch all of the coverage I want to watch.  Something has to give.  I decided that I know myself well enough to know that I'm going to be staying up late to watch coverage, so early morning CrossFit will be a no go.  Instead of just letting that happen, I'm making a plan.  Since it is super cold (for a pathetic Texan) outside this week, I'm using it as a test week to make sure I will do it.

Yesterday, I got in a great workout at lunch.  Today I'm going to do something similar:
  • 15:00 on the elliptical
    • 2 minute warm up
    • 4 minutes Tabata "sprints" (:20 on, :10 off, 8x)
    • 1 minute slow steady pace
    • 3 minutes of faster steady pace
    • 4 minutes Tabata "sprints"
    • 1 minute cool down pace
  • I'm going to take today's WOD from CrossFit and modify it just a little.  15:00 AMRAP (as many rounds as possible):
    • 10 dumbbell snatches
    • 20 sit ups
    • 30 lateral hops
I plan to Jazzercise tomorrow and Saturday and work out at lunch on Thursday.  It is a challenge for me to push myself hard enough when I work out on my own.  I definitely push harder at CrossFit.  This isn't a sustainable plan for me, but I think I want to devote time to the Olympics enough that I will push myself for a few weeks.  I mean, it isn't acceptable to just not work out hard.  My 40th birthday is four months from Friday and I want to look hot!!  :-)

Last night I made pate.  Or at least something like it.  It has chicken livers, onions, balsamic vinegar, bacon, hard boiled eggs and parsley.  I wasn't sure if I would like it, but I loved it!  I had it on cucumber slices. 

Also, I made Beef and Sweet Potato Stew over the weekend and it is absolutely delicious!  I used half sweet potatoes and half butternut squash and added some peas.  Also, I used half tomatoes and half salsa (because I ran out of tomatoes) and I think that ended up being a good move.  Lizard said that it was her favorite thing I have ever made.  It is definitely staying in the files.

Today's Food Plan:
Breakfast:  Coffee with cream.  (Full disclosure, I had two coffees this morning because one of my employees brought me Starbucks but it was a simple latte, no sweetener!)  Egg beaters with veggies and bacon.
Lunch:  Beef and sweet potato stew
Snack:  grapes and mixed nuts  (not to be confused with GrapeNuts)
Dinner:  3 Buffalo Chicken Meatballs (subbed almond meal for the breadcrumbs), one stuffed pepper that BFF made this weekend and half a cucumber with pate spread.

Ohhhh...I have to tell you about my lunch workout yesterday.  As I did my calisthenics, one of the guys on the treadmills came over to work out on the machines.  For a good five minutes he just sat there and watched me.  At first I thought I was just being silly, but Lizard was on the treadmill with a view of that area and she said he was absolutely just watching.  Now, I can't say for sure what that means, but I can tell you that if I finished a full circuit set with someone staring at me...I can keep doing this and not worry about who is watching!


Monday, February 3, 2014

Back to it!

I had a nice (and gluttonous) weekend off, but it is time to refocus.  I'm not even going to confess the amount of bloat that appeared on my scale this morning.  But no fretting about that.  I enjoyed the heck out of my Girl Scout cookies and pizza this weekend!

Completely off topic, but I was really sad about Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  He was one of my favorite actors and I just can't believe that he is gone.  Drugs suck.

Enough of that.  Reminding myself of my February plan:
  • Adding back dairy, but limit to 1 serving per day other than small amount for coffee.
  • Cook paleo but will allow 80/20% compliance for restaurant and what others cook for me.
  • One cheat meal per week.  Saving this for the weekend.
  • I'm adding another.  Limit artificially sweetened drinks to no more than 5 per week and limiting paleo compliant (but higher calorie) drinks to 3 servings per week.  This is going to be tough for me, but we will see how it goes.
I do seem to have stuck with not sweetening my coffee which is a big change for me.  I did use cream though, but I used the non flavored half and half.  Feeling really good about that.  I don't love it, but I am getting used to it.

Today's food plan:
Breakfast:  Coffee with cream.  Egg beaters with mixed veggies and bacon.
Lunch:  Pot roast and sweet potato stew.  I made this over the weekend and haven't tried it yet.  I don't have a back up, so I hope that it doesn't suck.  :-)  I will let you know tomorrow!
Snack:  Grapes
Dinner:  Leftover chicken meatballs and veggies (maybe a sweet potato, if I'm really hungry.)

I didn't get up for CrossFit this morning for several reasons, so I have to work out hard at lunch.  My plan is to do uphill walking, tabata sprints and calisthenics.  I know I will feel better once it is done.

I'm really looking forward to the Olympics starting this week.  I know myself well, so it is possible that I won't get a lot of CrossFit in over the next couple of weeks because I will be staying up late watching coverage.  I will have to MAKE myself work out at lunch or Jazzercise regularly.  Hold me accountable, people!