Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Holiday Hiccup

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!!  I definitely did.  My mom came to visit and we always have fun together. 

Friday afternoon we did a little shopping.  Not a lot, but I promised her I would take her to Chico's so we spent a couple of hours at the mall.  I think only two things were purchased, so that's pretty good.  Then we met BFF for dinner at an English restaurant. 

Saturday we had a lazy morning but in the afternoon, BFF met up with us and we went to South Fork.  Are you a Dallas fan?  I never really watched so it didn't mean a ton to me, but my mom watched the 80s series AND watches the new one, so she really enjoyed it.  It was mind-numbingly hot outside.  After South Fork, we had an early dinner at Whiskey Cake which I was introduced to at a blogger meet-up.  Delicious!!  Then we went to Ikea.  That place is nuts!!

Sunday we went to church and then out to breakfast.  Then after a little rest, we went to see You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown put on by our local community theater.  They did a really great job!!  Too cute!  After, we went to dinner at Pluckers.  (You can see by now, I wasn't trying so hard with the "good" choices.)

Monday, after a lazy morning, we took a field trip to Trader Joe's.  Now I visited one in Chicago, but since I wasn't at home, I really didn't get much.  This time, I stocked up.  WAAAAAYYYY to many snack foods.  I'm not sure if I think it is a good thing that it is so far away or if I wish there was one closer so I wouldn't feel the need to buy ALL the food when I make a trip there.  Last night I grilled pork loin and veggies (creminis, brussel sprouts, and cauliflower).  Delish! 

All in all, we had a nice weekend and I think my mom had a nice time.

Now...in my quest to make good choices, I would give myself a "C" for the weekend.  Most of that is due to the fill I got earlier because I literally COULD NOT eat as much.  Friday & Saturday, I feel like I made better choices for the most part.  However, on Sunday and Monday, I did not make good choices hardly at all.  Thank goodness for the fill.  It got me though the weekend and this week with no gain.  No loss...but no gain.

  1. I have 1.6 pounds to lose before I reward myself with some new tennis shoes, so my goal is to hit that this week. 
  2. I will make good eating choices this week.  (Side note:  I ate a small horse yesterday and today I can barely get my SlimFast down.  WTF?  I know y'all feel me.)  I have leftovers and plenty of good choices of food.  I just have to make them and not fall into the trap of eating the snacks I bought over the weekend.  (Maybe I can freeze some of them...)
  3. I will go to CrossFit W, Th, & F in order to hit my goal of going 3x per week. 
  4. I need to get back into "running".  You know I use that term loosely.  But I need to get back to at least where I was before.  I plan to run 1 mile at 5mph tomorrow at lunch.  We will see how I do with that.  I will walk the rest of the time for a total of 30 minutes.
  5. I will pick one organizing thing to do at home each day (see below.)
I have been wanting to change up my spare room and get more organized.  Usually, I just throw "crap" in the room to get it out of the way and now things are stacking up.  Visitors can barely wedge themselves in there.  During my trip to Ikea, I saw SO MANY options to help me organize my stuff.  However, my favorite options aren't cheap.  So, I told myself I need to earn it.

I have to organize the room first.  Even if it is in clothes baskets/boxes/etc.  Once everything is organized, I will earn my cabinet.  My aggressive goal is to do that by Thanksgiving when my dad is coming for a visit and he can help me with it.  That is 75 days away.  There is absolutely no reason I can't meet that goal other than laziness.  Time to get it done.



Dawnya said...

Sounds like your mom enjoyed her visit. That's awesome. Have a great week. IKEA needs to be cheaper...so that I can buy more bookshelves. LOL

FitBy40 said...

IKEA and trader Joe's, two of my most favorite stores in the world!
I'm actually cleaning and organizing right now (well, I took a blogger break!) and it's exhausting.
I figure since the kids are in school, I have more time and fewer distractions.
Great job on no gain!

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Every time I "eat a horse" as you say, I'm super tight the next day. Go figure. Sounds like you had fun though!

Laura Belle said...

Wow, you really did have a busy weekend! You guys were everywhere!
Glad you had that time with your mom!

And I'm loving all the goals you're setting!

jennxaz said...

Love the fills..they keep you in check! TRADER Joes rocks!

MandaPanda said...

Glad you had a nice visit with your mom. I need to declutter too! Sometimes I feel the need to go minimalist but other times, I feel like I just can't get enough.

Sarah said...

I love your idea about earning your cabinets by organising them. I am terrible at getting home jobs done. I spend the money to try to motivate myself and it still doesn't happen anytime soon.
Glad you had fun with your mom. xx

speck said...

I love me some IKEA. The first time I went with my girlfriends, we were in there 11 hours! rofl

The closest Trader Joe's to me is like two hours and that's probably a good thing!

It seems you had a great day with your mom. And I love that you went to the theater.


♫ Drazil ♪ said...

OMG - what kind of shoes are you going to get?