Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Nonsense and Waxing Advice

Surprisngly, I don't really have anything on my mind today.  I'm not sure if that is good or bad??  Ha!

BFF & I have theater tickets tonight.  So in about 90 minutes we will be leaving work and heading to Dallas.  That will be fun for sure!

Tomorrow after Jazzercise and a sh*tload of errands, I am getting a 2 hour (!) massage from one of the best massage therapists I've ever used.  YAY!!

Sunday, BFF & I are going zip lining with her aunt & uncle.  Hopefully I will live to blog Monday.  :)

Reading that, it seems like an awful lot of stuff for a "down" weekend.

Random:  do you all wax?  I have been considering it, particularly a bikini wax.  I'm both fascinated and horrified by the concept.  First, not sure I feel comfy with someone's face all up in my hooha's business, but it seems to be a popular thing, so it can't be that bad right?  It seems like it would hurt like a son of a biscuit, but again...what beauty treatment doesn't in some way?  So anyway, I'm looking for those who have done it before to give me the scoop.  Please do tell!!

Positive Affirmations  (Little Notes of Happiness to Myself)

First, good for you for even CONSIDERING waxing.  Not sure if you will do it, but so glad you are considering things well outside your comfort zone.  Thank you for taking a compliment nicely at lunch today and not trying to pooh-pooh it or qualify it with something.  I know that is hard for you but it is good!  Keep it up!



Justawallflower said...

My mom keeps trying to talk me into getting waxed! That is her specialty. I'm not ready for it yet. Once my belly is down enough for me to enjoy it, then maybe I'll put myself though it. But when I do, sorry mom, but you won't be doing it. Just something creepy about that!

Drazil said...

Um - oh honey - you missed the MASSIVE amounts of posts about waxing our whootenannies. Good times...and lots of info.

Amanda said...

Go wax...then tell me all about it. Have a fabulous weekend, Beth!

-Grace- said...

I get Brazilian waxes on the regular. I love it. It beats the hell out of shaving and the hair has been coming in finer and thinner. Look for someone in your area who is highly recommended. The woman I see was rated as the best in Glamour. She's super professional, keeps the experience comfortable by talking to me about life in general, and the first time walked me through the whole process.

I cannot recommend waxing highly enough. I hated shaving, the bumps and the ingrown hairs. I don't get them now. It's awesome.

Read said...

If you go back through Drazil's blog and Jenny's you'll find parts of that older convo. In fact I have some links to it - 2 I think. I started using this hair removal cream that Jenny recommended at that time. I can't remember what it is and I'm not in the right place to find out at the moment, but if you decide to go that route - it totally doesn't leave bumps and is super easy. Email me if you want the deets and can't find them or don't want to look on one of the blogs.

I'm afraid of a bikini wax - but am less afraid now than I once was - maybe one day... we'll see.