Thursday, March 1, 2012


I woke up this morning and my abs were talking to me.  I couldn't figure out why they were so angry until I remembered the 150 sit ups from yesterday morning.  Yep, that will do it.  :) 

So, as many of you noticed, Ronnie was not actually with us in Waco last weekend even though I insisted that she was in my post yesterday.  I was tired and apparently wanted her there so badly that I just made it so.  I do that sometimes.

I got a Fitbit.  I can't remember if I mentioned that or not.  I got it yesterday and hooked it all up.  I swear that I am a smart girl, but I am oh so technology challenged.  This is no different.  While I got my Fitbit account up and running, it doesn't seem to wirelessly update like it is supposed to.  I have no doubt it is a user error.  I also can't seem to get it to give My Fitness Pal any info although it is accepting food info from the MFP site.  I'm sure I will work it all out eventually.

It was interesting to see that my sleep efficiency last night was 96%.  That is a LONG WAY from my old sleep apnea days!!  It is amazing what losing 95# and a tonsillectomy will do.  :)



Ronnie said...

That's an awesome sleep efficiency! I'm jealous! I usually had like 76%... guess my sleep apnea didn't go away. :(

Stacey said...

It always amazes me when I see I woke up like 31 times. No wonder I am so tired some days!

MyFitneesPal and Fitbit have a love/hate relationship some days. I have noticed they like to frequently quit talking to each other, but will soon kiss and make up. Good luck!

Cat said...

Haha! I loved that your abs were talking to you. I'm sure the conversation was similar to the one my abs tried having with me after 120 this morning. I just told them to suck it up. /nod :)

Andrea said...

Ronnie was there in spirit even though she ditched us. :)

I think you have to use MFP to enter all of the food and then it feeds to FitBit. I don't think you can do it the other way around. From what I read it said that food logged on Fitbit doesn't feed to MFP.

It works really good for me most of the time, but I do have problems every once in awhile with the wireless syncing.

FitBy40 said...

Now you're making me want yet another piece of technology that I won't know how to use, or will forget and leave it on my dresser...sort of like my heart rate monitor that I never remember to wear, or the pedometer that I put through the washer and dryer!