Thursday, June 7, 2012

Birthdays are great distractions!

Today is so much better than yesterday.  I suspect that will be the case for the next several days.  I was able to find pillows and blankets to help make my recliner a little more comfortable last night.  My back is so done with that chair. 

I haven't been able to kick the extra anxiety I have.  I know about 95% of it is because I can't work out.  Over the past year or two, if I started to feel out of control in any way, I would up the exercise and immediately feel better.  Exercise releases endorphins in me that help smooth out my emotions.  Right now, I can't do that.  And it sucks.

Upcoming things to look forward to:
  • Today - Birthday lunch!
  • June 9 - Indy Race
  • June 10 - Birthday dinner
  • June 12 - My monthly dinner with the girls & the first night I can sleep in my bed!!  And hopefully I will be able to wash my own hair.  :)
  • June 13 - Jersey Boys
  • June 15 - Going to the horse races with my Jazzercise Divas.
  • June 19 - Potentially get my arm wraps off.
  • June 20 - Start Paleo Diet
  • June 29-July 1 - Team USA Volleyball Games
  • July 4-8 - Roadtrip with BFF to Louisiana
  • July 9 - JAZZERCISE!!!!!!!
That is a whole lot of fun things to look forward to!!  I feel out of control and so out of my routine.  Right now there is no way to change that, so I'm just taking things one day at a time. 

To answer some questions I got yesterday:
  1. We never discussed my weight at the surgeon's.  He looked at the body parts I wanted to fix and decided that he could help me.  He asked if I had plateaued, which let's face it, I have.  He didn't indicate it would be horrible if I lost more weight post surgery.  He didn't bring up BMI or anything like that.
  2. I didn't get an unfill prior to surgery.  However, I'm not super tight at the moment.  I had planned to get a large unfill for my Olympic trip which I have now decided to do earlier on June 20.  That gives me a month to try the Paleo diet prior to my trip and I can decide how to proceed with fills when I get back.  Right now I can't eat much beef or shellfish and can even have an issue with fibrous vegetables.  I may be to hungry to do Paleo long term (or just not have enough will power to follow the plan) but I want to give it a shot and since I was going to do an unfill anyway...two birds, one stone.
  3. The first week at home I wore button down pj's.  For my doctor's appointment on the day after surgery, I wore my pj top with some sweat pants.  I looked hot.  For my Saturday outing a few days after surgery, I still had my drains and I found it was easier to shimmy into a loose fitting dress.  I wore a dress yesterday to work as well.  Today I'm in jeans and a button up short-sleeved shirt.  You can see my bandages, but I don't really give a crap.  :-)  That's how I roll.
 My CrossFit box posted this on their website this morning in honor of my birthday.  I'm SO ready to go back!!  I won't go back to CF until after my trip, but all of that will be here before I know it.  50 Days to London!!



Darlin1 said...

xo happy birthday!!!

Sarah G said...

Happy Birthday!

Vanessa said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

trishajo said...

Happy bday girl!!!!!!

Cat said...

I love that you are a Gemini too. You are a bad ass too in that CF pic. Oh, someone here at work is teaching a basic type CF class. I'm considering taking it in the fall.

vickyd said...

Happy Birthday, my friend!!