Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday Update

I have been up since 5am since I had to take BFF to the airport.  I'm wired now, but something tells me I should expect and afternoon crash.


I'm SO much better today!  I felt like such a whiner yesterday, but looking back I'm surprised I made it through the day.  This morning most of the swelling in my arms is gone...some left in the left one.  Plus they still hurt from being so tight.  But overall, so much better.

The incisions are starting to look less angry on my breasts.  Sorry, no pics.  :)  And the bandeau is helping them to push down.  They are looking outstanding in my opinion!

My arms are coming along.  They are still wrapped all the time, so I don't see the incisions as often.  The doctor didn't tell me to start the scar therapy on my arms, but I wonder if I should.  They are really coming along.  I hope to take a good picture of the incision for you this weekend, but for now:

I walked by this dress at Macy's and just loved it.  It is nice to not wear a bra and have a dress look like this.  Two thumbs up!


Another half pounds of bloat gone.  One more to go!!  It has been a LONG time since I have had steady weight loss like this.  Feels good!


Yesterday was another successful day!!  I do find that I'm eating more nuts than I anticipated, but I'm not going to concern myself with it until the scale stalls.  Then we will need to discuss.  :) 

Breakfast - mini quiches
AM Snack - 1/2 serving almonds
Lunch - My Fit Foods Turkey Meatloaf & veggies
PM Snack - apples & almond butter
Dinner - Mexican Chicken
Late Snack - Fruit (but probably nuts)


I might have mentioned this about 100 times, but the World League Volleyball matches are in Dallas this year.  So all my pretty giant boyfriends will be in town.

Can't wait!!!


Speaking of "Can't Wait"...the Olympics are less than a month away.  I want swimming finals tickets so bad I can taste it, but they are just scare and super expensive.  Oh well, if it is meant to be...  In addition to the awesome experience of being at the Olympics, I actually get a two week vacation.  That is going to be amazing as well!

I still need to do little things like buy a raincoat and shop for a/c converters.  Oh and, you know...heal.



Michelle said...

Ok the dress is adorable! Your tits are perky as shit....but the most important...

Hello Volleyball Studs! Man who knew.....

Dawnya said...

Cute dress. I'm so glad they healing is going well for you. This was truly a blessing. You are sounding so chipper. Loving it.

Jen said...

WOW!! Love the dress and you look amazing in it!! total perky boobs!! Love it!

seriously, your trip to London is making me green with envy!! :)

o.c. bandster said...

looking good lady! glad recovery is moving right along.

LOVE the dress!! Wish I could go deflated water balloons would be down at my waist!

FitBy40 said...

OMG you look fabulous! I am about to cry over here at the pic of you in that lovely dress! WOW. I'm so proud.

Barbara said...

You look HOT!! Keep pushing those girls down. they will settle in.. hugs

Jessica said...

Love the dress.. glad you are starting to feel better!

Darlin1 said...



Lap Band Gal said...

WOW! :) You look GREAT.

Sarah said...

You are looking FAN-tastic! Love that dress on you!

And I nearly SQUEAL when I think of the Olympics starting.... :)


Laura Belle said...

oh my gawd girl! Look at that itty bitty waste!

You look so beautiful!!!!!

Ronnie said...

I love the upbeat attitude you've got lately, it's fabulous! Hope you're enjoying your men this weekend. ;)

Andrea said...

You look GREAT!!!

trishajo said...

love that dress!! :) you look great girl!