Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I love my bed.

Happy Hump Day!!  Very soon we will be on the down side of the week which is a very, very good thing. 

Let's talk a little bit about the scale.  I saw my lowest weight back in December and again in January, but it didn't really stick and Feb-Apr, I pretty much hovered 5 pounds above that which I will call my CN weight (Current Normal).  With the stress of surgery and blah, blah, blah, I gained 5 pounds.  Okay, it happens, no biggie.

Then I had surgery and with that, I gained 10 pounds!  Okay, so now I was 15 pounds above my CN weight and 20 pounds above my lowest.  Especially since working out is out of the question, it was a little stressful.  I have been trying hard this week and am eating relatively well for me.  I can see the scale moving in the right direction and it feels really good.  There is no question that a large chunk of the surgery weight is from bloating and water retention, so that should fade soon.  I feel beyond confident that I will be within spitting distance of my CN weight for my trip. 

On Monday, I'm starting a Paleo diet.  Basically, I'm eliminating most refined sugar, pasta, rice & potatoes.  This is the diet that many of my CrossFit friends swear by.  I'm going to give it a shot, at least until the Olympics. 

I have developed a meal plan for next week.  Breakfast each day will consist of mini-quiches or egg cups, whatever you want to call them.  Individual little fritattas made with bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes.  On the weekend, I'm making Paleo Spaghetti (which is basically spaghetti squash with a bolognese sauce) and chicken for tacos (chicken meat, black beans, & rotel in the crockpot to wrap in lettuce with cheese and salsa).

Also, I found a place called My Fit Foods and I ordered a few freshly prepared meals for me to have during the week.  My snacks will be nuts, fruits and veggies.

I honestly have no idea if I can do this long term, but I'm eager to give it a shot.  If it isn't for me, I will get a fill post-Olympics and start working the basics.  I don't care WHAT the right answer is for me, I just want to find a way to lose more and maintain my weight healthily over time.  It will be a lifelong process!

On a completely different note, I took a shower and washed my own hair last night which was delightful.  Also, I slept in my bed!  I had to sleep on my back which is really hard for me because I have a tough time falling asleep that way.  But it was still better than the chair.  There were many dried blood stains on the sheets when I woke up but I think they were from me trying to test out sleeping on my side at the beginning.  It hurt so I felt like it was a bad choice.  :-)  I think it will be back sleeping for at least a week.

I haven't taken any pain medication (even Tylenol) for over a week now.  I have some dull pain with the incisions, but overall it isn't too bad.  The tape is starting to come off the arm incisions and even though it looks pretty grody now (I will try and remember to take a picture when I rewrap them Thursday night), both BFF & I agree that they are going to be fine when the scars fade.  It will be so fun to start building muscle again!!!

I'm going to see Jersey Boys tonight, so that's awesome!  Hope you all have a wonderful day.



JRD said...

Paleo sounds really interesting...I know Manda has tried it - keep us posted! You must be getting so excited about the Olympics! Glad you're feeling better...

FitBy40 said...

Did your doc tell you how much your implants weight? You have to figure that in too, right?
Man, I really should give paleo a try since I'm a carb whore, but I just can't wrap my head around it!
Good luck.