Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Getting on it!

I like the idea of doing something nice or good on 9/11.  I think that would be the perfect memorial...to make this day all about giving and charity (in its greatest sense.)  I'm not sure what I will do, but I pledge to do something.

Goal check:
  1. Weight loss goal for the week - 1.8 pounds.  The scale is moving in the right direction, so I will take it.
  2. Make good choices.  I logged my food yesterday and although I was absolutely under my calories burned, there are a couple things I could have done differently to do better.  I will make an effort to make those changes today.
  3. CrossFit goal for the week - 3.  Today was my 2nd.  I'm actually going to try to go 4 times this week to give myself a little wiggle room to meet my goal of 3 classes each week in September. 
  4. I went to yoga last night.  In public.  More to follow.
  5. Organizing...I got home after yoga last night, had some dinner and sat in front of the TV.  About a quarter to nine, I kept thinking that I was bored.  Then suddenly I remembered that I hadn't done my organizing for the day.  I got up and did it!  I'm so proud of that.  Tonight, I have to do at least everything on the floor of the closet, but since I have some extra time, I'm going to tackle as much of the closet that I can.  The room already looks better!!

I went with Lizard to yoga last night.  It was not a typical yoga class, but seemed to infuse more pilates and ab work.  It was not a "hot" class even though it was hot and I was sweating bullets.  Plus, it was REALLY crowded.  We were on the late side, so Lizard & I didn't get to be side by side which was fine.  But I didn't even get my mat and towel down in time and it was all messed up the whole time.  I had to focus to get myself to calm down and get into the class mode.

I felt good about what I was able to do.  The instructor corrected me a few times, but also told me my posture was excellent when we were balancing on one leg.  Woot woot!  Honestly, the worst thing for me was being within inches of other hot, sweaty bodies.  If there would have been more room, I think my like would have gone from a 6/10 to 8/10. 


There were 23 people there at 6am this morning.  Yikes!  That is A LOT of people.  I remember last winter when only one other person was there with me one morning. 

WOD was 5 rounds:  5 Back Squats, 10 Push ups, 5 sit ups.  The prescribed weight for the back squats was your body weight. ...  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  I might squat SOMEBODY'S body weight, but it ain't going to be MINE.  :-)

I went with 105# which was the heaviest I have done.  It worked out.  I actually had the hardest time with the sit ups.  I used to be so good at those.  I really need to work on my abs.  From the deadlifts and yoga yesterday and the sit ups this morning, the sides of my lower back are very sore.  Not in pain...just sore.  I should be good to go tomorrow.

FYI...our warm up run was 800m this morning and I totally made it!



jennxaz said...

yay!!!!! on the run and getting in your exercise--good for you!

FitBy40 said...

I'm noticing now that you're back into a routine, you're feeling better and doing better. You weren't kidding when you said in a previous post that you need your work outs to keep the anxiety at bay! Good for you. I knew we'd get you back sooner or later!

A.J. said...

Okay, so as I first glanced at your title in my reader I thought it said "Getting it on!!" --- Ha!! I had to do a double take !!

Elizabeth said...

Also saw getting it on hahaha

Nice job lady!

Ronnie said...

I was hoping it was getting it on. ;)

You were getting your FITNESS on. Wewt!

speck said...

I guess all great BOOBS think alike...I thought it said getting it on also. lol

I'm hoping you will rub off on me in Chicago as far as exercise goes. I've been doing well in the food dept but not exercise.

See you soon.


MandaPanda said...

I think all the BOOBs have their heads in the gutter! LOL.

You are rockin' the exercise! I've been good about the exercise but weight isn't budging. Getting frustrated but you're inspiring me to go on. :)