Friday, June 8, 2012

A Little Better Yet!

Good morning and happy Friday!!  I feel so much better today but I am still glad to see the week come to an end. 

Physically, I'm definitely better.  I took Tylenol around 8pm last night and it is mid-morning and I haven't taken any since then.  Last night when I got home and unwrapped my arms for a shower, I noticed that my right arm had bled some.  I had used sticky bandages and I think they pulled my skin to much.  It look like everything was dried so I didn't do any lasting damage.  BFF came over and rewrapped my arms in the soft bandages.

Right now the incisions on my arms hurt, but it is a very dull pain.  My breast incisions hurt as well.  The pec pain has lessened immensely.  My back hurts from the constant slouching which I'm trying to fix and my back/neck hurts from sleeping in the recliner.  So overall, I'm sore, but it is bearable and again, better than yesterday. 

Emotionally, I'm battling low levels of consistent anxiety.  I just didn't realize how much exercise balanced my emotions.  It isn't intense, just constant.  I'm anxious from the time I get up until I go to bed.  But I just keep in mind that I have a plan and I KNOW that once I get back to Jazzercise in a few weeks, it will go away.  I just need some fitness endorphins for balance!

Funny Story...yesterday, my chest just started aching a bit.  So I went into a bathroom stall at work, sat on the toilet and undid my shirt and bra.  I think they just needed to breathe.  Anyway, I cupped my breasts in order to get some air to the incision and I was startled.  DUDE, MY BOOBS ARE ENORMOUS!!!  Now, that isn't true at all, but that was what came to my mind. 

I have always worn padded bras and I had a lot of excess skin.  So basically I would stuff all that excess skin and tissue into a padded bra and on the outside look remotely normal.  But unclothed, I didn't really look like I had proper boobs.  I guess since they look similar clothed, I didn't expect them to feel so different!  Yesterday was the first time I actually touched them.  TMI probably, but it cracked me up.  It is nice to have a little normal.

I had a wonderful birthday even though I didn't really celebrate big yesterday.  A group of us went out to lunch and I had a super yummy salad.  After lunch, Lizard bought me a birthday Starbucks.  YUM!  While at Starbucks I ran into one of my CrossFit buddies, the one I called Legs from my Fundamentals class.  I love that girl and it was a great birthday treat.

I have gotten some amazing gifts which at 38, I don't really expect to get gifts at all!  My two faves:  first, a couple of my dearest friends sent me ecards for Victoria Secret.  How perfect is that??  These new ta-ta's need some fabulousness!!

Then, BFF/Lizard/ShareBear came over to give me a gift from them.  They had done some research!  They knew that there was a special restaurant that I wanted to go to when I was in London but it is really expensive.  They contacted a former coworker of mine who had suggested and then contacted the restaurant to see if I had made reservations!  When I hadn't, they almost made reservations for me, but were worried that it wouldn't fit in my jam-packed itinerary.  So, they gave me a gift card exclusively to be used to offset costs at this restaurant.  I almost cried I was so thrilled!

My mom had asked me yesterday morning what she should get me for my birthday and I didn't know.  We decided that the perfect gift would be for she and dad to pay for the rest of the meal.  So I just confirmed reservations at this fancy schmancy restaurant in the Mayfair district of London.  I told SIL to bring a dress because we will have one amazing fancy night out!!

I will leave you with a picture of my hand.  I can't believe the bruise is still this prominent over a week later!  I guess that's what happens when you pass out on someone trying to put in an IV.  :-)



Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Glad to hear you're getting better everyday. I can't wait to hear all about your adventures and I can't wait to see pics of the new you!

Andrea said...

Ughhh...I'm sorry I missed your birthday too! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!