Monday, September 17, 2012

Preparation is the Key

Let's start with an assessment of last week's goals, shall we?
  1. Goal loss for the week - 1.8 pounds.  And I...drum roll, please...GAINED 2 tenths of a pound.  What the everloving f**k?  I will circle back to this in a bit.
  2. Make good choices.  I didn't eat for three days, so I wasn't able to make many choices at all.  The weekend was a big fat bad choice all around.
  3. CrossFit - Goal 3, Actual 4.  YAY!
  4. Try yoga.  I went to yoga with Lizard on Monday and then I went myself on Sunday.  YAY!!
  5. Organizing - I addressed everything in the closet.  I think all that is left is to go through the books and come up with the sketch for my dad to build the cabinets. 

I'm not sure what to do here.  I mean I KNOW what to do.  I apparently just don't want to do it.  I know that today, I feel 100x better than I did two Mondays ago.  The commitment to CrossFit is making my body stronger and it just feels good.  I have gained two pounds in those two weeks, but I don't feel like I have...if that makes sense. 

I'm a little concerned that I'm letting the scale control me.  I think I'm going to not keep track of my weight the rest of the month.  I need to focus on the habits, not the weight.  Usually I don't let the scale dictate decisions, but I'm not going to lie...right now I just want to eat cake.  ALL the cake!  But I won't. 


I will say that I'm proud of myself for not panicking Wed-Fri when I was having band trouble.  Now I have no idea if it was the weather or what, but I was fine on Tuesday, then BAM Wednesday I couldn't eat.  I was actually patient for once and it worked itself out. 

I honestly thought that the choices I made would have put me at a loss for the week.  And they didn't.  I don't know if not weighing will help me stick to better choices, but I guess I can give it a shot. 

This week feels too much like I just want to say NEVER MIND.  But I know I don't want that.  I will focus on fitness and let the nutrition catch up.


This is actually where the title comes in.  Yesterday after yoga, I felt nauseated.  I don't know if I'm just not used to it or if it was a reaction from the SEVEN mosquito bites I got (West Nile!!), but I just didn't feel good.  Plus I didn't sleep well Saturday night.  So during dinner, I decided to have a drink (unusual for me) and decided that I didn't have to go to CF.

BUT...I packed my bag and got everything ready as though I was going to go.  I told myself that if I didn't, it would be just fine.  But since I was prepared, I went and I'm SO glad I did.

We did squat balances today.  Any time I have the barbell over my head, I think it is difficult.  I did 3 rounds of 5 reps with just the bar (35#), 3 rounds of 3 reps with 45#, and 3 rounds of 1 rep with 55#.
We ended with 12:00 (:30 on, :30 off) kettlebell swings.  I used a 26# kettlebell.  THAT was rough!!

Sometimes I don't give enough credit to myself when we don't have big cardio days (like today).  But here is what we did for a warm up...which is pretty typical:
  • 400m run
  • 10 arm circles each way
  • 10 trunk twists each way
  • 10 push ups
  • 5 inch worms
  • 40 high knees
  • 40 butt kicks
  • 25 jumping jacks
  • 10 air squats
Now that isn't a ton, but pre-CrossFit, that would have been a workout for me.  So, I need to give myself some credit.


I liked yoga and I think the stretching will really help me.  I'm going to try to go, but Sundays are hit and miss.  I won't be able to even try it again until October. 


It is amazing what you can get done when you do a little at a time.  I have really been ignoring this room and in two weeks, I will have it completely sorted without feeling like I took up too much time.  YAY!! 

I think that I'm going to try and stick with this type of goal.  Let's see how much I can accomplish before I get tired of it!

New Goals:
  1. No weight goal for the week.
  2. Make good choices.  This is always going to be a goal for me.  Sometimes I'm just better at it than others.
  3. CrossFit - 3x
  4. Other fitness - 1x  (If I do anything while I'm traveling, it is bonus!)
  5. Organizing - I want to finish the sketch for my dad and one shelf of books tonight.  I have a play tomorrow night and my first Citizen's Fire Academy on Thursday, so I really only have tonight and I need to pack.  So if I get 4 shelves and the sketch done, I will be happy.
I'm not sure how this post reads, but I'm actually really happy for a Monday and I FEEL great.  If I fit into my clothes, I would be ecstatic.  I gotta keep that in perspective.

Monday hugs!


A.J. said...

Just my $.02 but I feel really strongly about avoiding the scale when beginning/resuming a vigorous workout routine. Last month I started back to Zumba 7x/wk and added weights and promptly gained 6lbs (according to the scale ) although I knew that I was really good with my food ad exercise. Those 6lbs came off 10days later and I ended the month down another 5lbs. I really think it is your body freaking out a bit and trying to readjust to your resumed activity level. I think (again my unexpert opinion) if you maintain your activity and good eating, your body will realize that you aren't trying to kill and it will let those pounds go. Your are doing the right things!! It's gonna come off -- I know it!

jennxaz said...

I hate the scale. I know everyone says its a numbers game...calories in versus calories burned and 3500 is a pound...but my body just doesn't seem to work like that. I can hang on the weight as long as possible until my body starts to dump it. I can usually tell that is happening because I notice things fitting looser a couple weeks prior to me actually dropping the weight. I think exercise tends to make us hold onto more water because our muscles are sore and retain it and you have been working out like a fein! Keep at it and I bet you will start to notice it more and more in your clothes...I mean you already show more energy!

speck said...

I'm happy everything is better with your band. Sometimes we just don't know.

I can relate to focusing on what's not happending instead of what is happening.

I love how you said, you feel better than two Mondays ago.

I think we can be controlled my #'s, etc.

Focus on the positives and leave that other crap behind.

See you soon.


Cat said...

What are inch worms??? I must know!! I'm picturing you laying on your tummy and inching forward by putting your butt up in the air then stretching then laying back down. Hee hee!

Also - I think AJ may be on to something with the idea of resumed vigorous exercise. I would probably give it another few weeks and see where things are for you weight wise. /nod

More important, keep an eye on how things are fitting.

Beth said...

You are kicking butt! The scale will follow.

Ronnie said...

ALL the cake!! I want it all, too. Whiskey cake might be necessary soon.

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

I am very inspired by you. VERY. I really relate to the scale controlling you. This week I have been doing Crossfit 5 days a week, logging all my food, and doing everything "right". I gained a pound! GRRRR Like you I want to throw my scale out a 10 story window. Well maybe you didn't say that part but it is how I feel!! Your commitment to Crossfit is just what I needed to hear about today. I am motivated all over again. And packing the bag the night before--genius! So much of this is mental and that was very smart!