Monday, September 10, 2012

There is no crying in CrossFit. Mostly.

Good Monday morning!!

There is no crying in CrossFit.

I'm starting with a bit of a different CrossFit story today.  It is Monday, so not easy to get out of bed for 6am class, but it was deadlift day.  I love deadlift day!  I'm strong and I like to lift.  I pushed the 3x800m runs that we had to do after deadlifts straight out of my mind and I got moving.

I realized this morning that after only about a month back at it, I notice that more eyes light up when they see me and I can feel mine doing the same.  It's funny how close you get with people when you work your ass off side by side a few times a week.  I had a new lifting partner today and she was nice.  I lifted 175# 5 reps, 3 times.  That is the amount I lifted the last time back in April, so I feel good.  Everything I have lifted since I have gotten back, I have met or exceeded pre-surgery weights.  It feels good to move forward so quickly!

Then it was time to run.  Bleh.  We took off on the first 800m.  I was so far behind after the first one, it was almost comical.  It took me 6:55 to run the first one.  I couldn't even keep a steady run, I had to walk short bursts about 3 times.  When I got back, I waited the required three minutes between runs and then went back out.  I was all by myself at this point.  I actually felt better this time and I ran the whole thing.  I had a slower time (7:13) than the first one, but I was proud that I ran it all.

When I got back from the second run, it was just me and the trainer.  I started singing..."i'm lonely."  He giggled and just told me to keep at it.  Ha!  Most people finished by the time I was heading out for my last run.  As I did, a guest (a guy visiting from Baton Rouge) ran out with me and said "it's me and you, let's go!"  He was done with his runs.  And he chose to go out and run with me so I wasn't alone.  Wow.  He doesn't even know me.  That made me just a little verklempt. 

I couldn't talk after about 200m, but he understood and just kept pace with me.  He would push me a little, but back off when I fell behind.  We turned around at 400m and headed back.  As we approached 600m, I could see the class coming at me.  Crap.  Crap, crap, crap.  There's more.  I’m not done.  I started to panic, but what the hell.  If I could do 3x800m, then I could do more.  As they reached me, they turned around and started running with me.

There wasn't more.  They just didn't want me to finish alone.  I have tears in my eyes as I write this.  Not only did they run me in, they cheered and pushed me and I finished my last 800m in 6:47.  My fastest time of the day.  They did not have to do that.  Not even remotely.  But they were not going to leave one of their own behind.  And I AM one of theirs.  I am an athlete.  I am a CrossFitter.  Thank you Donut Crew.  You are changing my life.  :)

Goal Check
  1. Lose 1.6 pounds.  I GAINED 1.8 pounds.  What the everloving f*ck?  Sigh.  It is possible it is water retention from the additional weighlifting.  But it is possible it is not.  My punishment or precaution (whatever) is that I have to log food this week.  My goal for the week is to at least lose what I gained this week.  I would like to lose more, but being realistic, I will leave it at that.
  2. Make better choices.  Obviously how I did on this one is up for debate.  I thought I was doing mostly well, but my weight gain says otherwise.  Today, my plan is oatmeal for breakfast, soup with some cheese and crackers for lunch, and yogurt for a snack.  That should all be good choices.
  3. CrossFit - last week I had a goal of three classes and I met it.  This week I want to go to 3 as well.
  4. I am going to try yoga tonight if my friend can take me.  She is a member and can bring me as a guest.  If she can't, I will do some extra walking.
  5. I finished my organizing goal last week!  YAY!!  Today, my goal is to go through every purse/bag in my closet.  I tend to leave junk in them and they need to be emptied before they are sorted.
I am obviously not very happy that I gained weight last week.  HOWEVER, I can say that I am feeling better overall.  I went back and read the first 6 months of my blog and I realize that it has always been a struggle.  There is no expectation that it should not be a struggle now.  I just have to keep at it eventually it will work out.



sweet addy said...

Wow, your CrossFit story is inspiring. I may look for one in my area - it sounds like such a great challenge.

vickyd said...

Wow! That kind of support is just amazing!

jennxaz said...

that is awesome support! Crossfit sounds so cool!

MandaPanda said...

I hate it when the scale doesn't reflect our hard work! I've been working out at least 3 times/week for a month now and the scale hasn't moved an inch. I still need to work more on my food but it's frustrating. I teared up reading your crossfit story!

Joey said...

Love the last paragraph. So true.

Maria said...

That is the best CrossFit story EVER! Love it!

Laura Belle said...

OMG!! That is an amazing CrossFit story!! Made me cry a little. I soooo want to find a group just like yours some day!

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

I am tearing up and crying reading this post. And I'm sitting in a Starbucks right now so people are staring at me. But I don't care. I'm verklempt too!!!! This is so so so awesome. I love your Crossfit Box and the people there encouraging you. AH! This made my whole morning to read this. I have had the same exact experience at Crossfit. It has been such an amazing thing for me that I actually miss it when I am not there. I've never felt that way about exercise. I am SO happy for you and so proud of you!!!!! You are kicking major butt!! You are lifting seriously heavy weight too. I am not where you are yet but I hope to be one day! Thank you for inspiring me today AND for making all the people sitting near me at Starbucks feel very uncomfortable b/c there is some crazy crying lady next to them!!! LOL