Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Reunion & A Plan!


So last weekend was my 20th High School Reunion.  Sheesh.  How is it possible that I'm THAT old?  It just isn't, right? When I got to town I immediately hooked up with my HS BFF.  I tagged along with her all over town as we were in the parade, ran some errands, ate dinner with friends and then headed to the Pavilion.

This is me and HSBFF.  We were practically inseparable from the time we met in fifth grade when I moved to her elementary school until we graduated.  She is the most amazing person and when I'm with her, it is like time stood still.  <3

This was at the Pavilion Friday night.  It is a neat concept.  All the different classes having reunions have designated gathering spots inside, but basically the whole town shows up.  One thing I rediscovered about myself is that I don't remember much from high school.  Many of my friends were entertained as they watched me sputtering when I didn't recognize someone...which was constantly. 

On Saturday, I took a little tour of the town, driving by my old houses and schools and going out to the cemetery to visit the graves of my grandparents and sadly, some lost friends.  I'm struck every time I go there how many graves there are for young people.  I don't know if that is normal or just the tragedy of my hometown, but it makes me sad.  Saturday night was my reunion and we had fun with the photo booth!!

Most of my closest high school friends didn't come to the actual reunion for various reasons, but I hung out with most of these folks at one time or another.  At least I can say I knew ALL of the them as soon as I saw them.  :-)  Yes, my reunion WAS in a bowling alley.  That's how we roll.  I was also the only person there in a skirt.  What of it?  

I got home with three days to prepare for Chicago.  I would gripe about my brilliant planning, but it isn't like I could reschedule either trip.  It will all work out.  I did laundry last night and I will do so again tonight, then pack tomorrow.  No time for anything but work and chores, but it will all get done.  I will get back to my regularly scheduled life next Monday!!

Fresh Diet

I have been doing great with fitness lately, but my issue is my diet...as always!!  So, I was looking for something to help me.  I considered Weight Watchers because I know that it works, but basically it is just logging your food and staying within set Points...which is pretty much the same as logging your food and staying within set calories.  I'm not doing that, so I'm not sure that WW would be the right answer.

But what is??  As I was catching up on emails from the weekend, I noticed one from My Fresh Diet.  They were offering a 31 day plan at a deeply discounted price.  I had tried them through a 2 Day Groupon long ago but they were entirely too expensive for me to consider doing longer term.  The discount was significant enough for me to take another look.

Basically, it is a cross between Nutri-System and My Fit Foods.  Each night, they will leave the next day's food at my door.  There is breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2 side items and 2 snacks.  They are all freshly made/vacuum sealed and right-sized portions.  So you have the convenience of something like Nutri-System, but without the preservatives, more like the meals I love at MFF. 

I decided to give it a shot.  It is still quite expensive, even with the deep discount.  However, as we all know, if something works, it is worth it.  I will try the 31 days and see what happens.  If I lose weight, I might try another month.  If not, it will be on to something else.  But it is worth a shot. 

My biggest fear is that I won't like the food.  My tastes have really changed and expanded since being banded, so I think there is a good chance it will all be fine.  But obviously, if I don't like the food...it won't work.  My second biggest fear is that I won't do it.  That a perfectly planned meal will be there right in front of me and I will choose to eat crap anyway.  There is no one that could do anything about that but me. 

Y'all are going to have to help me be accountable to that!!


The last problem that I have with starting this plan on 10/01 is that I'm too tight.  I kept thinking that it would all work out, but I have to face facts that the band is just too tight.  I can't eat "normal" food and I end up turning to sliders.  No bueno. 

I call a new fill center in Dallas that is much less expensive than my surgeon's office and they are supposed to call me back in the next couple of hours with an appointment time tomorrow.  The are 1/3 of the price of my normal place, they are half the distance, and they still do the fills under a fluoro.  It is at a medical facility and the fills are done by certified professionals.  I will be a Guinea pig for the locals and let you all know how it goes. 

I'm a little worried that this unfill will push me back to too loose, but that is just something I will have to deal with.  Being too tight is just not good for me and can lead to health problems.  This is what needs to be done.

You guys know how much I love a good plan, so here I go!!

See many of you ladies in Chicago in just a few days.  Can't wait!



jennxaz said...

Good luck with the meals! Man you are a girl on the go! Can't wait to see you in Chicago! do you see all MY exclamation points!!!!!!

Nora said...

Hey there, hope the meals work out for you!

Jen said...

Love the pics!! You look great in all of them!! HS Reunions are so fun!!

see you soon in Chicago!

o.c. bandster said...

Maybe the unfill will help wt loss by allowing you to eat more protein, fruit, &veg. Thinking of u.

Ronnie said...

See you soooon!

Beth said...

Looks like your reunion was a lot of fun! Let us know how the meal thing works out, I am very intrigued! Can't wait to see you in Chicago! By the way, I think Jenn is referring to my post on my over use of exclamation points! Hard to keep track of us Beths!

FitBy40 said...

ugh, being tight is no fun. Been there way too many times to count. My doc usually takes out half of what the last fill was. Maybe you could suggest that?
Hope it works out at the new place.
I'll miss you in Chicago!