Friday, April 29, 2011

Backs are very important things.

I hurt my back at Jazzercise last night.  Growing up, I had a lot of back issues...even as young as elementary school.  But when I started Jazzercising several years ago, I really strengthened my core and I started limiting my back pain.  It typically flares up now once (maybe twice) a year.  I thought Jazzercise would be tough last night because I hadn't worked out in over a week and I thought the cardio would kick my butt...especially after being sick.  But it was quite the opposite!  After the 2nd song, I was fired up and felt invigorated!!  But as we were cooling down, something just clenched in my back.  It was that kind of pain that made me catch my breath every few seconds.  Yuck!  I wasn't able to finish the last part of the workout which stunk.

I went home and put BioFreeze on it which really helped the immediate pain.  Sleeping was horrible because the only low-pain position was on my back.  About 1am, I went and got an ice pack which helped and I finally slept.  I woke up at 3am with pain.  It felt better with pressure, so I rolled up a towel and laid on it (with the pressure right on the soreness) and that helped enough to get me through to this morning.  Today I have an anti-inflammatory patch on it and I'm able to function fine.  I'm supposed to set up at Jazzercise tonight though so that could be tricky.  Oh...and I'm supposed to run a 5K on Sunday which should be even trickier.  I'm just taking it as it comes.  :)  I'm sure I will be all better tomorrow.  That is the good thing about developing core strength...these things don't hang on like they used to.

Speaking of Jazzercise, last night I wore regular shorts for the first time.  I always avoided shorts because of my thighs.  While I have been blessed with a small waist for my size, I make up for it in my thunder thighs.  I think they look okay, but my thighs are still a little too big for me to be really comfortable.  I was too distracted with them throughout the workout.  It was probably that distraction that made me do something I shouldn't have to hurt my back!  Anyway, I will get there, but it isn't an "all the time" thing yet.

I've been picture happy lately, so I will spare you a pic of today's new outfit.  I'm wearing new khaki cargo pants with a black T-shirt I had.  Over that I'm wearing a new short-sleeved denim jacket from Jones New York.  The jacket is fitted and has good lines, so overall, I'm quite pleased with the look.  I do think that while the pants fit PERFECTLY when I put them on this morning, they will be stretched out and baggy by the end of the day.  I think I probably should have gone a size smaller.  We shall see.  Maybe I can dry them hot and shrink them a bit.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Next week starts May and that is the month I'm going to hit 100 pounds lost!!  See the ticker at the top?  I hit 95 pounds down this month!!  I just couldn't be more pleased.

Love & hugs, my friends!


Amanda said...

I think your thighs look great!! Take care of your back my dear!

I'd like to try jazzercise. No one round here teaches it yet!

Laura Belle said...

For your back (this sounds weird and is even more weird when you do it, but it works!): Get a tennis ball and lay on the floor, put the ball between you and the floor, right where the sore spot is, then move your upper body back and forth so the ball 'rolls' over the sore spot. It'll hurt like H-E-Double L's, but the next day you'll feel like a million bucks. If it's too difficult on the floor, put the ball inbetween you and a wall and move back and forth.
I did this when I screwed up my muscles inbetween my shoulders and it helped so much. I started off easy and gradually put more of my weight on the ball, that helped too.
Hope that makes sense!

FitBy40 said...

You look very fit! It's so obvious to me that you work out. Great job.

Tori said...

BETH! You are a total inspiration to me!

Fluffy said...

Sorry to hear about your back! Laura Belle's idea is a good one! You could also consider getting a foam roller to work through it. I love mine.

Jailbreak is only doing one day this year, so it's going to go fast. I'd get signed up as soon as you can. They've ugraded the shirt! It's a tech shirt instead of a t-shirt.

Girl, you are getting sooo close to goal! How awesome! I have no doubt you'll hit your May target. : )

Dawnya said...

You look great. What thighs? 100 is rigiht around the corner. Keep up the good work!!

Hope your back feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your back! I know what back pain is all about, and it is no fun! Your thighs look great!

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Hope you feel better soon. You look great, I just can't do shorts!

Lady Lap Band said...

Hottie in the shorts!!!



Drazil said...

Wooohooo - so many good things in this post. The shorts, the pants that are too big, you working out. Sorry about the back though. Take care of you...xoxo

Kiwigirl said...

So close to 100 - go girl! And, I have no idea what you are talking about - those thighs look just fine... and you look very fit!

Darlin1 said...

Can't wait for 100 pounds !!!! ;-)